Pooja bhatt and alia relationship with god

Pooja Bhatt Reveals She Is Alia Bhatt’s Mother | SHOCKING - video dailymotion

pooja bhatt and alia relationship with god

Mahesh Bhatt says he is proud of Alia Bhatt's choice in movies and is the delusion when he or she feels that I am the god's gift to mankind. Mahesh Bhatt's responds to talks about daughter Alia Bhatt dating is the delusion when he or she feels that I am the god's gift to mankind. Though Mukesh Bhatt’s daughters, Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt are step- sisters, there is no fakeness and awkwardness in their relationship.

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Mahesh Bhatt having a conversation with his daughter Pooja Bhatt. Alia Bhatt with Mahesh Bhatt. However, the couple divorced later. Shaheen Bhatt with Mahesh Bhatt.

Finally mahesh bhatt and pooja bhatt talk about alia bhatt marriage

Pooja Bhatt with Mahesh Bhatt. Shaheen Bhatt, Bhatt's eldest daughter with Soni isn't a part of Bollywood, but has a keen interest in production. I have been a star and man of public figure of a kind, but India is a young country and most of the Indians, who consume entertainment products, are under Alia is undoubtedly one of the tallest icon in that space," said a proud father Mahesh Bhatt, in an interview with mid-day.

Shaheen is a brilliant writer and unique child," Mahesh Bhatt told mid-day. Because I feel othe worst enemy of any person in any business is the delusion when he or she feels that I am the god's gift to mankind.

She is good but there is always somebody far more brilliant than her. She should keep her eyes open to see that.

pooja bhatt and alia relationship with god

The genre of the movie would be dramedy. Alia Bhatt said, "We talk very loudly, we are expressive and opinionated. I went through trauma and a hell of my own making for two and a half years - this is reflected in Arth. I am still responsible for Kiran, though I don''t live with her anymore. I have another family now, but continue to hold her hand. I invented my own idiom: So, when I invented my own idiom in Arth, a story based on my extra-marital affair, I told my story - everybody''s story.

Pooja Bhatt Reveals She Is Alia Bhatt’s Mother | SHOCKING

Human beings are pathetically similar. Arth became a hit the same day India brought home the World Cup. I was about 35 and I had arrived! I converted and married Soni: After Arth was a success, I returned to Kiran. We lived in the same house and had Rahul and - but were labouring to make the marriage work. When I met Soni Razdan, it was like a replay in my life.

But I would not divorce Kiran. Friends suggested that since my mother was a Muslim, I could convert and marry Soni as well.

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I did just that. Our children, Shaheen and Alia, have brought Soni and me even closer. I haven''t spent time with my children: I love my children but, being a busy man, haven''t really been around them all the time. Though I indulge my other children - Rahul, Shaheen and Alia - Pooja, being my first child, has spent the maximum number of hours with me. She still has the note. Today, I share a relationship of respect with Pooja.

My Gods died young: I always do my own thing. I am the kind who fires first and takes aim later. If I had listened to the verdict the world had passed on me, I wouldn''t have been me.

Today, people talk to me of religious tolerance, but they don''t even know the India I come from. Stories of Shiva and Ganesha were told to me by my Muslim mother. She was the custodian of the mythology people want to preserve. I don''t believe in God.

Mahesh Bhatt’s advice to daughter Alia Bhatt: She is good but there is always someone better

Spirituality, for me, is heightened sensuality. I see no difference between carnal and spiritual love. I make movies for money: As is the case with everybody, I like to make an impression.

I am a hooker, putting on my best to seduce people. I am like the snake-charmer with his been, the clown with his funny act. I am a man of the world. And I have a lot to be arrogant about. The world treats successful people differently.

pooja bhatt and alia relationship with god

Society is only interested in turning people into money-making machines. Influential people have praised me, but I told them I didn''t want their praise - all I wanted was their money. I didn''t join films for self-expression. I joined because I needed money. I couldn''t be with my mother when she died: I regret that I didn''t get a chance to direct that one last scene.

pooja bhatt and alia relationship with god

When my mother finally told me that I was a love-child, I said: I am glad I could give my mother some legitimacy - the legitimacy of being Mahesh Bhatt''s mother. UG Krishnamurthy is my lifeline: Take him away, and I am empty. He told me that there was nothing wrong with me. Krishnamurthy and my mother are the two relationships which define me. I was born to one, resurrected by the other. Krishnamurthy is the most radical man I have met and has always encouraged me to burn more fiercely.

Don''t immortalise me, I am an also-ran: There is so much more to do.