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Shirley MacLaine says open relationships are the key a healthy, long-lasting marriage they can do that while being in a relationship that is build on trust, respect, and honesty. . She and her husband Steve Parker had an "open marriage. Sachi Parker's famous mother, Shirley MacLaine, was so absent from her life that she sometimes could only connect with her just as the Oscar. Iconic actress Shirley MacLlaine, 81, was married for 28 years from of her time with producer Steve Parker before the two split in

MacLaine has given various accounts of why she allowed her daughter to be so far away. From the mundane Japan was a better environment than Hollywood to the melodramatic Sachi was in danger of being kidnapped!

In any case, while mother and daughter did see each other, and MacLaine was always attentive and amusing -- lovely walks on the beach -- Sachi certainly didn't feel she was number one in her mother's life. Or even number four or five. Her father, Steve, was an even dicier proposition, affectionate and giving sometimes; cruel, dismissive and then showing often inappropriate behavior with and in front of his child.

His favorite "nickname" for Sachi was "Idiot. She internalized, she rarely confronted, and she accepted her lot in life. This would lead to a long series of unsatisfactory relationships with men. Sachi, to her credit, is as hard on herself as she is on Shirley and Steve. Her lifelong -- and continuing -- effort seems to have been to win the love of both parents and to try to understand their bizarre lives.

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And believe me, it's bizarre. Lucky Me is so rich with surprises, I hesitate to be a spoiler. The details surrounding this deception; the very idea that MacLaine believed it, and possibly still does, explains a lot about the actresses' late-in-life loveable kookiness on the subject of alien visitors.

But it's not funny, not Sachi's version. And yet further mystery for the daughter who increasingly comes to wonder if anything anybody has told her about her life is true?

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As the book progresses, as Sachi moves into adulthood and spends more time around, if not with, her mother, Miss MacLaine is portrayed as somebody capable of wit and charm and warmth -- for four hours. After four hours, no matter who you were or what the occasion, you were a dead duck.

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MacLaine just shut down, bored. She is also, by her daughter's account, extremely tight with a buck, and had no interest in doing much for Sachi, in any way.

'Sweet Charity' for Shirley MacLaine? Not So Much in Her Daughter's Heartbreaking Memoir Lucky Me

The girl spent years peripatically traveling from job to job -- waitress, stewardess. Finally, Sachi settles into acting, and it is here that MacLaine comes off worse. She is described as mostly demeaning, uninterested and in one case -- per Sachi through a confession by the late, highly-respected PR man Dale Olson -- the Oscar-winning star literally sabotaged her daughter's career.

And yet throughout this -- and much more -- Sachi remains mostly passive, bewildered and desperate for her mother's love, acceptance and -- she doesn't deny it -- financial help.

She is generally rebuffed. When Sachi persuades her mother to join her in therapy, it ends disastrously. But before MacLaine's dramatic exit, Shirley furiously asks Sachi, if she expects extra help because she is the daughter of Shirley MacLaine?

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Her parents had an open marriage and when she was two, Sachi was sent alone to Japan to live with her father and his mistress. She would come home to be with her mother during the summers and at holidays but Sachi explains that her parents were somewhat negligent. She says her father was verbally abusive and so negligent that she was stranded one time in Europe for weeks because none of her parents came to pick her from boarding school.