One piece nico robin and zoro relationship

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one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece character) They're relationship is what one would call an old-married couple who always argues with each other but still. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the list of Top Ten One Piece Couples. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. Zoro usually maintains a very stern, serious, and distanced personality, but often Like Nico Robin, Zoro is also easily sensitive when put into embarrassing.

Zoro, instead, comes from a past of pure battle, where he became a famous pirate hunter to become the strongest swordsman in the world, and so fulfill the promise made to Kuina, her friend, who died very young.

Now he is the vice-captain, though not officially, and follows Luffy in his adventures, in which he hopes, one day, to cross swords with Drakul Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world. Here are the main informations about them. At first, he joins Luffy on a whim and tells him outright that he will cut him down if he interferes with his dream of becoming the number 1 swordsman in the whole world This shows how important is his dream for him.

one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

Zoro is best described as overconfident and loyal; as well as almost bloodthirsty. Out of all the Straw Hats, he is probably the one that loves to fight the most and along with Luffy and Sanji is described by Nami and Usopp as the three monsters He is the second stronger member.

Nevertheless, he has a more sensitive side that he tends to hide: He also wanted to become number 1 as a promise to said to Kuina. He likes to party and after Robin is the most level-headed of the crew. He uses three swords, although he can also use a single sword and double sword style moves too.

He uses his black bandanna when he has a serious fight, this give to Zoro a more bad-ass design. Other features of Zoro is his tendency to sleep except when there is Robin and the fact that he has no sense of direction.

SbS information for Roronoa Zoro: Chapter 3; Episode 2 Animal: Shark, in the new world as a Tiger there are a few cover with a tiger Color: Green Favorite Type of Island and Season: Autumn on an Autumn Island Cooking Specialties: He is represented officially with the number 2. The number 3 is also connected to Zoro 3 katana. Robin is introduced as an antagonist and the right-hand woman of Crocodile. Seemingly emotionless and cruel, it is later revealed that Robin had to join a criminal organization to avoid being captured and killed by the World Government from the age of eight.

Often leaving said organizations when the World Government came for her or when they tried to hand her over. She joined Crocodile for a similar reason, but also to read the Poneglyph in Alabastra. Unfortunately, most Poneglyphs contain knowledge of ancient weapons, which is why she is wanted by the World Government their official reason and also the reason her hometown, family, and friends were destroyed and killed.

He can easily detect her money-like thoughts and he is also very well aware whenever she uses her flirtarious side. However, he never falls for it because he knows she doesn't do it because she means it seriously but rather in other to achieve something.

Nami usually says nothing when he practices, but she somehow must have felt his tension after they left Luffy with Crocodile back in Rainbase. She tells him to not waste his strenght on something like that but Zoro probably finds her annoying and he just tells her to shut up.

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It was kinda harsh from Zoro, but that still displays he isn't afraid to say something like that to her when he finds her annoying him. Again, she can be worried about him even though he doesn't truly care about it.

She didn't even comment on other crewmembers at all. She runs from them and Zoro has no choice but to worry about her and try to find her.

Nami on the other hand was questioning where the swordsman go, because she knows Zoro would be able to take care of them if he was there with her. He saves her from the certain death and seriously, this isn't the only moment he saved Nami despite being lost - earlier, he took care of some bandits that were ready to attack Nami and Usopp too.

Could this possibly mean that somewhere in his heart, he has a compass to where Nami is?

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I really like this headcannon, whoever it was. Doublefinger wouldn't come after her and when he tries to warn her, she is already gone. Just a thought that Nami has to really fight when she is mostly scared of it makes him uneasy and worried. During their fights and after it, I find it very interesting that Nami and Zoro both learnt the things they will use later on from the crew the most - Nami learnt how to use Clima tact, while Zoro learnt how to cut iron; there is also a possibility he also awakened Kenbunshoku Haki here, which would be even more significant.

After Zoro's fight, he is injured but still worried about others He probably shouldn't underestimate her that much, but I can understand him though. By that time, Nami has shown to be brave and all, but Zoro knows she isn't one of the strongest and seriously, she is supposed to face a professional assassin?

He didn't know anything about Nami's staff, that's why he couldn't have possibly thought about her being able to fight and she would probably choose to run instead. An ultimate moment between Zoro and Nami, a moment that every ZoNa shipper should remember.

A very small moment but still a moment, where Zoro carries Nami despite his injuries! He knows full well she is lying through her teeth, but he still copes with it. She was seen running before she even found him. Then why is it that after she saw him, she requested something like that? I think that by ordering him something like that, she can make sure he is absolutely fine, because let's face it - his wound wouldn't seem like nothing at all. She knew if he colapsed, it was a very serious wound, whereas if he does carry her, Zoro will prove her he is alright.

There is also a pssibility of her being spoiled hahah Her leg might have truly hurt her, but it wasn't that bad to incapable her - before she found him and after he carried her, she is seen to stand and running fine too. What is also nice to see is that although their debt was already cleared, Nami can still order Zoro around despite he doesn't really like it. It is also nice to see the original trio again.

Most of the time, it shows how Zoro and Nami are both more mature and don't recklessly jump into every single thing but leaving them have to deal with their a lot more reckless captain. I think this is also an appropriate time to show Nami doesn't always just recklessly beat everyone, Zoro including.

one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

Like here, Zoro is seen sleeping close to the rest, and yet, Nami later beats only Usopp and Luffy for their lack of common sense haha Zoro doesn't find a need to go, but I find it to be very nice Nami is taking her eye on him. Because knowing herself, she would want to beat the shit out of them. Zoro tries to tell her the reason why he didn't go, but Nami can't exactly get it. In a way, I think Zoro was happy for that gesture Nami showed - that it was okay for him to go with Luffy too - but he found it to be a trouble to explain it to her again after she accused him of being an idiot.

I've got some business to do with your stomach" This arc is like, some people might say extremely ZoRobin, but I dare to very strongly disagree on that fact. There are a lot of ZoNa moments too. The first moment is somewhat small, but I like how Zoro took care of a monster that scared both Chopper and Nami.

Please note that Nami is someone who knows Zoro is strong, and she is by far the only person who alluded his actions were definitely not swordsman-like. She knows he prides himself a lot as a swordsman and seeing him punch a shark to defeat it sure surprised her. And this is yet another Zoro-Nami-Chopper little moment as Chopper is commenting his strenght too.

What is the best though is that moments after that, Nami throws him a new shirt for him to wear - a shirt we never saw before, and something Nami picked herself. Earlier, Nami told how scary a place she stumbled upon was - and of all people, she was telling these things to Zoro.

one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

Nami is really trying her best to probably get him on her side or convince him not to go there, but Zoro doesn't seem to even care at all.

Eventually, he even tells her to do what she wants. However, no matter how much he doesn't care about her complains or how much he finds her to be a pain, whenever she is in danger, he can't help but worry about her, right? So what happened to his "Whatever you say" to her "You want me to get killed by those pursuers!!? His actions scream ha cares and doesn't want her to get killed at all. More interestingly though is when Zoro witnesses what Enel did to Lucky - someone Wiper is close to.

one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

What does he do after that? He immediately wants to fight his enemy? And I shall repeat it was after he saw what Enel could do to someone Wiper was close to. When the snake was eletrocuted, Zoro shows a very surprised and shocked expression that tells he is worried - and when Nami really does show up, he raises his voice in surprise, but right after, he is more calm after knowing she is alright. So, what happened to his "I don't care what happens to you attitude"?

His actions proved otherwise. And there is also a small "teamwork" between Zoro and Nami when Zoro tried to assure Sanji he looks like a prince but doesn't succeed. Even better, he is trying to sleep while being close to her, but he is disturbed by Sanji and starts arguing with him. Zoro and Chopper surprisingly agree with everything Nami says here, no arguing back.

It has happened more than once in the past Syrup Village I believe? And mainly, she asks him about Luffy's whereabouts as if he would know the anser to it XD Zoro then stops midtrack, because he has realized their running is pointless when they were seen already, but Nami is confused by his sudden action and asks him about what he is saying.

Zoro decided to fight back innocent shipwrights. Nami doesn't stop him but both her and Chopper later comment he is still causing injuries there. However, she easily moves on and tells them to go. If Nami and Chopper weren't with him at that moment, there is no way he could have been able to reach a room with CP9 and Iceburg at all.

Not much has changed, yup xD In dangerous moments, Nami also very trusts Zoro like here - she does what he told her, despite not knowing why. Nami realizes Zoro is right and she doesn't fuss over things anymore.

It seems like Zoro can sometimes make her fussing stop when he points out right things at her and it's good Nami doesn't just dismiss him all time, but she actually listens to him from time to time. Even more, Zoro is.

one piece nico robin and zoro relationship

Zoro was able to find her despite his poor sense of direction and even defeat the enemy only. When they are attacked by the Cerberus on Thriller Bark, Robin says that she finds it "cute". While the Straw Hats are looking for Nami, Chopper and Usopp at Thriller Bark, Robin says that they are not even able to hear their voices anymore, wondering if they were strangled. While searching for a way to reach Fish-Man Island in the Shark Submerge IIIRobin, Luffy and Brook encounter a giant sea monster that attacks them which resulted in Robin amusingly commenting on his big mouth that could swallow them instead of worrying about the situation.

While the other crew members commented on Sanji's bizarre luck in reaction to Duval's face, Robin quipped that he would certainly have an interesting death one day. When Luffy's group went out to beat the kraken and lost their way back to the ship she mildly commented, that hopefully they would not be ripped to shreds by some monster.

As Noah approached the battlefield between Straw Hat Pirates and New Fish-Man Piratesshe wondered whether the ocean would be dyed red if everyone was smashed by it. When Robin heard the news that Nami, Franky, Sanji and Chopper were kidnapped by some mysterious men with rifles, she seemed concerned if they were already shot and had multiple holes in their body.

While riding on Brownbeard with Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Brook, she commented that it'd be nice if Nami and the others' arms and legs have not came off from frostbite.

When Usopp asked what had fallen, as the group was making its way up the left hind leg of Zunisha to get to the top, Robin said that it looked like a person that was bleeding with knives sticking out of him. When Usopp saw Wanda wear Nami 's clothes and asked for her whereabouts, Robin wondered if the Mink Tribe has a taste for human flesh.

When Wanda insinuiated that the other Straw Hats and company had been slaughtered and their bodies were in a forest in ZouRobin concluded that because their remains were intact it meant they weren't used for sustenance.

Before the timeskip, she often spoke only when spoken to or if something noteworthy happened. Her calmness is likely a result of the childhood that led to her life of hardship. The calamity that befell Ohara had a profound and traumatizing effect on Robin as a child, that she has only just begun to recover from.

However, as she begins to spend more time around the crew, her personality begins to ease up. When Robin is rescued by the Straw Hats from Enies Lobby, it is then that she considers herself both their friend and an official member of the crew. After the timeskip, Robin's personality is much more relaxed and playful in nature as evidenced by her common gigglingquite possibly due to her exposure to the other Straw Hats.

She has also been shown to possess an outstanding amount of knowledge, especially in history. In spite of her mature appearance and calm demeanor, she seems to have a child-like imagination.

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Although she is often shown imagining bizarre, silly or cute images, she will rarely give voice to these thoughts, maintaining the straightest of "poker faces". When Bartholomew Kuma mentioned that he was the user of the Nikyu Nikyu no MiUsopp thought that the calm sound that the fruit's name gave when being said meant that there was a "soothing" type for Devil Fruits, which made Robin imagine three cute cats showing their paws and meowing, while still having a serious expression on her face.

Zoro gave the idea of swimming across since being on the Fire Region of said island got them sweaty. Luffy agreed to the idea, thinking that Zoro and Usopp would carry him and Robin across since they cannot swim. This made Robin imagine Zoro and Usopp swimming happily while carrying Luffy and her, while also being happy and smiling, and still showing her normal smiling face on the outside, even though Usopp said that there was no way they would swim across while carrying them.