Rey and kylo relationship with god

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rey and kylo relationship with god

We've all heard a bunch of fan theories about Kylo Ren, and even more fan theories about Rey, but thanks to the “force-bridge” relationship the two shared in . An aspect that I particularly love about Rey and Kylo's relationship so far in this trilogy, is the gradual God forbid this happens though. Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo is the absolutely last person in the galaxy that most It is my absolute belief that EP:IX will show us exactly what real, honest to god, soul.

Luke's death had to have resonance Luke's end is very different from that of Han Solo in The Force Awakens, but no less impactful. There's a reason for that, and his journey in the film leads to that point. I know the Luke I grew up with is not a coward, he's not sitting out there hiding, so I had to come up with a reason he was there that was active and positive, and something I could genuinely believe I could think in his shoes," says Johnson.

The universe has put its faith in its false god of the Jedi and they need to forget the religion so they can get back to god, that light can rise from a worthier source.

rey and kylo relationship with god

And because he's the last Jedi and a symbol of that, it then becomes this self-sacrifice he has to do to take himself out of it when he knows his friends are dying, when he knows the thing he'd like to do is get back in the fight. He's taken the weight of the world on his shoulders by taking himself out of the equation so that the Jedi can die out.

The end of the movie is him embracing the part of the past that the present needs, which right now is the legend of Luke Skywalker, they need something to believe in, they need that action figure of Luke Skywalker to grab on to, that inspiration to stare up at the stars and believe that you can be a hero.

I wanted it to be that he's done this huge grand act that has restored the spark of hope to the galaxy. I'm hesitant to put into words what he does in the end, but it is completed. The stable boy ending almost wasn't the last scene While Star Wars films often end focused on our heroes in victory or defeat, Johnson chose instead to focus on the young workers of Canto Bight.

Inspired by the story of Luke, Rey and co, they find their own path to heroism. So why the switch? In the script, when I wrote that scene in the Falcon, I wrote the words, 'this seems like the perfect image to end on,'" Johnson reveals.

rey and kylo relationship with god

The notion that what we're setting up here is something big in the next chapter. And when Leia says, 'we have everything we need,' she's talking about everyone on the Falcon, but also about what we see next, which is we now have a galaxy that has seen this beacon of hope and is getting inspired to fight the good fight. Kylo and Rey's connection is complicated for a reason The complicated relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey is one of the biggest strands of the film, for good reason.

How does Johnson fall on how it affects them both? I tend to step inside and have the most generous reading of any character's motivation possible," says Johnson. It's unhealthy, and there's much that is awful about the way that he is manipulative.

From his point of view, it's a very naked, open, emotional appeal. It's his version of, 'I'm just a girl standing in front of a guy' The same way as when he tells his version of the story with Luke, that's his experience of his moment.

Rey's parentage was a clear choice While there had been many theories about who Rey's parents might be — could she be a Skywalker?

rey and kylo relationship with god

Related to Snoke - Johnson chose to go a very different route, choosing to label them, in Kylo Ren's words, "nobodies". Says the director, "I went through all the possibilities of who her parents could be. I made a list, with the upsides and downsides.

There were two things about this option that made it feel right to me. I like the idea that we're breaking out from the notion that the force is this genetic thing that you have to be tied to somebody to have. It's the 'anybody can be president' idea.

Fan Theories About Rey And Kylo Ren That Will Mess With Your Head And Your Heart

Which I liked introducing. The foremost thing was just dramatically, storytelling-wise. You've had a bad guy that you can hate, that you can project your shadow on to cleanly, he's evil. With that one line, suddenly that easy answer gets taken away from you, and he's something our protagonist has a relationship to and has to think in more complex terms, in terms of layers of redemption.

For me, if Rey had gotten the answer that she's related to so-and-so, had learned her place in the story, that would be the easiest thing she can here.

The hardest thing to hear is, 'nope, this not going to define you. And you're going to have to make the choice to find your own identity in this story. While torturing her, he caught a glimpse of her mind, feelings of loneliness, and visions of the ocean. She was able to resist, however, and could even see into his mind.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 10 Revelations From Director Rian Johnson

It was then that they began engaging in some kind of Force tug-of-war. Kylo told Snoke right away when he realized she was Force-sensitive.

Snoke wanted Kylo to bring her to him, but Rey escaped.

rey and kylo relationship with god

Rey then watched Kylo murder his father Han Solo, a man she had looked up to and idolized for years. Kylo and Rey met again in the snow of Starkiller Base.

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They fought against each other, hard, and were almost evenly matched. Sensing a strong presence of the Force in her, Kylo offered to teach Rey, to show her the ways of the Force.

She bested him, injured him badly, and left him to die. They were each rescued by Chewbacca and Hux, respectively and would presumably never see each other again.

They were spread out far across the galaxy. Then something strange began to happen. Rey and Kylo could see each other. They spoke daily while Rey was training with Luke on Ahch-To. So what does this all mean? Have we seen this kind of Force communication before? Luke and Leia shared this kind of bond because they are Force-sensitive and twins. Since Rey and Kylo can communicate in this way, are they also twins?