Pastor and elder relationship

pastor and elder relationship

Biblically speaking, all elders are pastors. Peter tells the elders among his readers to “shepherd” the flock of God that is among you” (1 Pet. ). Paul told the. The Elder as. Church Leader. Chapter 3 – Part 1. The Pastor/Elder Team. Pastors and Elders are Partners in ministry. Each should be able to say of the other. ELDERS/PASTOR RELATIONSHIP. THE PASTOR/ELDER TEAM. PASTORS AND ELDERS ARE PARTNERS IN MINISTRY. Each should be able to say of the .

Elders do not include the preacher in important conversations about the church. The preacher thinks he needs to be involved in every decision elders make. The elders do not effectively perform their duties as elders. The preacher does the work required of elders.

The elders seldom get before the congregation. The preacher is always before the church, both preaching and teaching. Elders rarely communicate with the preacher. Preachers rarely communicate with the elders. Concerns that each have with one another are not addressed immediately. Elders and preachers do not pray together. Elders and preachers do not study together. Elders and preachers do not visit together.

pastor and elder relationship

Elders and preaches do not have fellowship with each other. The preacher shows little concern for the awesome tasks of the elders. These are just some of the things that hurt the relationship between elders and the preacher. Once this relationship becomes distant, it is very difficult to make it close once again.

It is hard to find another relationship that compares with the relationship between preachers and elders. Some have likened it to the relationship that exists between the coaches and a quarterback on a football team.

Others have said it resembles the relationship between a board of directors and the president of an organization. These might come close, but they do not fully express the intimate relationship that should exist between preachers and elders. It is one of the most unique and important relation that exists within the most important institution upon the earth If the church is going to be strong, the relationship between the elders and preacher must be strong.

The office of Elders, pastors and bishops

If the church is going to be grow, the relationship between the elders and the preacher must continue to grow.

If the church is going to be peaceful, the elder-preacher relationship must be filled with peace. If the members of the church are going to show love for each other, the elders and preacher must show love between themselves. Our prayer is that elders and preachers will develop a relationship like the one that existed between Paul and the elder of Ephesus See Acts The last three verses of this text in Acts 20 show us the closeness of their relationship.

Sorrowing most of all for the words which he spake, that they should see his face no more.

And they accompanied him unto the ship. But the error is in transposing the equation. While all church leaders must be godly men, not all godly men are to be church leaders. While men are encouraged to strive to become elders and deacons 1 Timothy 3: Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers.

Nowhere does the New Testament consider the ideal to be a church whose congregation is composed of all elders and deacons. Thank God for those faithful saints who are content to serve faithfully without public recognition or reward. Nowhere does the Scripture state or imply that in order to be faithful and effective in the work of the ministry, one has to hold an official position. Elders assisted by the deacons are to function as overseers. They are to manage the flock in such a way that ministry occurs, and the whole body is pastored.

There must be leaders and followers, managers and ministers, if the flock is to be adequately cared for. While all should strive to meet the qualifications of elders or deacons, not all should expect to be appointed to such an office. We should not expect all elders or deacons to have the same gift, ministry, or level of success. Some may have gotten the idea that every elder or deacon must have to possess the gift of administration in order to function as a manager.

This is not the case. If it were, I would have to be the first to resign. It is the elders who corporately shepherd the flock by managing it. The elders, as a board, must manage the flock. As I view the board of elders, they are a beautiful blend of variously gifted men who, as a group, are able to provide a balanced administration and ministry for the flock. One of the elders may have the gift of faith and encourage the others to take bold steps, trusting God to work in a mighty way.

Another may be a gifted evangelist and look from the point of view of winning the lost in this venture. The administrator will conceive of how this can be achieved.

pastor and elder relationship

All of this is consistent with what Paul has written: Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord.

And there are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons 1 Corinthians We should expect the elders to be a group of men with differing gifts, diverse ministries, and various levels of effectiveness. Paul implied this when he wrote: Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. Not all elders will be preachers and teachers, and not all will necessarily be so gifted or called that they should devote themselves to their ministry full-time.

This was never anticipated. To my way of thinking, it is this diversity among the elders which gives the church management real strength. How grateful I am for elders who have proven themselves to be godly and competent businessmen. It is not without good reason that our church members seek their advice in applying Christian principles to their business or occupation.

While the elders are ultimately responsible to make the decisions which determine the policies and direction of the church, they should never do so in a way that excludes or ignores the congregation. This principle touches an area of great disagreement in churches these days. Some hold that the elders should look to God alone as they seek to govern the church, while others hold to a congregational form of government. In my estimation, there is some truth in each position.

In Acts 6, I believe we see the two seemingly opposing theories of administration blended. The congregation or some of them brought the problem of the neglect of the Hellenistic widows to the apostles. The apostles responded to the problem by outlining a solution, one in which the congregation was to be actively involved.

When the seven men who met the qualifications set down by the apostles were brought forward, they were formally appointed to administrate this function. Those of us who believe in elder rule must not ignore the statement of Scripture which says, And the statement of the apostles found approval with the whole congregation. Conclusion We must conclude that a church which is governed according to the New Testament is one which does have government and does have clearly designated leadership.

The responsibility for this leadership falls on the elders as they are assisted by the deacons. The elders are to see to it that the flock of God is pastored by managing them well, in such a way that every member of the flock ministers to others.

The way in which church management is carried out is vastly different from many of the attitudes and principles of management which are in use today in the corporate world. My own opinion is that business would run far more smoothly and efficiently if it followed the principles of the New Testament for church leadership. Unfortunately, some Christians feel that the church would operate more efficiently if it patterned itself after the world.

Men, I am firmly convinced that we husbands should apply the principles of good church management to our leadership in the home. Is this not the assumption of 1 Timothy 3: We should look at our responsibility to lead in the home as an opportunity to serve our wife, not to dominate and to use her.

Some wives look down on their husbands whose meekness is viewed as weakness.

pastor and elder relationship

What many wives want in the way of leadership from their husbands is not the biblical ideal. While all of us are not called to serve as church leaders, I do believe that each of us would do well to develop our managerial skills.

As a rule we are not good managers stewards, if you prefer of our spiritual gift sour money, or our time. Let all of us seek to apply Christian principles of management to our lives. As we conclude this message on church leadership and its relationship to the work of the ministry, I hope those of us who are elders or deacons will consider the implications for our own areas of service. I would also desire a greater appreciation and understanding of the awesome task undertaken by those who serve as leaders in the church.

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This is not surprising, however, at this early point in the Book of Acts as elders of the church do not appear until It does seem reasonable to view the elders and their seven assistants as prototypes of later elders and deacons.

It simply means that the minimum requirements for an elder would be higher than those for a deacon. Handle distribution of money. Guard against false teachers.

pastor and elder relationship

Give spiritual advice and counsel. Visit and pray for the sick. Keep watch over souls. Cooperate with those led by the Holy Spirit to go out to proclaim the gospel. And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. The Limit of the Elder's Authority A.

Elders authority in the Bible was limited to within one local congregation: All elders in the eldership are of equal authority. Many churches today do not follow the Bible pattern for an elder's authority: This was years too late to be the Bible pattern and represents a serious apostasy in organization. The Baptist church, for example, admits in their official creed book The Hiscox Standard Baptist Manualthat new offices not found in scripture have been added long after the Bible was written: In the New Testament we find that in apostolic times, and for many years after, pastors and deacons only were known as permanent church officers.

Others have been added at later times, for a variety of reasons. Because churches are the only Christian organizations provided for in the New Testament, it may be said that they are the only ones really essential to the accomplishment of the purposes of Christ. Experience, however, has demonstrated that churches in fellowship with one another are able to fulfill the work of the gospel more effectively than churches alone.

First, they admit that new offices were added to the church many years after the Bible was completed. Second, they admit that local churches with no organizational tie between them, was the Bible pattern, but because of human wisdom, an organization was invented to tie local churches together on a global basis.

The Plurality Of Elders A. There is a pattern in the Bible where two or more men serve as elders. Never do you find a church with only one elder appointed. Let's examine the Bible pattern of plurality within specific local congregations: Let us look at various other references: Singular usage here refers to each individual elder: Plural use of "elder" [Gr. Presbureros, singlular] in the New Testament: Three passages in total.

pastor and elder relationship

The first two, refer to the leading group of Jewish elders. The last one refers to an eldership within a single local church. Pastor system one man over church Unqualified men Position worse than having no elders at all any organization larger than local church world headquarters etc. There are four terms: