Sawyer and juliet relationship

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sawyer and juliet relationship

I didn't know I wanted Sawyer and Juliet to be in love until they already Their relationship was the show's spiritual compass in a fifth season. Lindelof: We did the Sawyer/Juliet thing last year. We were introducing Juliet into a relationship with Sawyer, [even though] the debate has. I also didn't like that even though Jack and Juliet were perfect together . But from a pure relationship standpoint, Sawyer and Kate were the.

After the crash of Flightthe doctor and the fugitive were the first survivors to log some serious bonding time in the pilot episode's now-iconic Kate-stitches-up-Jack-while-they-talk-about-fear scene, and they've subsequently served as the castaways' de-facto leaders.

Naturally, this has lead to some deep-dish romantic tension, complicated by their screwed-up psyches. Compassionate Other Juliet and sarcastic con man Sawyer were by no means a likely couple we thought his heart belonged exclusively to Katebut when a season 5 time warp stranded them in s Dharmaville, a sunflower-filled love blossomed.

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The two cemented their place as a Lost dynamic duo with last season's gripping finale, as Juliet slipped away from Sawyer. Charlotte and Daniel Their relationship before reaching the Island, if any, is unknown, but when they see each other on the Island for the first time, they are overjoyed.

They seem to be very protective of each other. When Frank offered Daniel a spot on the helicopter, he decided to stay and comfort Charlotte. Later, when Jin threatens to hurt Daniel if Sun does not get off the island, Charlotte immediately reacts.

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While gallant Jack has been her man-you-want-to-marry, Sawyer becomes shirtlessness-spur-of-the-moment- man. And together they've been, in a polar bear cage, with Jack watching from a security camera. Distance, time-travel, and the considerable charms of Juliet have kept Sawyer out of the picture for a couple seasons, but now that Juliet made Jughead go boom and apparently her with itLost's reformed rogue can renew his pursuit of the show's flighty fugitive.

Richard and Isabella Isabella was Richard's wife in She died while he was away, trying to get the doctor to come to her. The black smoke tricked Richard into thinking that Isabella was on the Black Rock with him.

Isabella talked to Richard through Hurley.

sawyer and juliet relationship

She wanted to know why Richard buried her necklace and said they would always be together. Also, she said that Richard had to make sure that Man in Black never left the island. Jin and Sun They have enough love to warrant their own epic love story for the ages. The poor son of a fisherman won the wealthy girl's heart — and bargained for her hand in marriage by doing her ruthless father's sometimes violent bidding. They were hoping to start a new life on their doomed trip to Los Angeles, but instead found themselves in forced couples therapy on the Island, an endless dance of revelations her affair, his onetime infertility and grand gestures thanks for almost dying while trying to disarm that freighter bomb, Jin!

Here's to hoping time travel reunites these two crazy kids at last. Jack and Juliet Jack and Juliet become fond of eachother while Jack his held captive by the Others, to perform surgery on Ben. At first Jack can't trust Juliet, but with time he does. He winds up bringing Juliet back with him to the other survivors and she begins to feel at home with them.

Desmund and Penny The epitome of long-lost love.

My Greatest TV Couple: Why Lost's Sawyer and Juliet deserve it

This is surely a no-brainer. They are like to pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. They both have what the other lacks. They've been through the worst together, and they helped each other survive through it all. When the world seemed to be crumbling from all around them, they were there to keep each other sane.

They stuck together through thick and thin, never faltering. Not to mention, Juliet has never strung James along.

sawyer and juliet relationship

She chose him and him only. She never used him for revenge or for personal gain. She was with him because she truly loved him.

sawyer and juliet relationship

Juliet has also brought out the man we all knew James was inside. He forever longed to not be the con man; he longed for the chance to prove that he was a good person. Juliet helped coax the real James out of his shell.

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She showed him that he could be himself and be loved for it. James also gave Juliet the respect that she herself craved. He treated her like a human being and showed her that she was good enough.

sawyer and juliet relationship

When Juliet did not think she could help give birth to a baby, James was there to support her and assure her that she was. That is one of the main reasons why I ship these two.