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by 'x' I mean relationship in general, just in case. info from Japan market, or CG targets western market as well and things aren't decided purely . C.C. will only get sidelined if we're going to get Lelouch x Kallen endgame. Product description. Following the release of C.C. will be chibi-arts portrayal of the red-headed rebel protagonist Kallen Kozuki. Staying true to the adorable chibi. Kallen Stadtfeld-Kōzuki is a main character of the Sunrise anime series, Code and when her brother's insurgent group got their hands on a black market Glasgow. Her relationship with Lelouch becomes one of the main focuses in her.

Both Lelouch has already stated his disdain for quirks so why would he want one to try to change the world. Furthermore I don't think that Lelouch would consent to work with villains due to his personality. Quirk His greatest asset has always been his mind while his greatest weakness is his hubris so if you don't give him a power you could give a reason to negate some of that hubris.

I do however think this is an interesting story concept and am waiting to see where you take it. In the summary saying what detested Lelouch should be what lelouch detested the most.

I almost didn't open because i hate bad grammar. I agree with you that Lelouch would most likely be disillusioned with the hero world, to the point he becomes lazy and apathetic. The lazy Lelouch is just the Lelouch that society is shown, not the true him. Rather, Lelouch will be that way, until he encounters C. C and gets Geass Pls don't give him One for all, it just doesn't fit Lelouch's character at all. And don't kill off Broken limbs boy too.

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It is because of people like Bakugo and Endevor that Lelouch will most likely begin to hate the hero world. Then, when he receives his Geass, he'll finally have the power to change the world around him and starts to take steps towards this goal, like in Code Geass.

As she turn away to let Lelouch be excuted, she heard him whisper, "Kallen, you must live. Kallen never got the chance to ask him what he mean by that.

With his disappearance, Kallen been taking care of C. Things don't look good for the Black Knights as a video leaked of them killing Zero and with that the world cast them as villians and traitors.

Before the month ends, Japan and the rest of the world was controlled by F. Five Years Later Edit After the betrayal of the Black Knights and falling in disgrace with the world, Kallen, now 22, live in hiding with her comardes.

While walking down the street, she bump into Lelouch who she hasn't in five years, though the reunion is quite cold as Lelouch harbors anger towards her friends. She really hoped that Lelouch would come back as Zero as she was saved from being raped by a masked person whom she assume might be Lelouch.

Afterwards, she was saved again when Britannian forces were about to shhot a group of defenseless Japanese by the masked man who introduce himself as Zero. Kallen,along with the Black Knights pondered on whether or not to join Zero and regain back Japan. Four months later, she is present for Lelouch's miracle over the Student Council, where he asks her to never give up on them and thanking her for staying in school; when he departs, she grimaces over the fact she will never stop loving him.

Abilities[ edit ] Kallen is a highly skilled Knightmare Frame pilot, rivaling the abilities of even the Knights of the Round. She is acknowledged as the best pilot of the Black Knights by enemies and allies alike. Her codename, "Q-1," is the Queen 's starting spot in descriptive chess notation.

In Lelouch's assessment of the core members of the Black Knights, her "Combat Ability" score is out ofmatching that of Kyoshiro Tohdoh ; she also has the highest possible "Loyalty" score of With the radiation arm of her Guren Mk-II, Kallen can take down almost any Knightmare Frame in a single attack should they allow her to make physical contact, and later models also have numerous secondary attack modes for mid- and long-range combat.

Her Knightmare Frame is also incredibly fast, allowing her to fight on the same level as some of the most advanced Knightmare Frames in the series. Outside of a Knightmare, Kallen displays superior fighting abilities. She is nimble enough to swat a bee with a single swipe and cut it in thirdsand on two occasions she defeats numerous armed men with little trouble.

She is also apparently intelligent, since her grades in school are top of the class despite frequent absences.

Lost ColorsKallen was one of the characters Rai meets, along with the other student council members, and greeted him after he wakes up. If the player chooses either Black Knight route or Blue Moon route, Rai becomes Kallen's love interest as their relationship developed and attempts to be close to him, while the player interacts more with Kallen if the player progresses a relationship with her in the Blue Moon route.

At day 1 to 5, Kallen arrived at the school and meets Rai at the courtyard, leading the two to have a friendly interaction with each other and eventually causing all the male students around them to develop a killing intent on Rai.

The rest of the student council comes in while they are talking, resulting in Kallen trying to explain the misunderstanding.

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Kallen eventually walks out. Kallen confesses her love to him but fears that it won't work out for them and Rai reassuring her that it would. The next scene shows the two of them are dating and now a couple.

Kallen makes Rai a lunchbox saying how he always works hard and tells him he should eat as much as possible. There she later suggested to go to different places that would trigger his memory, leading Milly to vote for Kallen as Rai's caretaker, which Shirley and Nina agrees.

While searching through the ghetto, Kallen notice Rai recognizing a building and suspect Rai was Japanese, then notice Kallen's face brightened up. As they try to escape, they see a Burai falling onto them. If the player chooses to Protect Kallen, Rai immediately grabs Kallen in between his arms and turned his back towards the Burai.

However Rai managed to defeat him easily, which led Kallen to become surprised and impressed. They later encountered the real Black Knights defeating both the terrorists and the Britannian army while they were helping the civilians escape, leading Kallen to have them recognize her and let them leave.

Kallen then asked Rai how he knew to easily pilot a Knightmare, which he replied that he just knew.

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Later Rivalz appeared with Lelouch and has teased them for the two being a couple after a rumor mentioning her relationship with Rai went well and the incident involving the two in the Shinjuku ghetto, which includes Rai protecting Kallen. The rumor has shocked Kallen and Rai, with Lelouch thanked Rai for his deed and Rivalz curious to know what. Although Kallen had confirmed that Rai had saved her, she was annoyed by Rivalz's constant bickering, which led to Lelouch convincing him not to bother her more.

This report got Zero interested and was recommended by Kallen that he would join the Black Knights. The next day, Kallen waited for Rai at the Ghetto Ruins, witnessed his arrival and revealed her true self to him, which slightly surprised Rai.

Kallen then led Rai to an Underground Tunnel and requested him to join her to fight against Britannia, believing him to be Japanese, which has confused Rai. Kallen also requested Rai to join them, and requested to Zero for his admission, which Zero let Rai to decide, but noted they will take measures to protect their secret. However, if the player chooses that he is unsure, Kallen becomes shocked when Zero noted his silence mean he refused and prepares to open fire, but Kallen shielded Rai and begged him to join and revealed to him the Black Knights have an intelligence network to discover clues involving his past, leading Rai to have no choice but to join the Black Knights, but comments he will only trust Kallen.

After Rai woke up and was healed, Kallen shows a great deal of gratitude toward Rai for saving the Japanese and shead in tears as Rai is alive and the two embrace each other as they kiss. Afterwards Rai and Kallen continue to be faithful members of the Black Knights. Geass Route[ edit ] In the Geass Route ending, Kallen was in the hangar tuning her Guren and was approached by Rai who wanted to talk to her.

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When Rai revealed that he's leaving the Black Knights, Kallen was shocked and demanded a reason from him. This led to Rai telling her that he has an illness and doesn't know how long he has left.

After hearing this, Kallen ordered him to cure his illness and return. After Rai had left the hangar, Kallen turned to her Guren and slammed her fist in anger and sadness. Lelouch's first meeting with her is also different as she bumps into him at school.

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Kallen protests at the school rather than at the settlement. She is also apparently Zero's only soldier as only she helps him, such as when they rescue Suzaku. Nightmare of Nunnally[ edit ] In the manga spin-off series Nightmare of Nunnally, Kallen and the other Resistance members took advantage of the arrival of Nunnally's Mark Nemo Knightmare Frame to make their escape from Britannian forces pursuing them. When Kallen escapes from the rooftops after she was taken hostage with the other student council members in a hotel at Lake Kawaguchi, she witnesses the arrival of the Mark Nemo.

She later met up with Zero, who gave her a suitcase with the Black Knights uniform. In the battle against Cornelia's forces in the Saitama ghetto, she met up with the Mark Nemo again and witness it destroying all of the Britannian forces, and thought it was on their side, but disagrees and starts to attack Kallen and her group.