Otacon and emma relationship

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otacon and emma relationship

Emma Emmerich Biographical information Also known as E.E. Emma stepfather and mother, and was very happy, sharing a close relationship with her In order to meet with Solid Snake and Otacon, Emma had to cross a series of oil. Emma Emmerich is Otacon's younger sister. The two were She shared a very close relationship with her brother, who called her EE. They often played. Because I lean more towards the idea that she is Emma's mother. It makes no sense that they're relationship is heavily alluded to in but.

otacon and emma relationship

The cutscene has no purpose aside from to look good, to give a moment of calm beauty in a game which has relatively few.

If the threats are too much to take out yourself, you can call Snake and have him shoot with you — the game makes you go out of your way and ask — who then taunts you and tells you to watch how a real sniper does it.

So much of the game has been forcing us to watch Snake from a distance, to perceive him without deluding ourselves that we our him. He enjoys the act of killing, he takes pleasure in this game.

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His words, not mine. Sons of Liberty is not a subtle game. In the midst of the game clarifying and going deeper on its scathing critique of its own fanbase, Emma gets stabbed by Vamp.

otacon and emma relationship

So good job, everybody involved. A round of applause to all.

Metal Gear Solid: Emma and Otacon Emmerich?

What the hell is this video game, ahhhhhhh. But in MGS they often are and that similarity is not one that is easily overlooked. It's not just because she is a "lesbian". Again I could be totally wrong, but there is no official concrete proof one way or the other. And like someone else said it is not completely far fetched to think that Danzinger could be Dr. To me it makes more sense that the two are one and the same.

otacon and emma relationship

Rather than the idea that Huey marries Strangelove, they have Hal. They split then Huey marries another woman who is also British, just so happens to have a daughter who has a knack for advanced A. It makes total sense to me that Strangelove would want to seduce Hal, who is a carbon copy of his father only with the ability to walk on his own.

I got to set up everything for the virus. Otacon helped her keep her balance and Emma prepared the computer for the virus Raiden had.

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  • WI: Hal aka Otacon and Emma Emmerich aka E.E replace Viserys and Daenarys Targaryen?
  • Otacon and Emma's dark family history?

Otacon then laid her down and bandaged her wound. Soon Raiden walked in and asked, "How's Emma? Otacon quickly took her hand and assured her that he was there for him. As Otacon comforted Emma, Snake leaned over to Raiden and asked if he had the disc.

Raiden quickly grabbed the disc and handed it to Snake. Suddenly, something popped up on the screen, alarming Snake and Raiden. Suddenly, the virus stopped uploading all together.

The connections been cut! Suddenly, Emma looked up at Otacon again and weakly asked, "Hal He looked up at Snake, who shook quickly his head in response. Everything's alright," Otacon assured her. I won't be adding Emma reached up and caressed Otacon's face.

otacon and emma relationship

I never wanted to get in your way I never wanted to hurt you I thought with Arsenal If I follow in your footsteps I could be… closer I just wanted you to look at me I could never do that Suddenly, Emma goes limp and both their glasses clattered to the floor. Otacon bursts into tears as Snake and Raiden looked on.

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I didn't leave you," Otacon sorrowfully admitted. I had a relationship with your mother. My father's death… was no accident. He took his own life It was my fault. Otacon cried some more until Emma's parrot called his name.