Naseeruddin shah and pankaj kapoor relationship

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naseeruddin shah and pankaj kapoor relationship

Naseeruddin Shah helps brother in law Pankaj Kapur overcome his Well isn't Shahid Kapoor's daddy dearest taken good care of after all!. Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah gets candid. Deepika (Padukone) and Arjun ( Kapoor) are of a different orientation altogether, but they. Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor says he agreed to star in 'Finding Fanny' because it gave him a chance to work with director Homi Adajania and a.

But at the same time, I cannot deny that they also influenced me in a positive way. And then I thought what the hell!

Naseeruddin Shah helps brother in law Pankaj Kapur overcome his phobia -

A person takes his own path. I went the way I wanted to. I shared a very bitter-sweet relationship with my father. I have faith in them that they will. What have been your greatest discoveries while writing the book?

naseeruddin shah and pankaj kapoor relationship

My greatest discoveries were that I realised I could look back at my relationship with my father and look at it anew, and at the relationship with the woman I married when I was 20 and look at it anew. I could look back at relationships with various women I loved and look at them anew. A lot of people who have read the book say that they are struck by how honest it is. Can we expect a second part to the book? I have told what I felt would be engaging and the events that have helped to shape me the way I am.

Generally, the untold stories are more interesting than the ones that are told. Does that hold true in your case? Maybe I will tell those stories as part of a fiction book.

It will have everything about the film industry. So a fiction book will be based on facts laughs and any resemblance to real characters is purely unintentional.

naseeruddin shah and pankaj kapoor relationship

What is the atmosphere like at home? Viv Vivaan is very excited as he is leaving on a world tour with the cast of Happy New Year.

My relationship with my father still troubles me: Naseeruddin Shah

I can understand his excitement. I hope he learns the right lessons from it. I hope he learns the business of how to act in these popular movies because I never learnt it.

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I think with Shah Rukh and Farah Khan, he is in good hands. I have my own excitement about my book. I am glad that his career is not following the same path as mine. He needs to get out of my shadow. In fact, all my children need to get out of my shadow.

Naseeruddin Shah: I like people who tell me they did not like my work - Movies

I think they will because they have substance in them as performers. There will come a time when I will be known as their father smiles. Of course I will, and I guess he knows it.

He many not enjoy the criticism, but it will be more useful to him than praise. Taarif karne waale bahut milte hai there are many people who will shower praise but I wish he finds an equal number of people who will analyse his work and tell him how he can be better.

Personally, I appreciate criticism. I like people who tell me they did not like my work and tell me why. It takes more effort to criticise than praise someone. To some extent, yes. But it still comes back and bothers the hell out of me. Ever since I have had my own children, I realised the tremendous amount that we both missed out on. So, from his perspective, he was a very chilled-out guy, I suppose. The same way that I think I am. But I realise that I have made quite a few of the same mistakes with my kids that my dad made.

Not so much in trying to determine their lives for them, but in terms of trying to discipline them. Advertising Your father must have been quite a dreamer too. You write that he wanted to open a restaurant in England.

It's always a joy to work with Naseeruddin Shah, says Pankaj Kapoor

I think he was, but he kept it to himself. As Ratna Pathak Shah, wife was pointing out the other day, he lost out on the opportunity to be loved because of his idea of how a father should be. As I get older, I begin to understand him better and I think that he was actually quite a simple guy to understand.

naseeruddin shah and pankaj kapoor relationship

But I was too much of a kid and the distance became unbridgeable after a point.