Lionel richie and nicole relationship quizzes

lionel richie and nicole relationship quizzes

This Rapid-Fire Quiz Will Determine What Netflix Rom-Com You Should Watch You'd Use On A Regular Basis And We'll Determine Your Personality Type. The tabloids have a field day with their relationship, focusing on their Lionel Richie with his children, Nicole, Sofia and Miles in March. Credit. Lionel Richie spoke out for the first time about the adoption of his daughter, and, of course, they were having difficulties with their relationship.

Not only that, but Joel took a position as a judge on the Australian version of "The Voice" which Nicole was initially completely against. Eventually she moved herself and the kids to Sydney so that they could all be together during the filming. People speculated that the pair were calling it quits, after being photographed fighting in public, and not looking so cozy and in love as they once were.

It turns out, the couple had actually bought another home that they were moving into together!

lionel richie and nicole relationship quizzes

Of course, a move doesn't mean that a couple is separating, and this seems to have been an instance where the media totally exaggerated a situation. Nicole and Joel both denied that they had any talks of separating during that period.

Inshe launched a jewelry line called House Of Harlow Later, the line would be extended into a full women's clothing and accessories collection that included clothing, shoes and handbags. She has also released a custom fragrance and has published two semi-autobiographical novels.

Nicole has come a long way since her The Simple Life days! She has proved to be a very capable woman with stellar entrepreneurial skills and probably having a few industry contacts doesn't hurt! Nicole was responsible for introducing the pair, who very quickly fell in love and decided to get married. Cameron, who had previously been very adamant that she didn't want to get married, didn't hesitate to marry Benji after a very intense and brief 17 day engagement.

I guess when you find the right one, all previous promises are out the window! Nicole and Cameron are now sisters-in-law, neighbors and best friends, and spend a lot of time together. They are both really passionate about healthy living and keeping active, so their hangouts include going to yoga classes, hiking in the hills or going out to eat organic vegetarian lunches.

They both have volatile fighting styles, and are both very stubborn, meaning that fights often blow up quickly and resolution sometimes takes a bit of time.

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With two hard-headed partners not willing to come together and compromise, it can be tense in their home after a fight, and Nicole often leaves to get some space.

Although they have been known to fight dirty, the couple always make up eventually, and they are stronger for all of the spats they have overcome in the past 12 years. Joel always talks about how much he respects and appreciates his wife, so it's doubtful that anything too intense is going on behind closed doors! Although it seemed like things were awry in paradise, the circumstances were actually meant to save the children from seeing them fight.

Richie, wearing her Windsor Smith Spice Girl-esque shoes. We have always had that best friend connection and from there it has really worked out.

lionel richie and nicole relationship quizzes

I am so happy. But Richie shrugs it off. AP With the connections Richie has, the world is her oyster, but right now she has one focus. I've loved being around them seeing what they do and they do it so well.

Plus I love the shoes," she added, looking at her Baby Spice-esque platform trainers.

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She's not ruling out following in her father's footsteps either, but wants to find her own way first. To take it on, I'd have to do it per cent and I'm not ready to do that. I have to try and find my own way But I can also never get away from the fact my dad is Lionel Richie either," she laughed. Cassandra Thorburn crosses enemy lines The most unlikely or likely if you consider the circumstances person has been getting acquainted with Seven.

Cassandra Thorburn at the women's awards event on Wednesday. Only a few days earlier she promoted her new children's book Leo Lion's Big Bed on Seven's The Morning Show, no doubt to the ire of her ex-husband, Nine's Karl Stefanovic, who presents the Today breakfast show on the rival Nine network. While the Seven gals seemed to welcome Thorburn a newbie on the social scene into the fold, she was not spotted interacting with Stefanovic's current or former co-hosts Georgie Gardiner and Lisa Wilkinson, who defected to Ten last year.

Never one to miss an opportunity to make a headline, Wilkinson made sure she was pictured alongside her alleged rival, Gardiner, at the exclusive lunch at Quay restaurant.