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A detailed recap of the events of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools by Elan the Bard. Watch as leader Roy Greenhilt leads his less-than-intrepid team to the distant Western Continent, .. Archie's in a relationship-and it's not with Betty or Veronica. Image: Damsels in Excess #1 (variant cover - Long Beach Comic Con Meanwhile, House tries to disrupt Stacy and Mark's relationship by attending a group Returns/ .. of Lucifer tease season 2 of the hit tv show at the Comic-Con convention. .. Power: Season 2 Recap. The bare-breasted FEMEN activists disrupted on Thursday afternoon one of the acts of the one-week event called „Islamwoche Berlin ”.

Greater in power than any rune, they stretched to reaches high. The trees of elves were beautiful, they shone of gold and silver light, To them the elves were dutiful, for they lit the day and night. White and shining boughs, and leaves of brightest beams, All who beheld wept and were cowed, at the light as clear as streams. The power of Iluvatar, was poured into these trees, They caught the light of every star, for all the elves to see.

But Morgoth the dark lord, the most evil of them all, Hated the beauty in the trees stored, so the spider he sent to maul. The dark ones plan was cunning, the spider destroyed the light, Where once was beacons stunning, now was only death and night.

The trees were pulled out of the ground, Ungoliant stole their power, Elves were fallen all around, it was there darkest hour. Globes of crystal transparent, and filled with burning light, Like the trees which were their parent, they were a noble sight.

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With the trees destroyed by evil, and Morgoth seizing the land, In a time of great upheaval, the elves did make there stand. But Morgoth descended, and stole also these orbs a-glowing, With middle Earth upended, evil seeds were sowing. Elves were dead and weeping, Feanor took his oath, Evil things were creeping they took the trees and Silmarils both.

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Those were dark days for the wise, Morgoth took the stones, He stole away with his prize, and set them on his throne. Perfect bands of metal ore, polished till they shone.

There magic seemed a splendid gift, but it truly was a curse, To evil use these rings did shift, but the one ring was the worst. Made by elves to be a boon, but by Sauron defiled, Carved with many an ancient rune, and with black magic styled. The dwarvin rings were taken, in men the elves lost faith, Their trust in kings was shaken, as each became a wraith.

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Sauron daily grew in might, elves slowly grew weak, He stole the rings out of sight, in his blackened peak. The Arkenstone was claimed by Smaug, but the dwarves reclaimed their home. They cleared cave of the smoky fog, and replaced the jewel on its throne. The Valar trees had died from rot, the spider was expelled, Morgoth was defeated and caught, to pay for the trees he felled.

Morgoth was bound for eternity, the Silmarils too he did take, Now they rest in fire, sky and the sea, the hope of the elves he could not break.

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Sure, thousands of people got radiation poisoning, and 1. There were a few treatments. It was a little radium slip. There were a few issues. As for the Endocrinator, its inventor mysteriously died of bladder cancer. Get Plenty Of Plutonium Photo credit: Landon Nordeman, National Geographic There was nothing better for the body, our grandparents knew, than to breathe in as much radioactive gas as physically possible.

Naturally, they had spas to meet the demand. With a short trip to Montana, they could take care of their health with a visit to a radon mine.

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Spend ten days breathing radon gas and drinking radioactive water, the owners advertised, and every illness you have will go away. You could also get a plutonium-powered pacemaker that would not only keep your heart running, but also bathe you and your loved ones in a soft radioactive glow.

Surprisingly, the pacemakers actually worked pretty well. One woman who got one in is still using hers today, whereas our modern lithium models stop working after 10—15 years. The plutonium ones fell off the market because they were expensive. Oak Ridge Associated Universities In the s, all kinds of toys gave young boys and girls the chance to handle nuclear materials at home.

Loving parents might give their child a Radiumscope, a telescope with a piece of radium inside that the makers encouraged children to hold up to their eyes. Or they could get their own Geiger counter. Or they could upgrade to the pricier Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab, which had four different types of uranium ore. Michael Epstein via National Geographic One of the best-selling radioactive products was the Revigator, a water jug that was lined with the enriching power of uranium ore.

They definitely added the radiation they promised. People who had a Revigator at home got double the EPA-recommended maximum exposure to radiation. The uranium ore released arsenic and lead into the water. Still, Revigators sold well.

Hundreds of thousands made their way into homes across the country. During World War II, Germans looking for a premium toothpaste could spend a few extra marks for Doramad Radioaktive Zohncreme, the only toothpaste on the market fortified with radioactive thorium. The product promised to use its atomic powers to destroy bacteria and leave your enamel white and shiny. Thousands of people bought it, paying a major premium for the chance to have a radioactive mouth.