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But what I will do is love-shame Serena van der Woodsen. I know Blair and Serena were both trapped in revolving-door relationships with him It's because of this aggressive non-descriptiveness that Nate ranks towards the bottom. . They just randomly decided to part ways which is so incredibly. We won't lie, we were into Serena hooking up with Nate's married politician cousin at first before he left her at the scene of a car accident. And tried to pin it on. At one point, our main man Nate had both Blair and Serena fighting over knowing that Blair and Nate's relationship was really ending, we still.

Serena–Nate relationship

Nate, who has figured out Tripp was lying to Serena, happens upon the scene and follows Serena to the hospital. He sees Tripp there and punches him in the face before telling him not to go near Serena again. Afterwards, he stays with Serena at the hospital all night The Debarted.

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When Serena is released from the hospital, she and Nate begin to have a romantic relationship. However, both are advised to take things slow and Nate does so by inviting then disinviting Serena from a dinner with the French ambassador. Upset at this, Serena attends with an old friend, Damien Dalgaardbut ends up hooking up with Nate at the dinner. After this, they become official The Hurt Locket. In Inglourious BassterdsSerena plans a special surprise birthday party from Nate, but Jenny tries to undermine efforts, as she is harboring a major crush on Nate.

During the party, she kisses Nate, who is stunned; then tells her that he's with Serena and has no interest. Later that night, he and Serena spend the night together.

Soon after, Chuck offers to throw a wedding for Dorota Kishlovsky and Vanya.

Tripp Vanderbilt

Meanwhile, Serena secretly meets with Carter; which Nate discovers only after he finds a key to Carter's hotel room in her purse. He confronts her about it, but she brushes it off, promising it means nothing. Right before the wedding, Carter tells Serena that he knows where her father is and they can go that night if he leaves with her then. Serena chooses to leave with Carter but kicks him out of the car when she learns he lied about when he knew her father's location.

On the way to the airport, she tries to call Nate but is only able to get Jenny on the line. She asks her to pass along a message to Nate but she doesn't, as she wants Nate for herself The Unblairable Lightness of Being. When Serena returns in Dr.

Estrangelovedshe finds Nate is not at all happy at being abandoned. After they spend a day arguing, Nate goes with Jenny and Chuck to an art party in Brooklyn.

After they argue briefly on the phone, Nate goes back to The Empire with Jenny, who tells him that he deserves better than Serena. She tries to kiss him, but Nate pushes her away. Unbeknownst to them, Serena entered the room and witnessed the whole thing. She explains to Nate that she tried to call him and that Jenny clearly didn't pass on the message. Nate then kicks Jenny out of the suite to talk to Serena, who tells him that Lily has cancer and her father, William van der Woodsenis back in town.

This reunites the two, who begin to be happy with each other again. Nate encourages Serena to spend time with her mom and suggests she move back home to support Lily.

Serena originally decides not to, but changes her mind when she butts heads with Jenny. As a result, Serena begins to ice Rufus out from the family and the secret eventually comes out to everyone. They work together to expose William and Holland's plan, which they're able to figure out. Upon his return, Serena refuses to speak to Tripp, and she makes him take her home.

While arguing, Tripp swerves to avoid hitting an animal, and he crashes his car. In order to avoid being seen with Serena, Tripp calls and leaves the scene. When Nate arrives, Serena tells him that Tripp was driving.

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He hunts his cousin down, who begs for news on Serena's condition. Nate punches Tripp, and Maureen makes him leave with her.

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Serena survives the crash, and Nate sleeps in her hospital room all night. He teams up with Kira Sarah Steele to turn Jenny's minions against her. In the end, Jenny outwits him, and he tells Kira that they will try again soon.

When Jenny and Eric see each other at the hospital after Serena's accident, they apologize and call a truce. Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa attempt to navigate their newly complicated friendship.

Dan seeks a new potential relationship with one of Vanessa's friends, Winna. He cannot bring himself to hook up with Winna, and he is forced to leave her when Lily calls him regarding Serena's accident. He then finds Blair and goes with her and Vanessa to the hospital. Edit With Vanessa's requests, Nate decides to confront his family during a reunion to patch things with them.

Their arrival however takes a different turn for relationship. During a conversation with Maureen at the reunion, Vanessa discovers that Tripp originally wanted to be an archaeologist and that their grandfather, William Van Der Bilt persuaded him to take a career path in politics.

Vanessa then fears that their family will take control of Nate's future when he changes his plans about returning to his family. Tripp and William slowly bring him back to the family fold, bringing further away from Vanessa. Nate eventually decides to take the internship at the New York City Mayor's office that Tripp previously offered him to take. During a party at the Van Der Bilt compound, Tripp tells Vanessa about Nate's internship at the Mayor's office leaving Vanessa upset that Nate would choose the internship over their backpacking trip across Europe.

Tripp unfortunately creates a strain in Nate and Vanessa's relationship. When William announces Nate's internship during a toast, Tripp witnesses Nate publicly accepting it.

Season 3 Edit The third season has Tripp running for a congress that recently opened when Nate told Serena that Congressman Krueger had died and Tripp planned to take congressional seat. During a poker game that would free Carter Baizen from the Buckleys, Nate has Serena playing poker and raises the stakes when the game turns for the worse. Nate offers a photo of Tripp holding a bong and smoking marijuana in exchange for Carter's freedom. Serena loses the game and the photo that could ruin Tripp's campaign but soon finds out that Nate used her so that the real photo of Tripp holding a drink instead of a bong could be revealed to outmaneuver the Buckleys when they attempt to sabotage Tripp's campaign using the fake photo of Tripp.

Serena's discovery strains her relationship with Nate. During the week of elections, Chuck hosts the Van Der BiltElection party at the Empire Hotel with Nate helping in the campaign and Vanessa filming the events of the campaign.