She go and drakken relationship help

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she go and drakken relationship help

The very first and very last appearances of Dr. Drakken and Shego in Kim Possible. Their relationship sure has changed throughout the seasons. edit: oml I' m. Shego is a villainess who works for Dr. Drakken as his sidekick. Senior Jr. for breaking her out of prison to help him commit a series of crimes in honor of his father's birthday. Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre. Drakken sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly as his girlfriend started to fume. He wanted it so badly it would really help with the transition. Shego had only recently help me to move on. So our own relationship can grow.

And that would make sense, that a villain turning good would suddenly decide to make coffee for his underlings. They were close through thick and thin and proved that a girl and a guy could be friends.

And then they started dating. Many fans that shipped Kim and Ron rejoiced when they did get together in the movie Kim Possible: Many fans that shipped Kim and Ron rejoiced when they did get together. But then Disney decided to do a fourth season for Kim Possible, so now they had to explore the relationship. But in the end, they kept Kim and Ron as best friends, who just happened to be dating. There were issues here and there, but they proved to be a strong couple, able to withstand just about anything.

Essentially, Kim would kick behind while Ron would try to help but usually end up in some kind of hilarious trouble. In short, they make a pretty good duo. Batman and the Joker. While that is kind of true, this comparison is a little disturbing.

she go and drakken relationship help

Yeah, she has other villains that she has to thwart, but Drakken is the one she ends up fighting the most. And you have to give him credit for his creative plans. Not to mention that one time he put her in a tank that had a man-eating shark and a squid, and then froze over the top of the tank.

He cares about Kim deeply and is a genuinely good guy. But there was an episode where he went evil. And not just evil; no, he went full-on supervillain evil with a plan to take over the world and everything.

Drakken then ends up being this extremely nice guy, while Ron goes dark side. And he almost succeeds in his plans too. Plus, the way they spoke in that monotone was seriously creepy. They were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend. Why did Drakken create these robots? Well, they were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend.

We always knew that Drakken was a little weird, but this takes it into stranger territory. She actually does take over the world in the movie Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time. I aspire to be as sarcastic as Shego is. But there was a time where Drakken went a little too far. In one episode, he puts Shego under a mind control device in order to make her do whatever he wanted. She also frequently becomes angry at them when they invade her privacy, or attempt to embarrass her in front of her friends, by reading her diary, building something crazy which might blow up, or posting sneaked photographs of her on the Internet.

Despite this, she loves her brothers and goes out of her way to protect them, even if it means putting her own life on the line. They were voiced in the first three seasons by actor Shaun Flemingand were voiced in the fourth season by actor Spencer Fox.

Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their personalities and their natural aptitudes. While Kim is a Type A teen a perfectionist who sets high standards for herself and is concerned about imageRon has a Type B personality and is laid-back, ambivalent and somewhat random.

Equally, Ron does well in almost all of the areas in which Kim does not for example: Kim and Ron complement each other and their relationship works well; as they headed into Season 4 and their senior year of high school, they had advanced from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of Season 4, they are still together and have each successfully graduated from high school. With his more relaxed attitude towards life, as well as his flexibility and ability to see the good aspects of bad situations, Ron often provides a balance to Kim's ambitious nature and image-oriented personality.

As such, he often encourages her to slow down and keep things in perspective, to be less competitive and not treat everything as a challenge that must be met head on and to be less image-conscious. At times, Ron refers to Kim as "KP".

Doctor Drakken Kim and Drakken rarely interact, but when they do, Kim tries to hurt Drakken's ego by reminding him, in various ways, how he lost the last time. Drakken has met the entire Possible clan: Bonnie Rockwaller Bonnie and Kim have a highly rivalrous relationship with each other. This includes frequently going to great lengths to get the better of the other. Kim and Bonnie have been archrivals since at least middle school, but it is unknown how long Bonnie has actually known Kim and her best friend and later boyfriendRon Stoppable.

Bonnie also frequently puts down both Kim and Ron. Some episodes have shown the two girls getting along fairly well, showing that they could probably be friends if they were to overcome their rivalry.

she go and drakken relationship help

Shego Kim and Shego's many meetings usually result in fisticuffs. However, unlike the rivalry with Bonnie, Kim and Shego are more professional in their interaction with each other, as Kim is more comfortable trading punches with Shego than dealing with Bonnie's barbed comments as stated in So the Drama, by Kim, "Bonnie is High School Evil, Shego is real world evil.

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Despite being enemies, they both have a lot in common. Shego and Kim managed to become friends when Shego temporarily turned good to the point Kim saw Shego as the older sister she never had. She has also been the subject of a few. Here are the many that are mentioned: Walter never actually appeared on the show.

What is known is that Kim had a crush on him in middle school.

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He kissed Kim and their braces locked, leading to an embarrassing trip to the orthodontist. This is suspected to be Kim's first kiss.

she go and drakken relationship help

At least that is what Kim tells her pre-superhero self in A Sitch in Time. In So the Drama, Ron recalls that he was the one Kim called for help because of the brace incident and that Mrs. Stoppable, Ron's mother, was the one who drove Kim and Walter to the orthodontist.

she go and drakken relationship help

In " Animal Attraction ", Junior begins to nurse a crush on Kim when he finds out that she's his soul mate according to Animology. Brick thought Kim had a crush on him in " All the News " after Ron misquoted Kim in the school paper as saying that she "thought Brick Flagg was totally hot. Brick "dumped" Kim after he thought Kim was "trying too hard," thinking she had staged his kidnapping by Adrena Lynn.

In Seasons 1 and 2, Kim was infatuated with Josh Mankey. Prior to Season 3, over the course of which hints of a potential and later actual romance between Kim and Ron arose, Josh received the most adoration from Kim of all her love interests as he was the main object of her "calf love" affections.

While Ron was disapproving of this relationship at first, he later grew to accept it. Kim's infatuation with Josh was revealed to have died down "last semester" in the episode " Emotion Sickness ", which allowed the creators of the show room for the coupling of Kim and Ron.

Josh was a mellow and nonchalant young man.