Prince rainier and grace kelly relationship

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prince rainier and grace kelly relationship

On April 19, , Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco got married. A beautiful love story that inspired the media, as it was basically a fairytale coming . Grace Kelly, then 26, wed Monaco's Prince Rainier in what remains one of the to Prince Rainer 61 Years Later: 'It Was an Incredible Affair'. How Prince Rainier Convinced Grace Kelly to Give Up Her Movie Well, there likely never would have been a connection between the two.

Besides hiring his lover as his valet, he was said to have been blackmailed by a man with whom he had an affair. In just five short years — from to — the coolly beautiful actress managed to successfully woo Hollywood audiences, not to mention plenty of its leading men. Though she made just 11 films in her brief career, she was often linked to her co-stars. Kell, who had won a bronze medal in rowing at the Olympics, had hoped to become mayor of Philadelphia, running against a popular tough-guy former cop, the incumbent Frank Rizzo.

Publicly, she said she did it because politics disrupts family life. He defied her and she was going to fix him. Kell was totally devastated. In Marchwhile out jogging, Kell collapsed and died of a heart attack.

A Difficult Period During his childhood years, Rainier was sent to a prestigious boarding school in England in the countryside. The future heir to the throne did not have an easy time amongst the English schoolboys.

Love Story: Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly

Many of the wealthy aristocratic gamblers found themselves in grave financial circumstances following the end of the war, without the luxury of taking to their favourite casinos. A Cunning Plan Prince Rainier was forced to find innovative ways to make fast money for his republic.

He developed a strategy to turn Monaco into a tax haven to attract both foreign investment and tourists. The move attracted the obscenely wealthy Aristotle Onassis, who would later wed Jackie Kennedy.

Onassis would soon offer the Prince some dark advice. Onassis believed the media publicity would put Monaco on the world map, attracting investment opportunities and making the principality a more alluring destination for tourists. Searching for a Star Rainier set out to find his future wife.

prince rainier and grace kelly relationship

The wedding date was set for Aprilbut before the ceremony could be planned there were still some pressing financial details to discuss. How much money could Grace bring to the partnership? Kelly was one of the most loved and respected young actresses in Hollywood.

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Despite his disapproval, Kelly convinced her father to fork over the amount. But money was not the only thing that would be demanded of the future Princess. In a seemingly outdated royal tradition, the Prince demanded young Grace take a fertility test before the marriage could move forward.

The test would ensure that the Princess had the capacity to give her future husband an heir to the throne. In yet another demand, the Princess was forced to give up her American citizenship before making her way to the shores of Monaco. Despite the bizarre and heated negotiations, Kelly was determined to marry the charming Prince. The young actress was allegedly terrified that she would never find a partner that would not be intimidated by her worldwide fame and popularity.

Soon, the actress bid her home country farewell and set off to Monaco. Kelly was a vaudeville star who also made films for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Picturesand another named George was a Pulitzer Prize -winning dramatist, screenwriter, and director. Kelly inMargaret focused on being a housewife until all her children were of school age, following which she began actively participating in various civic organizations.

The children were raised in the Roman Catholic faith. Her graduation yearbook listed her favorite actress as Ingrid Bergman and her favorite actor as Joseph Cotten. Kelly — a famous star of stage and screen". Owing to her low mathematics scores, Kelly was rejected by Bennington College in July John was particularly displeased with her decision; he viewed acting as "a slim cut above streetwalker".

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Although the school had already met its semester quota, she obtained an interview with the admission officer, Emile Diestel, and was admitted through the influence of George. Her early acting pursuits led her to the stage, and she made her Broadway debut in Strindberg 's The Fatheralongside Raymond Massey.

prince rainier and grace kelly relationship

Some of her well-known works as a theater actress were: It became popular all over the United States, with local chapters springing up and attracting many members. Kelly referred to her fan club as "terrifically amusing". He was charmed by her, and said that she was "different from all these sexballs we've been seeing so much of". However, Kelly's performance in Fourteen Hours was not noticed by critics, and did not lead to her receiving other film acting roles.

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She continued her work in the theater and on television, [7] although she lacked "vocal horsepower", and would likely not have had a lengthy stage career. She was cast as a "young Quaker bride to Gary Cooper's stoic Marshall", and she wore a "suitably demure vaguely Victorian dress", alongside Gary Cooper, who was 28 years her senior. Alfred Hitchcock described her performance as "rather mousy", and stated that it lacked animation. He said that it was only in her later films that she "really blossomed" and showed her true star quality.

Director John Ford noticed Kelly in a screen test, and his studio flew her out to Los Angeles to audition in September Ford said that Kelly showed "breeding, quality, and class". Gene Tierney was initially cast in the role, but she had to drop out at the last minute due to personal issues. John Ford, Clark Gableand a trip to Africa, with expenses paid. If Mogambo had been made in ArizonaI wouldn't have done it.

The costumes, designed by Helen Rose, were "safari style". Over the three-month shoot, no feminine looking outfits were used.

Rare Photos of Grace Kelly and Her Fairytale Relationship With Prince Rainier

A break in the filming schedule afforded her and Mogambo co-star Ava Gardner a visit to Rome. In this film, Kelly plays the role of the wealthy wife of a retired professional tennis player.

prince rainier and grace kelly relationship

She was loaned by her studio MGM with whom she had signed a seven-year contract in order to do Mogamboto work on several Hitchcock films, later appearing in Rear Window and To Catch a Thief. The story, based on the novel by James Micheneris about American Navy jet fighters stationed to fight in Asia.