Ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

The Aftermath Before The After, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

In the hours, days, and weeks following the final battle, can one tentative relationship emerge from the ashes? A Ron/ Hermione one shot. I think that the weeks following the battle would have been a time of heartache I 'm especially interested in how Ron and Hermione dealt with the aftermath of their kiss and their budding relationship during this trying time. Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to school after the battle. Harry and Ginny are dating, and Ron and Hermione take their relationship to the.

Pure fluff, no plot at all [R. Hr] Harry Potter - Rated: The day after Ron is poisoned, Hermione seeks him out for a heart to heart that will change everything.

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

Rated T for mild adult themes. HermioneRon centric and Lavender of course! There's just one little problem and her name is Hermione. What will she do? What will happen when Ron and Hermione have to fight a war, with their feelings towards each other suddenly realized? To what lengths will they go to protect each other, and their love? Casus belli by Marauder Angel reviews Harry makes a wish, and wakes up in a world where Voldemort never went bad.

How different is this world to the one Harry's just left? What does he want?

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

A bit of something for everyone! Enjoy the new scenes! The book can't really be so interesting, can it now? The Cure for Crupulus by kaitward reviews Hermione Granger is infected with a deadly magical disease, and Draco Malfoy is the top healer of St.

Songfic, deals with slight cutting. What happens when Draco Malfoy finds her one night? Chapter 14 is UP!

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

After the war by 2nameless2write reviews When the war finishes, we jump 19 years in time, to find ourselves in a happy ending for most peoplebut was everything in those nineteen years easy for Ron and Hermione?

Well, here is an assumption of their life after the hogwarts battle.

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I loved you before I loved you by hermixne reviews Ron wanted to tell her so badly… more then anything ever, he had wanted Hermione and himself to be together as more then just bickering friends Ron is head over heels in love with Hermione Granger.

K - English - Romance - Chapters: Greatness by RonmioneForevs reviews Hermione is sick and tired of people not recognizing her greatness, so what does she do about it? Find out in this short one-shot! Weasley, who could only manage to come out of her room for short periods of time before she would burst into tears and have to retire to bed for the day.

However, though Hermione was just as tired as Ginny, she would fight sleep all night, sometimes dozing off in the early hours of the morning, only to awaken from a nightmare. The only thing that calmed her was the fact that by then it would be morning and light would fill Ginny's room, allowing her to regain her composure without Ron's help.

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She couldn't fall asleep at night. Her dreams were so dark. In her dreams, she would feel the crushing weight of Bellatrix's body on top of her's, holding a wand an inch from her head and casting crucio over and over until Hermione could see nothing but darkness. Then, Dobby wouldn't save them, and Pettigrew would drag Ron upstairs and make her watch as Bellatrix told Ron that he wouldn't be tortured because he was a pureblood, but would have to die nonetheless because he was a blood traitor.

Greyback would grip her by the hair and make her watch as the green light struck Ron and he died, and she would be forced to wonder how she would go on without him if by some miracle she survived this, almost not wanting to survive, hoping that her torture would be quick before she could be with him because she loved him and she never got to tell him and now it was too late so nothing really mattered anymore.

She wanted the darkness to overtake her, welcomed it even At this point, she would wake up screaming.

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

The first time it happened was the first night they spent at the burrow after the battle. She had heard screams in the distance before she realized that they were her's and she wasn't lying on the floor of Malfoy Manor but rather on the cot in Ginny's room. Ginny was shaking her. Please Hermione wake up!

ron and hermione relationship after battle fanfiction

You're at the burrow! Please for the love of Merlin wake up! The latter two were guarding their respective wives behind them, their wandless arms thrown out in a protective stance. Hermione took one look at the way they had entered the room, so ready for a fight, their faces set in a grim yet determined look, and immediately felt guilty. Here she was, already intruding on a time that should strictly be for just the family as they grieved, and she had just frightened them by making them think more trouble had come to their home while also interrupting the few precious hours of sleep they could get.

Ron was by her side in a moment, softly grabbing Ginny by the shoulders and moving his sister to the end of the bed. He then grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. Please tell me," he said, looking concerned and terrified at the same time. Then, he lowered his voice so just the two of them could hear.

You can tell me. If it's something from Ron took it all in stride, though. He didn't miss a beat and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly.