Rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

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rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

Best Couple · Tv Couples · Rizzo and Kenickie, "Grease" Kenickie Grease, Best Couple, Tv Couples Parents: Parenting News & Advice for Moms and Dads. Health, Sex & Relationships · Love Advice · Hookup Confessions · Sex . While you should never have unsafe sex, that's part of Rizzo's plot. worried they may never see each other again and this could be the end of their relationship. . Rizzo and Kenickie are parked where everyone parks to make out. Danny and Sandy leave, leaving Rizzo, Kenickie and Frenchy at the table.

So for Sandy to turn herself from virgin to sexed-up tart left a really bad taste in my mouth. When all is said and done, I found I preferred Kenickie and Rizzo to them.

Grease -- Why I Prefer Kenickie and Rizzo

Danny and Sandy meet at the beach and have a nice romance, but after that it falls apart when they meet again in high school. He lies about their relationship. When they meet again he acts like a jerk to keep his credo in front of his friends.

rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

He deserts her at a dance and she runs off, as he dances with one of his exes instead of going after her. When he gives her his ring to go steady she throws it back in his face when he wants her to put out.

Then she thinks if she becomes Sexed-Up Sandy that will be the answer to all their problems. They seem more like a summertime romance that just needed to play itself out. Rizzo and Kenickie get together in the back of his car at the local teen make-out spot, but Kenickie seems to be different than the other boys for Rizzo, since she asks him to call her by her first name.

rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

They both go with other people to the dance and are obviously jealous. They accept each other just as they are and like each other. I think the songs Sandy and Rizzo sang about Danny and Kenickie really sets the relationships apart. Rizzo is singing about how Kenickie is just like her and she lied to him out of jealousy and spite, but she feels the worst thing she could do is to let him see her cry. He wanted his cake and to eat it, too. When he'd emerged from the bathroom looking like a corpse, Sandy had leveled him with one of those wide-eyed stares that had an eerie way of seeing right through him.

Her blond waves grazed the teacup shoulders of her blouse, and a distant look misted over her eyes as the corners of her pert little mouth set in a frown. Yeah, okay, she was attractive in her own roundabout way and she was concerned for him. But really she wasn't even alive in his eyes that saw no one but his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Rizzo, who had probably would've forgotten he existed if not for the kid of uncertain origin in her stomach Kenickie had almost puked again but then Sandy was beside him, all mother hen-like.

And a curious thing had transpired between them: Her presence alone was enough to smooth over the churned up miles of him for a fleeting reprieve of a moment. She said, Now, you and I both know that Danny is your best friend and he's doing his best to help. But you and I also both know that he doesn't know what on earth he's doing when it comes to giving advice. I truly believe that Rizzo loves you in the same way you love her, and love in its purest form has no bounds. I know her more than you think I do.

She looked so sad on the day of Thunder Road, standing all alone in the crowd with her books clutched to her chest. Why, she even responded in kind when I said something nice to her.

You should have been there, Kenickie, really. I've never seen her in that state and I honestly don't know that you have, either. The nightmare of those last few weeks finally melted like molasses to the green earth beneath his feet as Rizzo cracked a smile in his arms. He laughed inwardly as she freed herself from his tight-walled grasp and muttered, "If this is a line, fella, I ain't bitin'. His fiery gaze was fierce as hell and seemed to lock her feet safe on the ground.

And yet she still swayed in his arms, her world teetering off balance before he caught her, wrapping her up the home of his arms once more. The blaze of his eyes were so intense sometimes, like the serrated edge of a knife that cut straight through to the hidden heart of her.

Rizzo's aminal attraction to him had always been too consuming for her comfort, licking like flames at the steel edges of her bland composure, and today was no exception. There was a deep, insatiable well of hunger and something elseyet unnamed in his eyes. Spmething that sent cold prickles down her spine and caused goosebumps to rise along the surface of her skin, which suddenly felt too thin.

And then all at once the buzz of fading colors around them disappeared completely. Time seemed to eclipse in the moment that his mouth came down on hers, reclaiming what he thought had been lost to him for the most miserable three weeks of his life. Kenickie knew it would make Rizzo afraid if she knew the comatose state he'd been in over the prospect of losing her and possibly their child.

So he kept the violently ill memory of his past three weeks to himself. Only Danny knew what a sad, ragged shell of himself he'd become in the weeks he'd been deprived of her.

Oh, and probably Sandy, because what the fuck did the two of them keep to themselves anymore, anyway? Pretty soon he'd pick the lock of Danny's front door to find him in a freakin' apron while Betty Crocker herself whipped up her own eskimo pie- and damned if it wasn't served up with a little extra whipped cream, if ya got his drift.

The whole scene would pale in comparison to one simmering, sidelong glance he shared with the divine human being he was immersed in at that very moment. He could never quite believe that God had blessed him with the mere existence of such a woman as Betty Rizzo on this earth, and yet here was the reality of her in his arms, melting there into the sacred earth beneath them.

Man, since when had he started thinkin' in prose? He made a mental note to run this by Danny later, whom he had a hunch might even understand firsthand. Geez, now he was thinkin' of his best friend while he was gettin' off his rocks! This crazy little thang called love really did have him all tangled up inside. Then Rizzo moaned almost inaudibly and his knees gave in beneath him, the ache of his heart pulsing to the surface of him.

It was moments like this when it pained him to know that he as deeply as he would bury himself inside her later on, he could never be wholly consumed. The graveness of their passion was in eerie contrast to the idyllic blue skies and summer haze of laughter ringing throughout the carnival as if from faraway. Rizzo's impish little moans were muffled beneath the hungry mantle of his mouth, and really he knew she could not hear them herself, but they incapacitated his slightest ability to function.

Making love to her would never be enough, so how did she expect him to survive the feel of her fevered sounds in his throat in the middle of a carnival? Finally she said God, Kenick against his ear and resumed a bland expression on her face as she pulled herself away. A shiver of ecstasy snaked its way through his soul, which felt suddenly barren in her absence. She disentangled herself with a relative ease he loved, admired, and envied in equal measures.

But Kenickie's thoughts did not linger on the rough-edged coolness eminated by the one woman he knew and loved like the back of his hand. Rather his thoughts drifted with the clouds above them, impossibly high in the cerulean sky, as they parted in the distance.

There was a blue note of sadness in the idyllic scene buzzing around them. A bittersweet air of nostalgia wafted eerily between the the two of them as Rizzo adjusted her bright red tee with the word 'Riz' emblazoned almost illegibly above one perky, luscious breast.

His luscious, perky breast on his woman. Kenickie smiled down at her again and this time when he kissed her, his tongue drew something deeper than before in the well of her, stirring an almost primal need for the safety of his arms locked around her. A cool breeze skittered in then like an omen from the outskirts of the carnival. It was the sort of wind that howled through early spring days just before the purply bruise of twillight settled over Los Angeles, but it seemed out of place here in the mid-afternoon sun.

Rizzo had the sense that life was moving forward on the mysterious wings of a blustery wind, leaving these idyllic last days of high school behind too soon. The depths of her longed to seal something yet unnamed between herself and Kenickie, something formless and unknown that sent chills of terror coursing through her bones.

When his tongue drove even more deeply than it had into what felt like the core of her, she braced her hands on his shoulders and felt herself arrive home. I don't think-" "Whew, whew! Kenickie noted something different about the girl right away, an uncanny hidden strength and wholesomeness reflected in her clear blue eyes. Oddly, the stranger's eyes locked onto his in a funny way for a second before surveying her audience.

As if Kenickie's thoughts about the girl were echoed by the rest of the crowd, a path was immediately cleared for her in the green grass, leading somewhere new. The girl blinked demurely, tossed her cigarette to the ground, and glanced skittishly around her until Kenickie noticed Jan gesturing wildly- toward the girl?

Just what the hell was going on here? The tall, blue-eyed sip of whiskey finished the long, drawn-out ordeal with the smoke- who in the world didn't know how to put out a cigarette? The mass of hyped up teenagers on the brink of the rest of their lives seemed to hold its breath for the blonde's next move. She smiled again and sauntered almost daintily toward My God, could it be- no freakin' way! But Kenickie would bet his life on it. The wide-eyed girl he had grown to know and love so well and this kittenish, damned sexy thang in front of him And yet, here she was, unveiled before him- before all of them- in a new and rather alarming way.

Kenickie almost expected the familiar breathy reply of "Denny? But the truth was she needed a few moments alone before the big bash at Danny's place that night. It was very rare that she felt any semblance of spirited unity or camaraderie to the class of '56 as a whole, as she had always felt significantly older than her years. Today, however, the white veil of summer heat peeled back to uncover a raw sense of joy and fevered nostalgia in the picture perfect afternoon.

For the first and last time in the history of her high school career, Rizzo had felt a true sense of unity and belonging to the general spirit of the student body as they said their bittersweet goodbyes.

Even Patty Simcox had left her dumb brute of a jockstrap boyfriend to find his own way out of the cotton candy stands so she could come not so subtly congratulate Rizzo on "the good news".

Okay, so the poor hyped-up chick's sentiment was not exactly delivered with the utmost tact, and the Rizzo of just yesterday probably would've shoved her frilly little panties in a knot over it. But today was distinctly different from any day that had passed her by in previous times at Rydell. Today she stood at the threshold between her childhood and the looming unknown of her adult years, and all the good or bad they would bring.

She wondered briefly if the years would rise like the sun or fall like rain over the ones that had already passed. The cerulean sky seemed to stretch for years over the fragile dome of her life, and Rizzo had the sudden urge to turn on her heel and go back home to Kenickie. The very notion of it warred inside her with the majority of who she was- a tough shell of a girl who learned a long time ago how to live for herself and not another damn soul.

Rizzo had the idea that her bones were too thin somehow to hold the depths of this last, awakening day of life as she knew it. Man, where was Sandy when you needed her? Oh, yeah, that's right, Rizzo thought with a wry smile. She was still trampsing around the campus at Rydell in her red stilettos, trying on her new vampish persona for size.

Rizzo could run circles around the girl in five-inch heels, and Sandy should try lighting a cigarette on her man's arm for a thrill- that'd be a sight if there ever was one, Sandy exploring her less than demure side with cigarettes and Danny's skin.

So the Aussie broad would probably have a canary if she ever knew what Rizzo got up to in the bedroom. But when it came to unexpected emotions welling to the blue sky surface of the day, Sandy was undeniably the one to call.

Rizzo was a virgin to this sort of thing, no pun intended. All at once an idea took her by storm. It was one of those cloudbursts of impulse she was infamously prone to, but it didn't seem like such a bad idea to stop by Danny's place early. What could be the harm? He was probably still gettin' off his rocks at Rydell, chasin' the heels of his new and naughtily improved Sandra Dee like the little pussy he was sometimes.

The thought made her smile, and her nude-colored stilettos traced a different path down the back streets leading away from Rydell High. Strangely, a full glass of lemonade sat unsipped on the wooden porch in front of Danny's modest cape cod. Rizzo felt like some kind of voyeur or a peeping Tom as she peered behind the white picket fence to the backyard, relishing the fact that the old hammock from last year still hung from the two oldest palms in the neighborhood.

She felt an unexpected thrill of warmth flush through her veins at the memory of herself pinned under Danny on that hammock. It seemed like a lifetime ago now, maybe even a childhood ago It wasn't as if she still felt like a defective typewriter; she had woken up the day to a familiar red stain on her panties and boy, it was like a reunion with a cherished old friend from her youth!

Rizzo had never been so happy in all her life as when she learned her youth had not, in fact, dissipated like ashes to dust from beneath her. At least not yet. She hadn't wanted to spoil the day- bright lights, teary goodbyes, and all that other wishy washy bullshit the carnival was supposedly about- but the truth was, a part of her had recently steeled itself away from Kenickie.

Things in Grease you only notice as an adult

Sure, yeah, when he made out with her as if she was the only woman on the planet it felt great. What woman could resist a man who saw only her in a colorful crowd of scantily clad women prepared to give it away for free in leu of their last day in prison?

But what Kenickie had failed to understand was that the days she'd spent away from him had been surreality for her, a real nightmare in the flesh and blood. She hadn't told a soul other than Marty- and in turn the entire school- about her skipped period.

Her father was a hard working man of few words who spent most of his life scrapping metal at the dump so that her miniscule family could eat. What on earth would he say if he knew his only daughter was possibly pregnant, and with some greaser's unborn child to boot? Probably nothing, and that was the truth. Her father was a kind but stoic man who would quite possibly feel so awkward at the mere notion of his daughter having sex- let alone unprotected, unmarried sex- that words would elude him altogether for the next couple of years.

It was times like these when Betty Rizzo wished she had a mother, but when the old tide of her sadness welled up dangerously inside of her, she told herself her mother's abandonment of her at the tender age of five was ancient history. Day after day leaked by without a trace of her period, and she stopped taking calls from the Pink Ladies one by one. Had Kenickie even bothered to take note of that fact that she had holed herself away from the closest people there had ever been to family in her life upon finding out her life might be forever changed?

Had he seen through her steely expression that she was infected by fear? There had been a sickness in the hazy, idyllic last days of high school, supposedly the most memorable of their lives; Rizzo felt the days slipping away from her like the last wild streaks of mandarin sun over a hot summer night. But within her there had been a cold gray tomb of fear- and a bottomless well of unshed tears that simply would not spill over. No matter how great a relief it would have been to feel them leak one by one onto the flimsly sleeve of one of Kenickie's blue T-shirts, absorbed into the whole of him.

To cry in front of him would the very worst thing she could do, but Rizzo was still plagued with the alien longing to be cleansed back to herself by his fumbling warmth, his bottomless love of her. His passionate devouring of each hidden corner or crevice of her- "Hey, Riz, what the heck are you doin' here? His friendly, almost man-to-man camaderie with her had long ceased to dig under her skin and incite her rage. But for some reason the old anger bloomed wildly once more from the ground beneath her, directed at Danny in his studded black cut-off shirt.

It was funny, she mused as she smiled up at him. The rich California soil they stood upon now was the same soil their lives and innocence had been bloomed from- that is, if she ever had any. With relish", she said, tongue in cheek. Was it just her imagination doing overtime because it was the last day of life as they all knew it, or was there a shadowy note of wistfulness in Danny's voice? You know you can let me in on it if somethin's goin' on.

It seemed like he was always doing that these days, fumbling out long strings of practically incoherent sentences and then taking them back so no one laughed or got their feelings hurt. Well, maybe it was time to start looking out for Danny for once in his life.

Rizzo said nothing, simply leveled him with one of those sort of frightening, laser-eyed looks that stared blankly through his soul. Her uncommonly doleful, lovely eyes were steely as they looked him over, seeing too much. Danny had an uneasy feeling as she plopped himself down onto the porch, gesturing for her to do the same.

She stretched like a cat, a bland expression on her elfin features, and slid ever so slowly in place beside him. The old familiar movement stirred a knee jerk reaction of primal wanting inside of him, and he reminded sternly that he soft, budding love he'd felt with Sandy had been the one to unravel him from a hard-nosed greaser into his true, loving self. Sandy had been the one to heal over the gaps in his life from the moment his father left his family to the bitter end with Rizzo, with whom his relationship had since settled into a shadow of their old friendship.

It wasn't really Rizzo's fault she had cheated on him with Crater Face in a drunken stupor the night they all found out Kenickie had scored with Cha Cha Digregorio for the first time, Danny reasoned now. Everyone knew she was possessed of zero self-control, and the wild streak in her probably stemmed from the fact that she had grown up alongside a practically mute father who was kind enough, but had never really raised her in earnest.

And whether or not they truly fit together, Danny could admit now that he'd truly cared for Rizzo and had been wildly, fiendishly attracted to her. But then, wasn't every member of the male species, including every last one of the T-birds? But he had known deep in his gut that it was Kenickie she belonged with, whether Rizzo knew it yet herself at the time or not. He had let her go without much of a fight when word came around that she'd made it loudly with Crater Face at the drive-in next to big mouth Patty Simcox and her nerdy little man puppet, Eugene Felsnick.

Sandy Olssen had been the woman to change his heart. For all the fights she put up when it came to gettin' off his rocks, she had been brave and unhesitant when it came to letting him peel back the lily white petals of her soul to reveal the core of her within.

It certainly hadn't been Rizzo writhing beneath him in the hammock last year, though it caused him immeasurable discomfort to think that just weeks ago he'd laid Sandy down delicately on the very same one.

God, he loved Sandy with all his heart and soul, every fiber of who he was. And yet it had never been enough, had it?

He could admit that his fragile ego caused them more than their fair share of the troubles they had been through. But like torn pieces of a quilt they had sewn themselves back together time and again- and these days he even let her serve up Kenickie her own rendition of an Eskimo pie with a knife. He wondered now if that had been a mistake, but the sad fact of the matter was she seemed to have him pinned as some kind of pervert who was just tryin' to get his rocks off with her.

And her arrogant, uptight attitude about the T-birds and nearly every other area of his life aside from her was carving out a rift between them that saddened him beyond anything he'd ever felt before. Why couldn't he, Danny Zuko, ever be enough for anyone- even the love of his life whom he felt had been designed by God to fit his own essence?

And isn't Kenickie still hangin' around the carnival? I have to say, Riz, I was relieved to see you two back together. I mean, I was more than relieved. You shoulda seen the condition he was in without you. Things weren't lookin' real good, I'll tell ya that much. He started to offer Rizzo one but she beat him to it, snagging one from the pocket of her shirt, lighting up, and taking a deep drag from her sultry red lips. She sighed deeply but a bland expression muted her porcelain features as always, and her expression was unreadable.

He couldn't stop his gaze from lingering a beat too long on her slender, exposed neck when she stretched. To his utter shame she caught his gaze and smirked, catlike, but then she brushed off the slip on Danny's part with a curt shrug of her shoulders.

We both know he wouldn't have gotten an answer. True to form, she'd shrugged her shoulders as if to say Your loss, Zuko-and proceeded to spread a rumor that he'd banged Patty Simcox in the mens' bathroom at the Frosty Palace.

Patty, of course, hadn't minded in the least, and Danny slapped all the T-birds fives under the facade that it didn't hurt him when people he trusted did underhanded things. But his strange, tapering end with Rizzo had scarred him more deeply inside than anyone had ever guessed. And now here she was, a tantalizing image from his long forgotten past, all long legs and comfortingly true, earthy nature. It was rare to find in women these days. Rizzo was silent for a long time.

Slowly, she said at last, "Ya know, you're probably right, Zuk. If Kenickie had called I wouldn'ta picked up. But it wasn't for lack of tryin', you know? Maybe if ya did that more often with Sandy, she wouldn't be traipsing around the carnival, ogling my man. I shouldn't have-" "No, Riz. If there's one thing I could always count on you for, it's the truth. Even if it's gonna hurt.

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Is there somethin' I should know about Sandy and Kenickie? Not on his end, of course", Danny amended quickly, and the stormy gaze in Rizzo's eyes quieted back to their usual feigned apathy. If I know Sandy- and sadly enough, I think I finally do- what Sandy's looking for has nothing to do with Kenick and everything to do with you.

Stop treating her like a gentle flower just because she is one, Danny. I can't believe I'm saying this about the poster girl for the Kangaroo Bop, but even Sandy has a side deep down that wants to be treated like a woman That I don't make her feel sexy enough? Because I do, really! I even took her to the drive in a few weeks ago, went in slowly for her tit, and then jumped on her when she noticed!

rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

Why would I do that if she didn't get off my rocks? I thought the problem was she wanted respect! Oh, man, I can't believe I'm having this conversation right now. With anyone, never mind you. But ya gotta know that if you ever And while you're on the topic of Sandy, what she needs is not a horny teenager who can't keep his rocks to himself, no pun intended. I guarentee ya she's lookin' for something else, a more refined experience from you that combines passion with love, adventure with tenderness.

She bristled, steeling herself for a nasty, brooding remark about her not knowing love from an automobile To her surprise and her rising discomfort, Danny didn't speak for a long time. When he did, his voice was hoarse and his gaze lingered on his feet. I had no idea you were so well versed in the ways of romance.

Know about my softer side, I mean. Yes, there was something inheritly vulnerable about her in that instant that made him want to wrap up her safe in his strong embrace.

A late afternoon breeze ghosted through the sunny neighborhood where Danny had lived all his life. All at once the familiar scene faded from him like a nostalgic painting of another place and time. Danny knew that if he pressed his honeyed lips to her supple crimson pout, it would mark the end of life as he knew it far more deeply than graduation ever could. It was their last day of high school and they were all a little vulnerable, suspended somewhere in that purgatorial space in time that wafted between the past and future.

The afternoon was misted over with a sense of nostalgia and Rizzo had the feeing that her feet were no longer anchored to the ground. Either that, or the ground had shifted beneath her without her noticing. Though it was a bright afternoon, it seemed to her that only a slick sheat of rain poured roughly down between Danny and her on the familiar site of his old porch.

The front yard was shaded somewhat by an umbrella of old birch trees surrounding the rusty old swing set.

rizzo and kenickie relationship advice

Danny's younger sister hadn't used it since she and Zuko were freshman in high school; where on earth did the time go? Rizzo had always found the unfurling of summer in California to be a dreamlike scene, a paradise of sorts in her own backyard; the turn of the seasons bloomed a celestial garden of jasmine and bouganvillea in the earth, and a honeyed sweetness coated the balmy air.

Lately, however, the heavenly garden of summer bloomed from dark, too tender places in the ground. Gossamer patches of leaf-filtered light from the sun illuminated delicate patches of the earth- almost imperceptible undercurrents of humanity normally only drawn to the surface by the dark side of the moon.

Well, it seemed Rizzo had managed to conjure her dark side of the moon to light She was a good girl at heart, but in her weakness she could be so preversely, deliciously bad The sectors of the earth beneath her stiletto-clad feet felt inheritly violated, molested. She was overcome by an urge to flip her own world upside down sheerly for the wreck of it. There was but a thin, veiny white veil between heaven and sin in this world There was an underbelly of who she was was and streaks of it combed the earth now like fire as she leaned ever so slightly into her old flame.

Rizzo truly could not believe she was about to turn her world upside down for Danny, and just when the shattered shards of it had pieced themselves tentatively together again. Sometimes Rizzo had the feeling that she herself was made of broken glass, translucent and predictable as reflections in a stained glass mirror. Deep blue eaves of melancholy twisted deep beneath the ground and tangled her in a gossamer web of lies, laced with confusion.

She leaned closer still to Danny, inhaled his familiar scent and allowed herself to be blanketed by the essence of a simpler place and time. You don't wanna do this to Kenickie, okay?