Seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

Among his new colleagues, Cha Ji-An (Jang Na-Ra). somewhat overdone in his precedent drama, Seo In-Guk displays incredible talent here. I'll probably come across as a madwoman, but I also loved the relationship but I Remember You did, and I tip my hat to it, because it made me laugh out loud, I was so happy. Seo In Guk Jang Nara, Cheese In The Trap, Seo In Guk, Korean have unique character, that make theirs "kind of bloody-hell-messy relationship between psycopath" seem hot .. Want fantastic tips and hints on search engine optimization?. They work on solving cases and develop a romantic relationship. Hello Monster-Seo · Hello Monster-Jang · Hello Monster-Choi.

It would have been better if there were some ladies though. There have been many dramas on crime-investigation, but I want to make ours a little different. As you know, Lee Hyun is the character that mainly leads the plot.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

They gave me many useful tips. Q So, how is it to play the investigator role as an actress? Not bad, so far.

Q Cha Ji-an is said to stalk Lee Hyun in the drama. Well, yes, but there is a reason for her stalking. It is not because she likes him. Q What have you done to prepare for this drama? Have you studied something special? Not really, but I have been so into the X-Files recently.

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I really hated it when it ended its fun. Q You are one of the most well-known singer-turned-actors. I debuted as a singer because I guess I was influenced a lot by my friends who were musicians. I love both singing and acting. In fact, I believe there are a lot in common Q Do you have any plan to get married? Well, I just love working.

I keep changing my mind. It was like I came back to reality. Q You are playing the profiler role in the new drama. I want to do it well. However, it would be so tragic and horrifying in real life! Q Lee Hyun, your role, is also a professor who used to teach in the United States.

Jang Nara Posts Friendly Photos of Herself With “I Remember You” Co-Star Seo In Guk

How did you handle your English while filming? I guess I will have to think about that. Q If you had to choose between singing and acting, what would your choice be? I get that question a lot. I love singing, I love delivering a message to fans through my songs. His performance as Lee Hyun is gorgeous, a flawless interpretation which reaches its peak in episodes 12 and 16, dark and moving.

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I also noticed with no little awe that his way of speaking had completely changed compared to The King's Face. And I ask you this: The second male lead is Park Bo-Gum, whose pretty smile in Tomorrow Cantabile has here been replaced by a chilling gaze and blood-curdling detachment. I hadn't really payed him much attention in Tomorrow Cantabile since he was faced with Joo Won Bridal Mask, Yong Pal and a secondary character, but he got his revenge in Hello Monster and thoroughly subjugated me.

I never knew how to take his character. Sure, I knew he was more than he appeared, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Who was he really? A lost little boy?

I Remember You

Who was Jung Sun-Ho? The third and last pillar of the show was Lee Joon-Young, played by singer Do Kyung-Soo EXO as a young man, clad in mystery, veteran manipulator watching from the shadows. He's a psychopath, a serial killer, and definitely not a good person, but he seems to feel genuine affection for the brothers whose life and relationship he ruined, and protects them in his own way, going so far as to stay up all night to watch over one of them when he takes ill.

Smart, wicked and violent, he's neither a hero nor an anti-hero, and yet, it's impossible not to love this fascinating, charismatic, and mysterious character. EXO's Do Kyung-Soo's interpretation of this perverse character was appropriately terrifying, and I'm wondering now if he couldn't be another Seo In-Guk, as this was only his third role.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

What will it be when he's got more experience under his belt? The killer gets attached to the boy very quickly, seeing himself in him, and feels the need to "rescue" him and confide in him.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

Another thing about the two of them is that one can't help but notice the frankly scary amount of personality traits Lee Hyun seems to share with Lee Joon-Young. The more time goes by, the more uncanny the resemblance grows to be. Between their past, their personality and their stumping intellect They're almost the same person.

And there's this question at the forefront of the viewer's mind: If I haven't mentioned Jang Na-Ra Fated to Love You even though she's the female lead, it's because the romance is very subtle here, almost invisible.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

The relationship between the lead couple, to me, felt more like a sibling-bond than anything else, probably because of the plot's power and Lee Hyun's aloof personality. Lee Hyun is very smart, and completely obsessed with his past. Devoted to his younger brother since childhood, he doesn't have—or so I believe—room for anyone else than Lee Min, be it in his heart or in his head.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship tips

So yeah, sure, Jang Na-Ra's a good actress and her performance is fine, but she doesn't really draw attention. I would go as far as to call her a secondary character rather than a lead, and that's maybe the reason why I Remember You doesn't get the recognition it deserves from the general public: