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meet and assist service united airlines

accessibility, safety requirements, requesting special assistance, medical clearance and more. See our menus available on flights in certain markets. If you have a disability-related service concern during travel, you may ask to speak to a Indicates an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines . VIP Meet & Assist. Executive Car Transfer. Access to United Club locations. Hotel bookings. Personal shopper services. Gift services. Airport courier service. The airline has launched a new product United Signature Service - a meet and assist service providing customers a concierge level experience.

GAC will not change the price of a Booked Service, as defined above. Payment by credit card is required to make a reservation. Payment will be listed as Global Airport Concierge Limited on the credit card statement. There is a charge or service fee of 3. The amount charged by GAC will be the amount due in the currency used for the booking, which is in U.

GAC cannot know or influence the exchange rate and policies that are applied by your bank or card merchant in determining the final charge made.

New for 2016! United Signature Service

A chargeback is when you dispute a charge made on your card. Examples of unjustified chargebacks are i if you issue a frivolous, false or unjustified complaint, ii if you start an unwarranted dispute with your card company, iii if you refuse to pay for a properly delivered Service and any charges thereto, iv if you refuse to pay properly due late booking Fee, amendment, cancellation or no-show charges.

Refunds will be made provided that you have paid in full and that the booking is eligible for refund. Cancellation, amendments and variations GAC is a fixed price service and the price charged is for the Confirmed Service. GAC may be able to accept amendments within 48 hours before a scheduled Meeting time, however it will incur additional charge. If the Booked Service is canceled before the Meeting time a refund will be available as follows: Voluntary Amendments or cancellation will only be deemed as accepted when a confirmation e-mail acceptance is sent by GAC to the requested e-mail address.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy prior to departure covering charges you will incur in the event of delays or changes to flights, changes in airport conditions, and lost or damaged baggage. It may not be possible to investigate any complaint received more than 2 weeks after the date of the supply of the service. Your declaration You acknowledge that you have, or when booking shall be deemed to have, read, understood and accepted these Conditions.

You acknowledge that you have not entered into this contract relying upon any representation properly made by or on behalf of GAC and have not relied upon any correspondence, statement or sales literature issued by a third party independently or on behalf of GAC.

You acknowledge that you have freely accepted these Conditions in the knowledge that the liability of GAC is to be limited in accordance with these Conditions and the price charged by GAC has been calculated accordingly, and that a greater price would be payable but for such limitations.

You acknowledge that these Conditions, subject to and together with any variation agreed in writing between a Director of GAC and you, shall constitute the entire contract between GAC and you and shall override or supersede any previous contract or arrangement between GAC and you and in particular shall operate to the exclusion of any terms and conditions at any time imposed by you in writing or verbally, and shall supersede any earlier version of these standard terms and conditions.

United Airlines

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meet and assist service united airlines

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Wheelchair attendants may provide assistance in getting passengers to an airport lavatory but cannot provide any assistance within the lavatory. If an attendant is not wanted, we will, where possible, provide you with a United wheelchair for independent use. You may be required to leave your driver's license as security until the wheelchair is returned.

Using your own wheelchair We are happy to accommodate customers who prefer to use their own wheelchairs to and from the gate area. You may check your wheelchair at the gate and also request to use it between flights, during lengthy layovers. Where the connecting time between flights is short, you may prefer to use United's wheelchair service to expedite transportation to the connecting flight.

A collapsible wheelchair can be stored in the aircraft cabin. Please note cabin storage space is limited and does vary by aircraft type. So when you arrive at the gate be sure to tell the gate agent.

The agent can advise you about stowage options for your flight and ensure that the proper tag is placed on your wheelchair. United's baggage personnel need the tag so they know to bring you the wheelchair to the arrival gate when you are departing the terminal, or to bring it within the terminal during layovers between flights.

United - Services

Although United employees will make every effort to deliver the wheelchair to the gate promptly, the facilities at the particular airport may slow this process and require some patience. If you need extra time at the gate to board, you will usually have the opportunity to "pre-board" prior to others in order to be safely and comfortably seated.

If you use your own wheelchair at the gate, you may wish to check in and board early so United personnel can prepare and load your wheelchair. Airport wheelchairs are in great demand during certain travel periods.

Our airport personnel will appreciate your patience if you must wait a few minutes for a chair. If you have any questions, concerns or special requests, please contact a United Complaints Resolution Official CRO located at any United airport location.

Mobility assistance Airport and flight connections assistance United will provide in-airport wheelchair service at no charge to passengers with mobility impairments or other disabilities.

This service is intended to assist passengers in moving through the airport to reach a gate area. Wheelchair attendants are able to assist semi-ambulatory customers in getting to and from the aircraft seat during boarding and disembarkation. They may also provide assistance in getting passengers to an airport lavatory, but they cannot provide any assistance within the lavatory. In-flight assistance Every United aircraft and gate area has available a specially designed wheelchair for mobility-impaired customers to use.

These wheelchairs are referred to as "aisle chairs" because they fit in the aisles of our aircraft and may be used to move about the cabin. Once passengers are onboard the aircraft, our flight attendants can help with stowing and retrieving carry-on items, as well as providing wheelchair assistance to move passengers to and from the aircraft lavatory although they cannot provide assistance inside the lavatory.

Flight attendants may also provide assistance with taking oral medication, identifying food items on meal trays and opening packages. While United flight attendants are able to provide some types of assistance, as described above, they are not able to provide continuous personal assistance onboard the aircraft.

Flight attendants are not permitted to carry or lift customers, provide medical services such as giving injections, or assist with eating or personal hygiene. United requires any passenger who has any of the limitations listed below to travel with a companion who is able to provide necessary assistance.

Deaf or hard of hearing Please let us know if you are deaf or hard of hearing, so we can provide you with information during delays and an individual safety briefing if you wish. Hearing dogs for the deaf or hard of hearing are also permitted on board with their owners free of charge.

meet and assist service united airlines

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