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quinn and santana relationship glee wiki klaine

The Puck-Quinn Relationship, most commonly known as Quick, is the romantic However, Quinn clearly is worried Santana might be telling the truth, so she .. Brittana, Finchel, Klaine, Quick and Wemma were described as the five most. The Quinn-Santana Relationship, more commonly known as Quinntana, is the friendship between Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. They seem to have a. Popular Relationships: Search all relationships in Glee: Emma and Will Wemma Quinn and Puck Quick Rachel and Finn Finchel Quinn and Finn Fabson Tina and Puck Puckleberry Tina and Artie Tartie Brittany and Santana Brittana Kurt and Tina and Artie. Tartie. Brittany and Santana. Brittana. Kurt and Blaine. Klaine.

Kurt and Blaine share loving looks during some songs and rarely fight, only having three fights during the course of their relationship so far The First TimeDance with Somebody and The Break-Up. They have been dating for over a year, their one-year anniversary was on March 15, They also lost their virginities to each other in The First Time.

Near the end of the year, Blaine and Kurt are dismayed by the idea of Kurt graduating and moving to New York while Blaine will be left behind for one more year. However, they persist on always being together. They maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly.

During Blaine's acoustic performance of Teenage Dreamhe becomes very emotional, which Kurt notices. Eventually, Kurt asks Blaine what the problem is, resulting in Blaine telling him that he was with someone else back in Lima presumably Eli. Kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him the silent treatment. In The Role You Were Born to PlayBlaine admits to Sam that since the break-up, he hasn't been the same and is afraid that he lost the love of his life. At the end of the season, Kurt arrives in Lima to support his dad at his appointment, having recently found out that Burt has stage 1 cancer, and visits McKinley with Mercedes and Mike to see the New Directions.

Blaine flirts with Kurt, and in Wonder-ful Blaine asks permission from Burt to ask Kurt to marry him.

Burt, while happy that Blaine is so in love with his son, explains to Blaine that they are too young, and that they are meant to be together so he should just relax and everything will be OK. Blaine gives a heartwarming speech about his and Kurt's love, before asking Kurt to marry him, which, through tears, Kurt agrees to. Their relationship is once again tested by their new lifestyle and Kurt's newfound confidence that puts them in an uncomfortable position, and Blaine finally decides to move out to draw lines between them and learn how to live in the big city.

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After awhile, when Rachel moves to LA, Blaine moves back in with Kurt and they live together in the loft. Season Six Blaine and Kurt broke up sometime before the beginning of the season. Their constant arguments made Kurt believe they were not meant to be after all and broke off the engagement. Kurt eventually realizes his mistake and rushes back to Lima in hopes of earning Blaine's forgiveness. Much to his disappointment, Blaine is already seeing someone: With Sue's help, they eventually realize their lingering feelings for each other.

quinn and santana relationship glee wiki klaine

While originally helping out at Brittany and Santana 's wedding, the brides and Sue convince them to hijack the wedding and get married alongside them. Five years later, they are now successful actors and parents, with Rachel as their surrogate. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. He introduces himself and asks: Blaine leads Kurt by the hand, running through the picturesque hallway shortcut to where the performance takes place, and then sings Katy Perry's Teenage Dreamseemingly to Kurt.

After coming back another day, Blaine invites Kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the Warblers, Wes and David for questioning.

quinn and santana relationship glee wiki klaine

Kurt asks whether Dalton is a gay school, which causes them to laugh good-naturedly. Blaine says that Dalton is not a gay school and that Wes and David have girlfriends, but informs Kurt that he is indeed gay.

Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy response and asks if Wes and David could give him a moment with Kurt alone. An upset Kurt then confides in Blaine about his bullying situation in private, who is sympathetic and admits that he used to go to a school where the teachers did nothing to prevent the bullying that happened to him, which is why he transferred to Dalton Academy.

However, Blaine confesses he regrets "running away" and encourages Kurt to make a stand against those who try to hurt him, to not give up as he himself did. Kurt really appreciates Blaine's reaching out to him. Blaine texts him "courage," which means a lot to Kurt, who puts the word up in his locker to remind him of staying strong, implying that Kurt really looks up to Blaine, and perhaps also as an indication that he is in the process of developing feelings for Blaine.

Later, Kurt follows Blaine's advice to confront the bully, Dave Karofsky. He discovers that Dave is a closeted gay when he forces a kiss upon Kurt. Shocked, Kurt asks for Blaine's help in confronting Dave. Dave shoves Blaine up against the fence and threatens both of them. Kurt defends Blaine by shoving Karofsky who finally leaves, disgruntled. Blaine tries to lighten the mood by saying "Well he's not coming out anytime soon. Kurt tells him that up until then, he had never been kissed, before adding "Atleast, one that counted.

Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch and they walk off together. Later, it becomes clear that Kurt is rapidly becoming infatuated with Blaine, as proven by the framed picture of Blaine he has in his locker with the word "courage" beneath it.

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Despite the rivalry between their respective Glee clubs, their friendship blossoms, with Blaine increasingly taking on the role of mentor. Seeing Sam and Santana kiss, Quinn sarcastically tells Rachel she is having a great time. Blame It on the Alcohol In Do You Wanna Touch Me Oh Yeahwhen Holly Holliday points at them, they look at each other as if they're silently agreeing to join her in singing, after first having doubts if they should join as they are members of the Celibacy Club.

Sexy Quinn agrees with Rachel when she wants to do original songs. This is because Quinn wants to keep Finn and win Prom Queen, and thinks that by befriending Rachel, she can keep Rachel away from Finn in the spirit of "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

This upsets Rachel causing her to cry and write Get It Right. Later on, she like everyone votes for Rachel as MVP, and is seen clapping for her.

There were also about cut scenes containing them interacting: Source Rachel singing Back in my Arms and Quinn hating it. Quinn telling Rachel she's so much more because she's an artist and she doesn't need the burden of a relationship. Rachel saying she was thinking of getting a nose job and Quinn telling her not to. The scene ends with Quinn and Rachel holding hands and Quinn saying "Remember when we used to hate each other? The original ending was Rachel and Quinn talking.

Original Song Rachel is asked by Quinn and Finn to take care of the performers', mainly Mercedes', demands for the benefit concert, because she is so talented.


Rachel states it is slightly insensitive of them to flaunt their dating in her face, to which Quinn replies with "Finntastic. Rachel replies they were previously right. During Mercedes's song at the end, Rachel looks out into the audience from backstage and seems jealous of Finn and Quinn. When they are at the doctor's, Rachel addresses Quinn as her 'friend' to the doctor and also tells Quinn she had her vote for prom queen.

After their duet together, Rachel looks at Quinn and seems to be envious of her looks, possibly because she thinks they're why Quinn got Finn in the first place. Later, in a conversation with Finn, Quinn is questioned by him on why she is offering her nose to Rachel. Quinn replies that Rachel asked her for her help, and she's giving it to her.

Quinn makes this seem as if she's acting in Rachel's best interest. This is because Quinn doesn't trust Rachel with Finn. Rachel then calls her a hypocrite because Rachel believes Quinn is cheating on Finn with Sam. Rumours Quinn slaps Rachel, blaming her for Jesse and Finn getting tossed out of prom, and Quinn not winning Prom Queen without her partner.

Right after slapping Rachel, Quinn apologizes to Rachel, who seems to be fine with the drama at hand. The two begin to comfort each other, Rachel tells Quinn she'll go far in life with or without her looks.

Quinn compares herself to Rachel in a way that she says she's nothing like her, she's scared. Rachel says she shouldn't be. The two then return to Prom to support Kurt. Prom Queen Earlier in the episode, Quinn is upset that Finn dumped her because he wants to be with Rachel. There is a part where Quinn was going to tell Mr. Schue about Rachel and Kurt's sneak out to get them in trouble showing that she's not the good girl yetbut Santana stops her, saying she cannot destroy a big part of what they worked for glee club.

At the end of the episode, she greets Rachel and Finn in a happy, friendly way as they arrive at the glee club meeting, showing she changed her mind and that they are on good terms. Quinn also holds Santana back from attacking Rachel after they lose Nationals. New York Rachel tells Quinn that she missed having her around in Glee Club and that she doesn't like seeing Quinn so sad. Quinn looks as if she is moved by Rachel's words, but does not want her new clique, The Skanksto see.

She tells Rachel she is not going back. When one of The Skanks threatens to attack Rachel, Quinn doesn't seem to object. They are also looking at each other. Pot o' Gold Along with the rest of the Glee girls, Quinn gives Rachel some friendly advice on if she should lose her virginity to Finn. Quinn advises against it most likely because of her own experiences, what with her pregnancy, etc. At the end of the episode, Quinn thanks Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted for her entire life and asks for advice on college, saying that she's thinking of applying to the drama department of Yale.

They regard each other as 'kind of friends'. Quinn asks Rachel for a favor which ends up being so they can get The Troubletones to rejoin New Directions.

I Do Quinn and Santana enter the wedding together and sit by each other at the church. They have a conversation in which they discuss what they hate at that moment. Santana says that she hates Valentine's Day and weddings, and Quinn says she hates men except for some, comparing them all to pigs. Quinn also passes the make-up mirror to Santana. Then, as the wedding is over and the Reception starts, Quinn is dancing with Santana along with Mike.

Brittany and Sam dancing together distracts them. To ignore the fact that they both are single, Quinn and Santana walk up to the bar and get a drink with the help of fake IDs. They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. Quinn also tells Santana that she is "killing it in that dress" in a flirty way. Santana is surprised by Quinn's move. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet.

Similarly, when Finn and Rachel are singing We've Got Tonightthey slow dance and Quinn tells Santana that she has never slow danced with a girl before and that she likes it. After that, they are seen running towards the hotel room together flirting and giggling. The next scene shows them lying naked in a bed together, discussing the prior events.