Laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

During Laertes's absence, Hamlet kills Polonius in Gertrude's parlour. Laertes, informed of his father's death, returns to Denmark. Gertrude - The Queen of Denmark, Hamlet's mother, recently married to Claudius . and innocent young girl, who obeys her father and her brother, Laertes. Polonius's daughter, and Laertes's sister, Ophelia, is romantically involved with Hamlet at Further, the relationship between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude.

Hamlet, who was previously watching from afar, advances and himself leaps into Ophelia's grave. When Laertes attacks Hamlet, the two have to be held back to avoid a fight.

laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

To this point I stand, That both the worlds I give to negligence, Let come what comes, only I'll be revenged Most throughly for my father. Laertes uses his sharp, poisoned sword instead of a bated dull sword. The King provides a poisoned drink as a backup measure. Before the match begins, Hamlet apologises publicly to Laertes for the wrongs he has dealt him.

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Laertes accepts the apology, so he says, but he proceeds with the scheme to kill Hamlet though after Gertrude drinks the poisoned drink he expresses having an attack of conscience. Hamlet is eventually wounded with the poisoned sword. Then, in a scuffle, the swords are switched. Hamlet wounds Laertes with his own poisoned blade, and Laertes then falls as well. Only then does he truly seem to feel guilty, for he tells Osric he has been "justly killed" with his own treachery.

As he lies dying, Laertes confesses the truth and reveals that it was Claudius's plot, resulting in the death of Claudius by Hamlet's hands. Laertes asks Hamlet for forgiveness, absolving him of his and his father's deaths if Hamlet absolves him of his own.

laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

Hamlet does, dying shortly after Laertes does. Other characters' views of Laertes vary widely.

laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

As time goes by, the gap between Hamlet and Ophelia widens to the level of Hamlet declaring that he does not love Ophelia at all and is not ready to love her anymore Shakespeare III. Hamlet ends up believing his mother conspired with his uncle into killing his beloved father. His temper is fueled by the conviction that his mother, by conspiring to kill the king and then marrying the killer, is an offence too great to be forgiven.

Gertrude is shocked at this accusation and the shock is so much until Hamlet begins to doubt if she really killed his father. From this point, though still convinced that she betrayed his father, he changes and starts warning her of her evil actions instead of accusing her. He comes to the full conclusion that her mother never killed her father. The unacceptable marriage of his mother to his uncle continues to antagonize him.

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Of course, Gertrude becomes defensive, orders him not to speak to him in that manner but he continuous, and warns her to repent her actions and prevent that which is to come Shakespeare III.

He tries to make her mother realize she is not doing the right thing and should feel sorry and stop her unrefined actions. It is at this point that she realizes that all along, she had been doing what was not right and it was a great act of betrayal to her late husband.

laertes and hamlet relationship with his mother

She admits that though she had never consciously been aware that Claudius had killed his brother, she had never fully approved of her actions. She admits that when she looked into her soul, she was shocked by what she saw. Meanwhile, Hamlet has been acting very madly, where he discloses to his mother that it is just but a feigned state but he will not reveal it to anyone.

From this point henceforth, As Horatio points out, their relationship is restored Hamlet continues with his feigned state of madness while Gertrude continues to make Claudius trust that the condition is real Shakespeare IV.

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During the fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes, Gertrude shows that her allegiance is with the prince and not with the king for she gives her son her napkin and tells her that she rejoices in his fortunes. She goes on to drink from the poisoned cup that was meant for Hamlet and though her new husband warns and orders her to stop drinking it, she continuous and finishes it. This shows where her full allegiance is and despite there still being intense feelings between them, they find their relationship becoming better before she finally dies.

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