Proof and eminem relationship to laney

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proof and eminem relationship to laney

He's now a notorious Detroit rapper who spits hate machine-gun style. Small houses are packed together along streets named for long-dead. DeShaun Dupree Holton (October 2, – April 11, ), better known by his stage name .. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Proof (rapper). Eminem's daughters Where Are They Now: We dug deep to find out where rapper Eminem's three daughter Hailie, Alaina and Whitney are in We're also relatively familiar with Mather's troubled relationship with ex-wife 5 Telltale Signs You're Being Cheated On - #2 Is All The Proof You Need.

The prosecutor in the Warren case seeks at least a six-month sentence.

proof and eminem relationship to laney

A few weeks after the throw-down in Warren, Kim Mathers attempted suicide -- just hours after Eminem finished the second of two performances in the Detroit area. Did she really want to end the life her husband had already snuffed out on both his albums? Did she want to leave the couple's 5-year-old daughter motherless?

Kim Mathers isn't saying. All she told police who came to her rescue was, "There has got to be a better place than this. Just how Eminem feels about all of this is unclear, but a comment he made to the Detroit Free Press during the filming of the video for his in-your-face anthem "The Way I Am" might be apropos: Marshall was a small, sickly baby.

Although Marshall was a well-behaved infant, Mathers-Briggs said their life was never easy. The family moved to North Dakota, where his father was supposed to take a job as assistant manager at a fancy hotel. What Mathers-Briggs contends was her husband's erratic behavior forced her to flee when her son was two. She says she left with Marshall in a rush, leaving their clothes and car behind when they lit out for her mother's home in Missouri.

The real reason you never hear about Eminem's other two daughters

The Matherses divorced in Eminem's father, who later became a hotel manager in California, could not be reached for comment. After several years in which he was doted on by his father's aunt while his mother held down several menial jobs, Marshall and his mother moved to Michigan. The pair lived in modest, working-class Detroit neighborhoods a notch or two above, but never far from, the ghetto.

For many years he was the only white teen in a black neighborhood of otherwise white and middle-class St. Friends and family said Marshall was a happy kid who had his mother wrapped around his finger. But he was also a bit of a loner -- the kind of kid who got picked on. As a 9-year-old student at Dort Elementary School, Marshall suffered the first in a series of beatings that ultimately left him in a coma, relatives say.

His persecutor was DeAngelo Bailey, an African-American classmate who played center on the school basketball team. Bailey allegedly subjected Marshall to a four-month reign of terror: He attacked him at recess, cornered him in a restroom and floored him with a heavy snowball that gave him a severe head injury. According to a lawsuit Mathers-Briggs filed against the school inBailey beat her boy so badly that he suffered headaches, post-concussion syndrome, intermittent loss of vision and hearing, nightmares, nausea and a tendency toward anti-social behavior.

The lawsuit makes no mention of the coma, however. Marshall's head injury "made me even more protective of him," Mathers-Briggs says. The lawsuit was dismissed in ; a Macomb County Mich. The beefy, 5-foot-8 Bailey is now a laborer who lives in a squalid house near the neighborhood where the pair went to school.

As Eminem's music booms out of a nearby car, he sits in a Roseville park and chuckles at the mention of his former whipping boy. Seeming friendly and soft-spoken, Bailey says he is amused by his secondhand celebrity. He says he has signed autographs for teeny-bopper fans and has had to disconnect his phone. His kids are big Eminem fans; they holler, he says, when Eminem mentions his name on "Brain Damage.

proof and eminem relationship to laney

Marshall's life of childhood poverty in and around metro Detroit's hardscrabble neighborhoods continued. He bounced from school to school: By the time he enrolled in Warren's Lincoln High, he had attended as many as 20 schools, his mother estimates.

Much of that time he lived in his great-grandmother's home on the south side of Warren, a gritty suburb just across the Detroit border. Warren's residents are known for their red necks as well as their blue collars; the town's south side is particularly low-rent. Small houses are packed together along streets named for long-dead auto pioneers and lined with long-dead autos.

It's a short walk to the liquor store from most homes. Lonely hearts needn't go far to find the local adult bookstore or, a bit further along "8 Mile," a major boulevard dividing Warren from Detroit, prostitutes and topless bars with names like the Booby Trap and Trumpps. Slim Shady is the kind of tough guy who callously advocates shooting a withered cashier and raping a year-old.

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But friends and neighbors remember Marshall Mathers as a polite boy -- one who comes back every so often to sign autographs and encourage neighborhood kids. Until his arrests in June, Eminem had no adult criminal record.

As a year-old, however, Marshall was arrested for an involvement with a drive-by shooting -- with a paint ball. A friend was the triggerman, and the paint ball didn't even break, police said. The case was dismissed after the alleged victim didn't show up for court. But his home life was seldom stable.

Mike Mazur, Marshall's manager when he worked at a local restaurant, recalled that he crashed so often with friends -- reportedly because of fights with his mother -- that he had dozens of addresses in the more than three years they worked together.

But Mathers-Briggs bristles at any suggestion that she was less than an ideal mother. Joseph, where she runs a taxi service.

But court records and interviews indicate that there was plenty of turmoil, too. A welfare mom who volunteered in a recent conversation that she once filed for bankruptcy, Mathers-Briggs has a history of settling disputes with lawsuits. While some neighbors remember her as a sweet and devoted mother, others called Mathers-Briggs irrational or, less charitably, "crazy" or "a bitch. Clair Shores police said she often summoned them with unfounded complaints about neighbors.

Eminem does not recall his mother fondly. On "The Slim Shady LP" and in several interviews, he accused his mother of grabbing chunks of his paychecks, tossing him out and popping pills. She has steadfastly denied the allegations. But the most damning accusation came from St. Clair Shores school officials, who in juvenile court proceedings in accused her of abusing her younger son, Nathan, now Nathan was removed from her custody.

Alleging that she "exhibits a very suspicious, almost paranoid personality," a social worker suggested that Mathers-Briggs had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, an affliction in which a parent injures a child to gain attention and sympathy for herself. School officials also said she accused neighbors of beating Nathan, blowing up her mailbox and killing her dog in a satanic ritual. They added that she told them video cameras were monitoring her from trees outside her house and that enemies had sent her a tarantula in the mail.

Mathers-Briggs pleaded no contest to reduced charges that she was emotionally unstable and had failed her son by keeping him out of school and isolating him from other children; with that, she regained custody.

By then, Nathan had been in foster homes for more than a year. Attorney Betsy Mellos, who represented Mathers-Briggs through much of the court battle, says the school brought the charges because the mother had threatened to sue them. Marshall's male role models were his mother's boyfriends -- one of whom left Mathers-Briggs after learning she was pregnant with Nathan -- and his uncles.

Todd Nelson, Mathers-Briggs' brother, served six years in a Missouri prison for manslaughter after a fatal fight with the brother of his wife.

The couple moved to Michigan after his release, but are now divorced. Eminem is still in touch with Nelson. But Marshall was closest to his Uncle Ronnie, a sensitive soul who family members said was so repulsed by guns he was kicked out of the U. Not much older than Marshall, Ronnie introduced his nephew to rap before dying from a gunshot wound about 10 years ago. The death was ruled a suicide. By the time Eminem attended high school, his love of rap and black culture were the only things that distinguished him.

Another classmate, Aubrey Moylan, was less impressed. Calling Marshall "a dork," she says, "He came off as trying to be a poseur or a wannabe. He was into the whole rap scene even back then, and would try to imitate their style, speech and movements.

Mike Ruby, his partner from the talent show, recommended that he join him cooking and washing dishes at Gilbert's Lodge, a rustic, family-style St. He introduced him to Hip-Hop. His girlfriend dumped him and he was so shocked and upset he killed himself with a shotgun in aged 19, and is remembered in the song 'Stan'. Eminem has a tattoo tribute to him. Nate and Eminem have a very close relationship and they spend a lot of time together. Apparently Nate is living with Eminem.

Sarah is 23 years old. The two knew each other, when Kim was only 13 and Eminem 15, started dating in high school childhood sweethearts. Eminem and Kim had a child together innamed Hailie, and also both adopted Alaina together.

After the break ups and make ups for the past 10 years, the two tied the knot on June 14 After only being married for one year, Eminem filed for a divorce because he saw Kim, kissing another man. The two reconciled but not for long. Kim filed for a divorce in march. Eminem and Kim re-married January 12, The marriage lasted 72days. They recently got divorced again, divorce was finalized on December 22, Haillie Mathers Hailie was born December 25, Eminem just loves Hailie to death and points it out in nearly every song he writes and all his interviews.

Eminem wants to be a better father to Hailie, better than what his father was too him. Alaina is also a twin. Alaina has lived most of her life with Eminem and Kim. Eminem and Kim have adopted Alaina out, and Eminem thinks of her as his daughter, and Hailie thinks of her as a sister. She is fruit of a relationship of Kim with another man whom she cheated Eminem with.