Narcissistic traits and relationship dynamics in japan

nerable narcissism and aggression in sample groups of Japanese undergraduate students. In Study 1, . Campbell () examined the relationship between narcissism measured with the NPI .. dynamic self- regulatory processing model. dynamics, in that they exhibit delusions of grandeur and . relationship is expected between vulnerable narcissism and helping refusal under high social .. The relationship between vulnerable narcissism and aggression in Japanese. The authors examined the relationships between Type A behavior and narcissism based on scores of college students in Japan, the Relationships between Type a Behavior, Narcissism, and Maternal Dynamic Psychotherapy, 5, 16–

Higher scores on vulnerable narcissism and rivalry predicted having fragile self-esteem, whereas high scores on admiration predicted having optimal self-esteem.

There are 3 distinct types of narcissist — here's how to spot them

The assumed relations with the nomological network were confirmed, i. Our results suggest that the rivalry is between vulnerable narcissism and admiration, which supports its localization in the self-importance dimension of the narcissism spectrum model.

It was concluded that whereas admiration and rivalry represent the bright and dark face of narcissism, vulnerable narcissism represents its blue face.

This distinction causes controversies to emerge as despite both being called narcissism, they are heterogenous constructs Miller et al. According to the research tradition, vulnerable narcissism has most often been interpreted as clinical narcissism due to its intra- and inter-personally malevolent correlates such as hypersensitivity, introversion, shyness, vulnerability to depression, incompetence, anxiety, defensiveness, avoidance, hostility, passive aggression, low self-esteem, and poor well-being Wink, ; Hendin and Cheek, ; Rose, ; Dickinson and Pincus, ; Miller et al.

The central features of vulnerable narcissism as rated by the experts are negative temperament, neuroticism, borderline traits, mistrust, depression, and anxiety Thomas et al. Grandiose narcissism was most often interpreted as normal or subclinical narcissism because it encompasses a blend of correlates that are both positive—e.

The descriptions of expert ratings suggest that central features of grandiose narcissism are treatment rejecting, manipulativeness, entitlement, exhibitionism, antisociality, and low agreeableness Thomas et al. Although grandiose and vulnerable narcissism are uncorrelated with each other Wink, ; Hendin and Cheek,they share some common characteristics such as self-importance, aggressiveness, grandiose fantasies, lack of empathy, entitlement, and low communion Pincus et al.

Given the lack of correlation, but at the same time similarities in characteristics of the two forms of narcissism, the potential sources of their lack of relationship seems to be an important research topic. We posit that a possible explanation of the dissimilarities and similarities between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism is to be found in an exploration of the so called bright and dark side of grandiose narcissism Back et al.

Grandiose Narcissism Back et al. Within the new conceptualization of grandiose narcissism—i. The first dimension, narcissistic admiration, represents the self-enhancing and assertive aspect of narcissism. This dimension encompasses grandiose fantasies, striving for uniqueness, and self-promoting behaviors that aim for social admiration and boost the narcissistic ego.

The second dimension, narcissistic rivalry, represents the self-defensive and antagonistic aspect of narcissism. It comprises devaluation of others, striving for supremacy, and hostile behaviors that aim to diminish the threat to the ego and may result in social conflicts Back et al.

Deep down, the extreme narcissist feels inadequate and insecure. As a result, they're tremendously touchy and easily insulted. They need to surround themselves with fawning acolytes who are constantly building them up. The extreme narcissist needs to be admired and adored. They can't tolerate being questioned or challenged. Their spouse, therefore, must always coddle them and must never, ever make them feel bad about themselves in any way.

The extreme narcissist who has wealth or power will seek out a spouse who makes them look good to others; someone who'll boost their fragile ego.

Who Marries An Extreme Narcissist?

They want a spouse who'll give them a strategic advantage in their social or business dealings. They'll marry someone who's attractive, wealthy or well-connected. Better yet, all of the above. The extreme narcissist tends to go through spouses like they go through any of their other possessions.

They'll get what they need from their spouse and then trade them in for a new model, in the same way as people go for an upgrade on a vehicle. The spouse of the extreme narcissist shouldn't expect to stick around for long, even if they're willing to put up with the narcissist's selfish or hurtful behaviour.

The extreme narcissist might be superficially charming to people outside their family but at home, they let their true, nasty colours show.

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They desire recognition and praise, so they'll make the effort to butter up those people who'll speak highly of them in public and bolster their reputation.

At home, they have no need to be pleasant with their spouse. The prey has been caught; the trophy acquired. The spouse of the extreme narcissist should expect neglect at best; abuse at worst.

There are two types of people who'll marry an extreme narcissist: One narcissist will marry another, perhaps even more extreme narcissist, to establish a mutually-exploitative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Both narcissists understand that there's no love to be found in this arrangement - which is more like a business transaction than a meaningful, intimate connection.

Both people are using the other in order to facilitate their own goals. One narcissist will choose to become the spouse of a more extreme narcissist in order to have a wealthy lifestyle, or more popularity.

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They desire social status, influence, fame. They'll use the money and connections of their spouse to build their own brand. Examples of two narcissists together can be found in the coupling of a popular musician with a social media personality, or the marriage of a powerful head of state with a former model.

Problems can arise when one of the narcissists in the marriage is more extreme than the other and more exploitative. The other narcissist might become indignant and push back. Trouble will certainly ensue. These marriages may last, if both spouses are achieving their goals and neither one is feeling put upon, but sometimes, the clash of egos can result in a cataclysmic break-up. When two narcissists are angry at each-other, prepare to duck as the missiles are fired back and forth.