Rinoa and squall relationship with god

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rinoa and squall relationship with god

As you can see, their faces, along with Rinoa Heartily's, are featured most end, the whole Squall/Seifer relationship was kicked to the curb and we had . hope itself are just bandaids on the gaping wound of reality. Oh god. Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. During the inauguration ball Squall meets Rinoa Heartilly who forces him to dance with her. . Ultimecia's goal is time compression to make herself a god-like being, but she . The romance plot between Squall and Rinoa is iffy, mostly because he is so the game: Seifer and Squall's relationship is rooted in a difficult time at the a God who tricked humans and gave them an essence of his magic.

Zell lived at the same orphanage as many of the other protagonists; this is where Seifer first began to bully him. He was later adopted by the Dincht family in the town of Balamb.

He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in Japanese. He is one of the Garden's elite sharpshooters, [85] always carrying his rifle. Moments before the assassination attempt, he explains to Squall that he always chokes under pressure. In spite of his nerves and under intense pressure, he fires an accurate shot, but Edea uses magic to stop the bullet.

[Game Theory] Time and Memory in Final Fantasy VIII

However, the others could not remember this because of their use of Guardian Forces GFmagical beings who cause severe long-term memory loss as a side effect. He gave Irvine a handsome appearance, but a casual personality, hoping that this would make him less attractive than Squall. Keeping with this idea, Nomura gave him goggles; however, this idea was abandoned in favor of an American cowboy-like appearance to set him apart from other goggle-wearing characters in the Final Fantasy series.

His weapons' name is given as "katal" in the English localization of the game. Following the failed mission in Centra, Kiros is separated from Laguna and Ward. He heals quickly and decides to leave the Galbadian army, but soon finds that life without Laguna lacks excitement. His subsequent search for Laguna brings him to Winhill after nearly a year. Like Ward, Kiros' interactions with Laguna are based on the staff's interactions during development.

An imposing man, he wields a large harpoon in battle; in his Limit Break, Massive Anchor, he uses it to crush his opponents from above. During the incident at Centra, he loses his voice in a battle with Esthar soldiers. When Laguna becomes president of Esthar, Ward joins Kiros as an advisor, directing affairs with gestures and ellipses. Laguna and Kiros can understand what he is saying by his reactions.

The mission fails after Rinoa is taken over by an unknown entity and Edea sends a bolt of ice through Squall's chest. However, she accidentally gives her powers to Rinoamaking her a sorceress.

Although she has not appeared in Final Fantasy spin off games, her namesake has been carried into the Bravely Default series with Edea Lee. As the ruler of Esthar, she ordered her soldiers to abduct every girl to find a suitable successor for her powers, including the young Ellone. Odine devised an artifact to cancel the sorceress power, and placed her in suspended animation in outer space.

However, in order to defeat Ultimecia, Dr. Odine plans for Ultimecia to once again possess Rinoa. Eventually, Squall's party defeats Adel when she tries to absorb Rinoa at the Lunatic Pandora, thus Adel's powers transfer to Rinoa, [] Ultimecia possesses her again, and using Ellone's powers, they start "Time Compression", which leads to the final battle. They are estranged for most of the game, however, because they lead opposing factions until Ultimecia releases her magical possession of Edea.

Because most Final Fantasy titles include a character named "Cid", Nomura wanted to design someone with differences from the past Cids in the series.

He gave this version of Cid the appearance and personality of an older, benevolent character who would watch over Squall's party and offer them advice and motivation. Nojima decided that this type of good-natured character would work best as the headmaster of Balamb Garden. She uses this talent to send Squall's party into Laguna's past adventures, hoping that they would alter the past; however, she eventually realizes that her abilities can only view history, not alter it.

However, Ellone's importance is mostly told in the flashbacks, and explained gradually. After Ellone's parents were killed by Esthar soldiers, under orders of sorceress Adelshe lived with Raine in the small Winhill villagewhere she also developed a close relationship with her adoptive uncle, Laguna. These peaceful times lasted until she was finally captured by Esthar. After Adel's incarceration in space, Laguna having to remain in Esthar as presidentand then Raine's death, Ellone moved to Cid and Edea's orphanagewhere she became an older sister figure to Squall and the other orphans, and eventually she also followed Cid to Balamb Garden.

Early in the game, Squall's party finds Ellone in the library of Balamb Garden, but the characters don't have further interactions. You can't make up your mind. You don't know the right answer. You want help, don't you? You want to be saved from this predicament. Don't be ashamed to ask for help.

Besides, you're only a little boy. Stop calling me a boy. You don't want to be a boy anymore? I am not a BOY! Come with me to a place of no return. Bid farewell to your childhood. This little bit of dialog is key in examining my personal feelings on how Squall and Seifer are very different.

These quotes in particular My childhood dream, fulfilled.

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Seifer is not a little boy. Perhaps his natural instincts cautioning him to the danger. Later on before the party reaches Galbadia, Squall has a very nice bit of insight that further distinguishes him from Seifer. Think what you want. Reality isn't so kind.

Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. As long as you don't get your hopes up, you can take anything You feel less pain. Seifer would throw away everything for that dream, the chance to escape the reality and find what he longed for. Any kind of encouragement will make That's just to ease your mind. Am I the only one who thinks that?

No, I'm sure Seifer So it seems, or at least Squall thins it is, that encouragement and perhaps hope itself are just bandaids on the gaping wound of reality. Anyway, Squall seems to think Seifer would prefer a more grounded approach to things, like himself. Though I tend to disagree. And the party progresses to Galbadia Garden where we hear Seifer was executed. Some interesting insight into both of them I don't have any good memories of him.

I've seen some troubled children, but he was beyond troubled. Well, he wasn't really a bad guy. He was always full of confidence, smart Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world.

I don't really know. I think I was in love. I wonder how he Felt? Do you still like him? If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it.

rinoa and squall relationship with god

It was last summer Lots of fond memories. I always found this interesting. He was very arrogant. Whatever his attitude to the contrary, Squall is as scared of rejection and loneliness as Laguna was with Julia. He was one of us You've just become just a memory. Will they talk about me this way if I die, too? Squall was this and that. Using past tense, saying whatever they want? So this is what death is all about I won't have it!!!

However, as we all know, Seifer is not dead. Well, this is how it turned out. So, you've become the sorceress' lap dog?

rinoa and squall relationship with god

I preferred to be called her knight. This has always been my dream. So, now everyone is captured in a prison and Squall is being tortured. His interrogator is none other than Seifer.

This is the scene where you swear undying hatred for me! The tale of the evil mercenary vs. The fun's just started, Squall. Don't disappoint me now! What has Seifer always wanted? Fate however has seemingly chosen him to play the role of the evil mercenary or something similar.

His dream is a reality A natural-born leader he may not appear but it is his destiny however much he may fight it. This is your fate. It is your destiny to lead the way in defeating the sorceress. Don't talk about this like it's been decided since by birth!

I don't mind fighting the sorceress. It's unavoidable as long as I'm a SeeD member. AS long as I'm a SeeD member? What if I quit? What do I have left? Don't even want to think about it.

The dream becomes reality with the roles reversed as Squall, however unwilling, was destiny-bound to be the hero. I'm fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to survive. I'm not a child anymore. The night their lives were supposed to end it really began and seven years later Squall and Rinoa must fight for a chance at their life beyond the bloodshed.

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  • 16 years later, Squall & Rinoa remains the best romance/love story in a game, right?

Will they be able to save the world before the God of Evil destroys it all? But something is being plotted that will destroy Esthar forever. Can Rinoa figure it out before it's too late? A bit of a religious theme with a hint of FFX. What would happen if Laguna died instead of Raine?

To change their circumstances, they must reconcile their differences before it's too late. Or will the memories be enough to keep them together? Rinoa travels to Esthar in an attempt to save her father's job.

She keeps most of her secrets but what happens when she meets the President's son? From the good times to the bad, this follows the first four months of their relationship. It's the course you take to discovery; it's the journey that teaches along the way.

The story is set 2 years after the end of the game. Rinoa's been having weird dreams about a person who she can't recognise and Squall and co are worried about her.