Nick jonas and olivia culpo relationship marketing

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nick jonas and olivia culpo relationship marketing

Days after news broke about her relationship status with Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo is giving fans another update via Instagram—and it's about. Nick Jonas's ex Olivia Culpo 'happy' about his engagement to Priyanka who dated Nick for two years until their relationship ended in Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo have mostly remained quiet about their He did say that he was not in any hurry to move into a new relationship.

Nick Jonas's ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo reacts to his engagement to Priyanka Chopra

Slide 3 of 13Delta Goodrem Photo: The two had a relationship of less than a year, though many now believe it may have foreshadowed Jonas' penchant for women who are older than him. While Goodrem was just eight years his senior, his new betrothed is 11 years older than he is.

nick jonas and olivia culpo relationship marketing

Slide 4 of 13Olivia Culpo Photo: Like Chopra, Culpo competed at the highest levels of pageantry, earning the title Miss Universe. The two dated from to Slide 5 of 13Lily Collins Photo: The two were together for a few dates in The two never talked much in public about how serious they were, and Hudson's mother, Goldie Hawn, downplayed the relationship in an interview with Andy Cohen.

nick jonas and olivia culpo relationship marketing

Slide 7 of 13Georgia Fowler Photo: This, too did not seem to last long. The Handmaid's Tale actress reportedly stepped out with Jonas a handful of times earlier this year, though even she did not put any labels on their get-togethers. I mean, that's just objectively. He's a cute guy," she told Entertainment Tonight. Slide 9 of 13Aseem Merchant Meanwhile, Chopra's love life is a little more reserved.

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Back in the s, she dated Aseem Merchant, who was with her at the beginning of her modeling career. The two split just after she won the Miss World title in Later, Merchant attempted to make a movie about Chopra and her family, which Chopra herself put to an end with legal notices.

Slide 10 of 13Akshay Kumar Photo: As for their facial expressions? No, they don't look thrilled to have their photo taken at this moment. However, "their facial expressions are mirror images of each other, so there's an emotional connection there," Cobb says.

She also points out the comfort that's evident in this photo: Look at both Priyanka and Nick's hands, and you'll see absolutely no tension in their fingers.

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Ethan Miller - Getty Images More Above, Olivia is reaching out to Nick who, by the looks of his feet pointing in different directions, appears to be conflicted about his next move. Because touch is one way to maintain your connection and provide or receive support, according to Cobb, Olivia, who looks way more comfortable with an easy smile and no tension in her face, is really stepping it up to ground Nick during an awkward moment.

nick jonas and olivia culpo relationship marketing

Despite his stance, Nick's hands look relaxed. Could Olivia be keeping him calm here? There's no doubt whether the description applies: Olivia and Nick both lead with their right legs, their strides are similarly spaced, and they display polite smiles while gazing down. They also interlace their fingers, which enables each partner to cover more skin surface area. View photos Photo credit: