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Okonkwo views his son as a symbol of laziness just like Unoka, and so he does his best to prevent this. It is ironic how Okonkwo ridicules his father so much, that he himself has bought up a son who has interests that resemble Unoku. Okonkwo of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. The tragic story of Ikemefuna, which revealed the truest depths of Okonkwo's compulsive feelings of insecurity, also showed us another feature of Igbo society. Throughout the story, unto Ikemefuna's death, Okonkwo's relationship with his children create an a contributing factor in the internal conflict.

When Ikemefuna runs to him for help Okonkwo lands the killing blow in order to show his strength. What does the reader learn about Okonkwo from the following passage: He drank palm-wine from morning till night, and his eyes were red and fierce like the eyes of a rat when it was caught by the tail and dashed against the floor.

What theme is advanced by the following passage: How can a man who has killed five men in battle fall to pieces because he has added a boy to their number? Okonkwo, you have become a woman indeed.

He associates women with emotion and weakness so he calls himself a women to insult and motivate himself. How could the following line be foreshadowing: How does the chapter establish that things are changing in the village?

Things Fall Apart Ch Chapter 5 Achebe begins the chapter by

Strange things are happening. Young men cannot tap the trees as they used to. An ogbanje is a wicked child-spirit who torments its mother by being born and dying in infancy continuously.

Enzima was sick when she was young, but she lived through it. They are afraid that the ogbanje is within her and she will die now. As usual with Okonkwo his emotions only come out as anger.

He cannot help the situation so he becomes angry at Ekwefi for not filling the pot properly. Explain the disconnect between the chapters. Why would Achebe choose to do this? Achebe is probably trying to build suspense.

Read the following lines: There were many women, but they looked on from the fringe like outsiders. What is significant about the placement of this passage relative to what had come immediately before and what will come immediately after? The case involves a man who beats his wife, just as Okonkwo often does and almost brought danger upon the tribe for doing so during Peace Week.

This chapter focuses on Ibo folklore. Achebe begins by giving the reader a glimpse of the everyday lives of the people in the village. Nwoye is one of these people, and it is soon revealed that he has a rocky relationship with his father, Okonkwo. To better understand what type of person Nwoye is, we need to examine his relationship with his father.

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Lacking Confidence Nwoye's first notable trait is his lack of confidence. A large part of the reason for this is Okonkwo's treatment of Nwoye. In order to teach Nwoye the right way to do things, Okonkwo chooses to threaten him with violence rather than kindly encourage him.

Although, looking at it from our Judaeo-Christian point of view we may be appalled by some of their practices.

Things Fall Apart Ch.5-11 Chapter 5 Achebe begins the chapter by

We also have to realize that they have strengths. Things Fall apart is the idea of balance and interdependence, earth and sky, individual and community, man and woman or different perspectives on the same situation.

How similar and different are the two charachters "Willy Loman" and "Okonkwo"? Although their behaviour might seem quite different from each other, especially considering that they live in two different ages and places, Okonkwo and Willy have a lot in common. Their behaviour towards their families, their life and their achievements are done in different ways but yet, there are some aspects which are shared by both of them. Okonkwo Okonkwo is an African man living in a small village in Nigeria.

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In a land where ancestral spirits hold powers to the Ibos, it settles in section three when Mr. Brown the father of the Christian church preaches the Christian faith by using a translator towards the Ibos.

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An Ibo with title, Okonkwo, builds up anger towards the Its says that Okonkwo is widely known and well respected. Okonkwo was known as a wealthy farmer, and worked on his own, without the help of his father. Okonkwo had three wives, and was a strong, manly warrior. There is struggle between family, culture, and religion of the Ibo people which is all brought on by a difference in personal beliefs and customs.