Minho and suho relationship tips

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minho and suho relationship tips

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. This Pin was discovered by Faith Kawakami. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. skipping those marriage cple, im not interested.. at all:derp: -- And as the tip of the arrow, which is around 7cm long, went all in, it is not .. LocationBy Onew's, Jonghyun's, Key's, Minho's, and Taemin's side for always❤️ .. On the other hand, I have divided opinions about Suho and Jiso's relationship.

She was still dressed in her shorts and too-loose football jersey that drooped at the shoulders. She had no idea why the hospital had called her instead of her parents, but she had a feeling her brother was behind that.

As Jihye walked down the corridor, looking for the right room number, she froze at the sight of two familiar faces.

Suho and Minho were both sitting on plastic waiting chairs in the corridor, dressed in sportswear and looking tired. Jihye blinked at both of them, startled. She narrowed her eyes.

Minho froze at the sight of her.

minho and suho relationship tips

Jihye had her arms folded across her chest, and was looking down at him with piercing eyes. She looked really hot. Her long, smooth legs were accentuated by the shorts, and her plump lips were pressed together tightly as she stared down at them. Suho blinked and sat up. Minho felt a little offended. He sat silently, glaring up at the beautiful woman in front of him.

Her eyes briefly flickered towards Minho and then looked away. She cleared her throat. She had to pause and mentally hit herself once. What was she doing? Choi Minho was a complete jerk. All the same, he was still unbearably handsome and had eyes that made her want to melt. Your brother is injured, she told herself, bringing herself back down to earth. Pushing open the correct room number, she spotted her younger brother lying back on a white hospital bed, surrounded by a few of his friends.

minho and suho relationship tips

He sat up as soon as he saw her. His friends hurried to move out of the way, most of them gaping in awe. His arm was wrapped in a bandage and he was dressed in muddy soccer clothes. Il-sung pouted, his expression miserable. Which was funny, because Jihye could have sworn she heard him laughing loudly just a few seconds ago from outside the door.

It hurts so much. Look- they bandaged it up and everything! What a big baby. Jihye sighed and looked down at him. Noona, I fractured my wrist! How could she frown at him this way when he was in such pain?

minho and suho relationship tips

Ignoring him and the gaping looks from his friends, she went to get the attention of a nurse, who hurried over as soon as she saw Jihye. She gave her a calm smile. He can go home now as long as he comes back for regular check-ups.

Jihye blinked and nodded. If you think that your brother was being bullied or harassed by these men, then you may wish to call the police and report his injury as an assault. She folded her arms and sighed, looking down at them. None of them spoke. Who are these men that supposedly brought you here?

He sat up and frowned. Jihye raised an eyebrow. Clearly they were completely exaggerating the story. Jihye recognized it instantly and she turned around, coming face-to-face with Suho and Minho, both of whom had just entered the hospital room. I thought the kid looked familiar. Is this what you do with your free time, then? Bullying innocent kids at the park?

minho and suho relationship tips

He tripped over my foot! He looked like he was about to explode. His sleeveless jersey was showing his tense biceps. The poor man looked panicked and helpless. Come on- you know me, am I really the type of person who goes around hurting kids? We were playing football and he tripped.

Because I dumped you? Is that what this is about? Jihye felt her cheeks flush red. Did he think it was funny to humiliate her in this setting? He opened his mouth to speak, but Suho had a firm grip on his arm and pinched him hard.

He kept quiet, glaring at Jihye. Feeling triumphant, she folded her arms across her chest and leaned back on her heels coolly. But to be honest, I think these poor young boys have been traumatized enough today. The last thing I want is to put them through the stress of being questioned by the police.

He glared at Jihye. When did you become such a bitch? Can you just set your ego aside and apologize quickly? He had to take a deep breath to calm his raging temper, and then he opened them again.

His fists were clenched as he turned and looked straight at Il-sung with a burning glare. The younger boy was smirking at him happily. He turned and glanced at Jihye. Minho stormed out of the hospital room with Suho scurrying after him quickly. As soon as the two of them left, there was a brief silence and then the group of boys exploded in cheers and words of awe.

They were all looking at Jihye as though she was their savior. She turned to her brother and narrowed her eyes at him calmly. Taemin was certain that if he checked that area later, there would be a long, straight burn mark on the floor. You said she even liked soccer. He was suddenly struck with the vision of Jihye at the hospital, her hair framing her face messily, and the loose soccer jersey that engulfed her small frame, with those tiny shorts that revealed her long, gorgeous legs.

Clenching his fists, he shook the image out of his head. I should have known the moment she said she was a Manchester United fan. The next time I see her, I will win no matter what. Taemin sat up quickly as he noticed a new message that he had just received. Onew-hyung told me about that yesterday. What is she trying to do, ruin my life? You have to go. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road while driving, but it was difficult when Jihye was sitting in the passenger seat, humming lightly along with the music on the radio and tapping her fingers against the armrest.

He cleared his throat. Is it such a dangerous question? There was something about the way his charming smile looked in the dim light that made her heartbeat pound.

What does that mean? Do only certain types of girls go on blind dates? She was always teasing him; he liked the playful banter, liked how she could sense the mood and twist his words into a joke by teasing him. Conversations with her were always interesting; but often, she managed to avoid the question by teasing him and Minho wondered if it was intentional. Why are you meeting people on blind dates? He treats Chaeun really well. I thought you would be the same. All through school, college and even now at work, guys have always found me… intimidating?

Once, this boy was yelling out crude insults at the female players so I punched him and a rumor went around school that I beat him up. Again, I had this reputation as a really headstrong, no-nonsense person. I was really insecure about myself for a while.

He could see where she was coming from. It felt like a fresh start. I could act like a girl around you without you getting shocked and asking what was wrong with me. They had reached the riverside and, and Jihye looked around. This was your big idea for a third date? You said you wanted a girly, romantic date. She got out of the car along with Minho, and then pointed towards the simple flats that she was wearing on her feet.

He held his hand out to her and Jihye took it, feeling a little embarrassed. She could see his handsome features more clearly under the streetlights, and he used his warm hand to link their fingers together before starting to walk.

He noticed the slight blush on her face and chuckled. How could she be so adorable? He poked her cheek lightly and smiled. She had to admit- the cool breeze, the dim lights and his warm hand entwined in hers was making her heartbeat thud. She forced herself to calm down and turned to look at him again with a smile.

Are you too picky? I get jealous easily. He rubbed his chin. None of my relationships ever lasted. But hey- you and I are on the third date already, so maybe my instincts were correct? A bunch of tables had been joined together so that everyone could sit in one big group and there were a lot of familiar faces around. Minho narrowed his eyes, unconsciously searching for Jihye in the crowd when Suho yanked him aside. Minho raised an eyebrow. I went to high-school with Onew-hyung too.

He opened his eyes and looked at Minho calmly. Listen to me carefully. My relationship is hanging by a thread right now. A very, very small thread. If you walk in here and mess up, that thread will snap. Your actions reflect on me. He spotted the bartender and hurried over to acquire himself a beer, leaving Suho red-faced.

minho and suho relationship tips

Once Minho had a cold beer in his hands, he took a few sips and then went to find Onew. The older man was looking a little flushed and pleased at all the attention; a number of people had gathered around him to congratulate him on his promotion. Onew grinned and waved at Minho. Minho gave Onew a big grin and a congratulatory hug.

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This whole party is kind of unnecessary. Onew shook his head, surprised. Minho moved out of the accident-prone area, keeping a firm grip on his beer and hoping nobody would hit him. He was just looking around when he spotted a familiar figure; Jihye was looking at him.

Minho stared at Jihye for a few seconds, his mind feeling blissfully blank. She was wearing a simple blue dress that exposed her shoulders, and her long dark hair was let loose. Her lips were painted pink and they fell open for a moment at the sight of him, before pressing together tightly.

Jihye moved away from the group of females she was talking to, and narrowed her sharp eyes at Minho. He had been struck dumb by her appearance for a few seconds, but he quickly recollected himself.

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Did he really have to turn everything into a competition? Why was who knew Onew longer even something to be concerned about? She wondered how somebody who seemed so manly could behave in such a childish manner.

Minho frowned at her. You still have my number. She held up her phone and let out a small smile. Took you long enough. Let me guess… you were busy playing soccer with middle-school kids? She paused for a moment and glanced back, casually eyeing his beer and giving him a cheeky smile. Something about this woman made his blood boil like crazy.

His sharp eyes stayed fixed on her as she moved away to talk to a different group of people. His eyes followed her around the room, watching her laugh and interact with people as though she had no care in the world. That must be it — not. Ultimately, she gets her way as she and Sunwoo plan to marry and the king lets her go to hopefully marry his sister after they realized that they fit each other off-screen.

Talking about Jinheung, he started off as a fairly interesting character, a king suppressed by his mother and living in hiding for almost his entire life that now comes back to emancipate himself and take the throne. This sounded promising but starting from episode 8 onwards he becomes a love-sick puppy that always comes back for Ahro even though she treats him like he is nothing even for k-dramas, that tend to this is beyond stupid and unrealistic and at one point he wants to give up his right to be king — something he fought for all his life — just for this one girl that ignores him all the time.

What a compelling story. In the second half of the drama he starts talking how he will take the throne. The speeches that he holds when saying "I am the king […]! It is almost as if the writer wants us to feel engaged but also tries to delay the payoff to the very end of the drama through repetition.

Just like Sunwoo saving Ahro every two episodes it is — excuse my harsh words — boring as hell. Just in the last 30 minutes we get to see a glimpse of why Jinheung is considered one of the most important kings in early Korean history, when he tells his mother what he plans for his country and speaks with Sunwoo about future expansions of his realm. Going back to his unexplainable love for Ahro, why does he not fall in love with his half-sister Sukmyeong who in real life became one of his wives, which is also the plan their mother has in mind in Hwarang?

But no, Sukmyeong also has to fall in love with Sunwoo because he saves her from a snake and tells her not to kill it Weird that these scenes always fall short. But enough of Jinheung and Sukmyeong, let us talk about the other Hwarangs, starting with Sooho and Banryu. Even though they are only secondary characters they go through more development as the leads - even though Sooho is just there for comic relief.

Although predictable, the approaching of these two completely different persons which results even in a sort of awkward friendship and mutual respect is heart-warming. And Banryu's inner conflict between being on the side of his friends or his family is very interesting too, but this too isn't of interest in the show as we just get this about 5 minutes every two episodes to make more room for the love story, resulting in this side plot feeling dragged out or even forgotten.

Moreover, Sooho's admiration and love for the Queen Regent Jiso is a good example of the mindlessness privileged adolescents like him have something he loses partially over the course of the drama as a way of growing up - I'm kidding, he does not get that awesome development. Furthermore, he and the Queen Regent have more chemistry in the few scenes they have together than Sunwoo and Ahro, even though Jiso is ignoring him most of the time.

This shows again how badly written and acted the main OTP is. As with Sooho and Jiso, Banryu's growing love for Sooyeon, Sooho's sister, is also absorbing, as in contrast to Ahro, Sooyeon is likeable.

She may seem helpless at times too, but in other moments she kicks ass literally her brother's. In a confession scene, she opens her heart to Banryu and allows herself to become vulnerable, gifting him a lock of her hair, a very meaningful present.

This is a great example of writing a relatable and interesting romance in which the two characters have chemistry. Just look at the insecure glances Banryu throws at Sooyeon whenever they interact, you can literally see how he is torn apart between the duty to his family and his love for her. At least they got the happy end they deserve I will personally tell her father off, should he try to separate the two. The other two somewhat important Hwarangs are more worthwhile than the leads too.

The story of Hansung, the last True Bone of his family with large needs to meet, is compelling because when he appears it is either about how bright of a person he is or how he suffers because the responsibility he has at such a young age.

But again, he is just a secondary character who does not get much chance to shine so these — seen from a writing point of view — positive aspects are rarely seen. Additionally, his death scene is ludicrous too, or more precisely it is how he dies, as his actual death in Sunwoo's arms and funeral is almost heartbreaking, if it were not for the prior scene.

The idea of saving Sunwoo from his brother Dan-Se — who could have just told Hansung that their grandfather wants him Dan-Se to poison Sunwoo and if he does not comply, he the grandfather will kill himself and his grandson. Warning Hansung of that would have resulted in both of them being safe, as it is almost impossible to kill somebody weary in Hwarang house — is a noble one, but every normal thinking person would not jump in front of a blade or, God forbid, even grabbing it with bare hands, but tackle the person instead — this applies to the jumping in front of an arrow scenes too.

So even if the blade was not poisoned, the idea of jumping in front of it is beyond reasonable and suicidal. The last of the Hwarang bunch, Yeowool, cannot even be called a character. He is just there and smiles sassily. As with Jinheung, he seemed to be interesting in the beginning. The last characters I want to talk about are the villains.

First, there is Minister Youngshil or stereotyped evil old dude, as I like to call him. His ploys are the reason of almost all the calamities the main characters must endure. He is not a compelling villain though, as his only motivation and characteristic is to get his family on the throne. Nothing more is explained to the viewer. His change of plans to make himself king instead of Banryu is pretty idiotic as well. In a time when everything is about family and securing your legacy becoming king at an old age without having any heirs — except Banryu but he apparently dropped him — isn't productive at all.

Nevertheless, he only was a typical baddie without any hidden surprises and failed as an antagonist. The secondary villains are mostly lacklustre too, especially the two street gang members who later work with Youngshil, but as they are not supposed to play a big role, it is excusable. Far more disappointing is the Prince of Baekje who with his cruel way of thinking was a dislikeable person straight from writer's school in a good way.

But then to drop him after a two-episode arc that did not even have any lasting consequences while having a worse main villain with Youngshil felt like wasted potential, something I talked a lot about already. This means she is not all about being evil, her heart just got hard as stone over the years trying to protect the Royal family from her opponents I personally would've liked more scenes of young Jiso that show how she became that cold and embittered, but of course the tedious love story got in the way of it.

In contrast to her intelligence you have the dumb likes of her ex-lover Ahnji, Ahro's father, who somehow gets the idea that trusting first Youngshil and then Hwikyung, the Queen Regent's more than shady brother whose motives and ways are not any better than hers I would argue they are worse as he tries to overthrow her and Jinheung, just because he wants his own son on the throne.

Who is embittered now? As mentioned earlier I really like the idea of Jiso becoming gradually more embittered and cautious over the years. This climaxes in her not wanting to let go of the throne as she cannot see anyone capable but her on it — looking at how Jinheung is characterized as a not forward thinking love sick puppy I cannot even blame her — thus signifying how good persons can become bad because of their venomous surroundings. In the end, her harshness pays off though as Hwarang secure her son on the throne, so it was all worth it in the end.

It is beyond stupid as firstly, we never get to know what kind of poison it is which therefore feels like a deus ex machina and secondly, after this plot point is introduced and she faints once, it is dropped for 6 episodes only for her being on the verge of death, with hallucinations setting in. The fact that the poison took ten years to have an effect, only for these symptoms to rapidly grow is also something I cannot and will not believe.