Star sapphire and green lantern relationship

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star sapphire and green lantern relationship

Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and . Carol angrily commented on her own relationship with Hal and said that she did not. Caroline "Carol" Ferris is a fictional character appearing in the DC Comics Universe. She is one of many characters who has used the name Star Sapphire, and was the long-time love interest of Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern. In her role as Star Sapphire, Ferris has been active as both a supervillain Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and . Carol wants to talk to Hal about their relationship, but Sinestro interrupts their talk by.

As Ferris Aircraft's Vice President, Carol Ferris, the only child of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris and his wife Christine, hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, who was secretly the superhero Green Lantern.

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When the Zamarons discovered that she was in love with Green Lantern, a servant of their estranged friends, the Guardians of the Universe, they sent her to defeat Green Lantern in battle as Star Sapphire. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal. Jordan and Ferris separate when Carol is engaged to Jason Belmore; later she is confined to a wheelchair.

star sapphire and green lantern relationship

Carol Ferris is first introduced in S. In her original appearance, Hal Jordan becomes employed at Ferris Aircraft and after asking her to dinner she makes it clear that she does not date employees. She first appears as the second Star Sapphire in Green Lantern vol. As Star Sapphire, she battles Green Lantern for many years, because the Zamarons want to prove men are inferior.

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When she is first defeated by him they take away her memory of the event, but the persona keeps resurfacing. While seeking to inhabit the body that Jordan most desires, the Star Sapphire gem again possesses her for a brief period during the Mystery of the Star Sapphire storyline. Her reunion with the Star Sapphire entity is short, however, as it soon learns that Jordan most desires Jillian Pearlman and as a result abandons Ferris.

They finally broke up and have stayed friends, but never got back together, even though it was revealed that her tragic death was only temporary. When they raced to stop the Joker from blowing up bombs all over Las Vegas, Stewart admitted he had fallen for her.

star sapphire and green lantern relationship

Even though she resisted because they were different species, Hawkgirl eventually gave in. Hawkgirl and John Stewart seemed happy, but that all changed when the series finale revealed she had been sent from her home planet of Thanagar to weaken Earth for invasion.

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Even though she tried to make up for it by changing sides, the League no longer trusted her and that included Stewart. Born with her power of the Starheart as part of her body, Jade could create green constructs without a ring or lantern.

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Jade and Kyle Rayner made a hot couple until she lost her power, leaving her devastated until she was able to join the Green Lantern Corps.

During a battle, her power of the Starheart was restored by Kyle using his power as Ion, but she ended her relationship with Rayner when they returned to Earth. Her death later on was devastating to him, though it did give him back his all-powerful Ion energies for a time.

She was often partnered with her friend Fire whose flame powers and hot temper meshed well with her quiet and shy personality. With Guy's tough guy attitude, it might have surprised her teammates when she started dating him, but they turned out to make a pretty nice couple.

Though they had their share of problems, when she was killed, Guy Gardner made his way to her home city for the memorial and her mother called him "son.

Once a respected Lantern, he was exposed as a tyrant on his homeworld Korugar, which condemned the Corps as a whjole, even though the villain was expelled.

star sapphire and green lantern relationship

She was also beautiful and attracted the attention of Hal Jordan who started as her partner but became her lover. Later on, Tui broke up with Jordan and began seeing John Stewart, who she found true happiness with.

star sapphire and green lantern relationship

She was the vice president of Ferris Aircraft, the company Hal worked for as a test pilot, and was deeply in love with the handsome guy even before she knew he was Green Lantern. They started dating and she was his support and lover for years but it wasn't easy.

star sapphire and green lantern relationship

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