Pam and jim relationship goals football

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pam and jim relationship goals football

Office MemesOffice QuotesJim And Pam QuotesJim Halpert QuotesBeetsThe Office JimBattlestar GalacticaRelationship GoalsPerfect Relationship. Jim and Pam will always be there to make you question whether your relationship is as good as there's was. It's easy to empathize with Jim and Pam, but that's because that's the side . I know Jim and Pam are quintessential “relationship goals,” but in.

That got me to thinking whether Jim does anything that makes him a jerk.

Was Jim Halpert actually kind of a jerk?

I mean, other than being an Eagles fan ha ha. I think every dude wants to be as slick as Jim, me included. Seriously, he knew Pam was engaged to Roy, and to make matters worse, he even saw Roy minutes before he told Pam he loved her. Not only did he get dumped by Pam, he also went so long without knowing his soon-to-be wife kissed a guy whom he thought he could trust. Furthermore, Jim bought an engagement ring for Pam the week after they started dating. How weird would it be if someone you were dating, right now, bought an engagement ring the week after you started dating?

pam and jim relationship goals football

That would be a red flag, right? Like, what if I told my future wife — fingers crossed, knock on wood, hope to God — that I bought the engagement ring that early? She would definitely be a little creeped out. Pam gets upset, and with good reason. I will, however, commend Jim for shooing away Cathy, who clearly wanted to get with Jim while both were stationed in Tallahassee.

The Office's Jim and Pam—and the case for taking relationships slow

But it helps us get more money. From when Michael falls into the pond, it takes Jim more than 10 seconds to help him out. They seem like a good couple, and they appear to have some good chemistry.

How does it end?

11 Times Jim And Pam Gave You Relationship Goals To Chase

Jim invites her to go on a booze cruise, and subsequently breaks up with her in the most apathetic manner of all-time. Katie standing next to Jim, watching Pam and Roy dance: Why did you even bring me here tonight?

This only happened once. Karen, who was working at the Stamford branch when Jim was transferred, took a job in Scranton, solely because she had strong feelings for Jim.

The two started dating, much to the chagrin of Pam. Granted, it was his childhood home complete with a creepy clown painting and seventies red shag carpet, but he had already proposed to Pam. Jim was deeply committed to building a future with her. Save the grand gestures — they happen infrequently and are mostly theatrics.

Actively showing your gratitude day to day for your guy or your lady is a practice. Sometimes you have to let love go or give it space in order to get it back again.

Couple Goals ● Football Edition

They had finally begun dating — finally — and instead of clinging selfishly to her out of fear of losing Jim told Pam that she absolutely had to go. They actually distanced themselves. And it strengthened their resolve to be together.

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Sometimes you have to take risks to reap the rewards. Pre-Jim and Pam heaven there was eternal Pam and Roy limbo. Pam was engaged to Roy for three years. Roy was never fully committed to either Pam or the wedding nuptials.

pam and jim relationship goals football

Pam was so set as many of us are on getting all of the ducks in a tidy, boring row that who she was tethering herself to almost became secondary. We get so invested in the big life events — the moving in, adopting the dog, planning the wedding, having a small football team of genetically like minded offspring — that we can totally lose sight of our partner or the reason we started all of this in the first place.

pam and jim relationship goals football

Jim and Pam made up everything as they went. For three plus years a salesman and a receptionist sat ten feet from each other and then one fateful day Jim put a ring on it.

pam and jim relationship goals football

They had actually worked to arrive at those pivotal moments. Nothing was rushed, and therefore nothing was sloppy or half-hearted.

pam and jim relationship goals football

By all means move at a glacial pace! Deliberately take your time. There is no appropriate chronological age at which to make these huge life decisions. But if you must keep up with one dream team couple, try to keep up with the Halperts.