Starseeds and twin flames relationship

Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose and the Energetic Dynamics - Wake Up Experience

starseeds and twin flames relationship

You have heard of twin flames by now. Twin flames are the embodiment of a singular soul. Your twin flame is ne. Remark: This article contains a lot of information, which is valid for lightworkers who are not in a Twin Flame connection just the same. By no. Starseeds Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those Many have an adversarial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. 7.

If you enjoy the 3D templates and the push and pull dynamics and the running and chasing game, then stick with it.

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There is only one guarantee: A permanent reunion with your twin will not be possible that way. We have to understand, that our twin is us. So what we blame or judge him or her for, we blame ourselves for.

They are our ultimate mirror and they give us exactly what we need for our own healing and growth. That is not always what our ego wants… So when you are blaming them for ignoring you, why are you ignoring yourself? When you complain about them not being honest about their feelings, where are you not honest yourself?

Insight Number 2 — It is all about You Closely related to that is that we have to learn that it is always about us. And when we have understood that we are one it makes sense, right? If we heal us, we heal both parts. There is only us. And the faster we focus on ourselves, on our own issues, our own healing, the quicker we will raise the frequency for us, our twin and humanity and feel much more balanced and whole.

Working with our inner child, our ego and learning the language of energy in order to transmute fear frequencies into love frequencies through gratitude and forgiveness are three key aspects.

It is triggering us until we have pealed off every fake layer and have found back to self-love. A state of being without any self-doubt, hurt, insecurities or other fears. Our ego loves to step in here and say — why do I have to do all the work and the other part is not taking any effort? Well, read the next insight to get a clearer perspective.

Insight Number 3 — the Female is in the Lead Once we have understood this, the second part to integrate into our awareness are the traits of the female and the male energies.

The female energy is the creative energy. She creates with her intuition, her heart and sets the intention. She is preparing the energy field and is setting a certain frequency. Then, the male energy, the creator energy, can follow and manifest. It can never be the other way around.

Keen: Twin Flames: Separation, Awakening & Soul Purpose : Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers

So if you are the more female part in the connection carrying a bigger portion of female energy, which is independent from genderyou have to really take that in.

If you are waiting for your twin to finally heal and get it — you will wait until the cows come home. This will never happen, as he will simply follow your energy. If your intention in the energetic field is waiting or acting out of fear — he will do the same. If you set the intention to move forward, change things, step into your mission, drop fears and parts that are not authentic about you, follow your true hearts desires, he will follow and do the same.

And you do not have to talk to him or her in 3D about this at all. As you are connected energetically through your heart chakras, you will inspire him or her energetically. The more female part sets the intention and creates the circumstances energetically to pave the way for manifestation.

Understand that the more male part needs you to do your job so that they can do theirs. Insight Number 4 — Silence is Golden A lot of confusion always comes up about the forced separation for twin flames. What we have to understand is, that this separation is guided by our soul and has its purpose.

Our soul wants us to focus on ourselves and our own issues and healing. The transformation happens a lot quicker if we are not distracted by the presence of our other half.

We have to understand, that our body is not ready to be able to stand these intense high frequencies we experienced in the bubble love phase for long, as we still carry a lot of old baggage and low fear frequencies. The friction between those two frequencies is too strong. Being with our twin would mean that we would simply burn out and our system would collapse.

Recognize the gift of silence for your ultimate good and use this time to focus on your own work instead of wasting energy into chasing and running away from your own lessons. Insight Number 5— Our Inner Child is a Key Holder When we started our journey on earth, it did not take long until we were completely caught up in the 3D game and programmed with false belief systems and templates.

We took for granted what we learned. Everything was based on scarcity and competition. Being not good enough and having to be better, jump higher, perform more… that was our reality.

We did not question that maybe what schools, churches, governments, the industries, etc. So while growing up in our childhood, we were wounded and hurt because all of this programming was not in line with our true essence. Our fears and traumas that we experience today stem from that time. When we face a certain situation our system recalls the memory of the past and reacts with the same protective strategy we came up with as a child.

That results in anger attacks, crying, manipulating etc. We end up in the same mess again and again until we realize that we have to heal our inner child to get rid of the pattern. And no one is better in triggering our inner child than our twin so that we regognize it and heal it. The inner child, when still in sabotage mode, is the nurturer of the ego, giving it the fear patterns it needs to keep us in fear.

When we make our inner child our best friend and get it to trust us completely, the ego cannot get any energy and is forced to transform into a higher frequency. Fear patterns are reprogrammed into love patterns this way. If you want to learn more about inner child work, please go here.

Insight Number 6 — Acting out Emotions is good! Another big misprogramming of the 3D Matrix is that acting out emotions is inappropriate. Crying, screaming, shaking, but also loud laughing or singing in public is simply indecorous in this ego-based society.

What we have to understand is that acting out emotions is a good thing! It is a natural reflex that we have for a reason. It is like energetic puking. Children still use that reflex. If they have an energy in their system that does not belong there, they scream, they cry or shake to release it right away.

And everything is cool again a couple of minutes later. Until we teach them that it is not okay to behave that way.

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So we keep all this toxic energy in our system and our emotional body gets an overload up to a point that it starts passing on dense energies into the physical body, which stores it. That manifests as muscle pains, inflammations first and can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc.

So instead of blaming ourselves when we feel like crying or screaming, we need to turn it around and learn that we have to be thankful for the possibility to release it. Compare it with a fish poisoning. Your stomach reacts with a natural reflex to throw up. If you fight that reflex and keep the food in your stomach, you can get very sick and even die.

That again transmutes the energy to a high frequency immediately. You are supposed to reach a state of wholeness individually. The Universe requires transformation and change, not waiting until you are both ready. You are here as a lightworker with specific gifts and tasks. Explore your childhood and personality to find out what they are and who you truly are and start using your talents to help others.

starseeds and twin flames relationship

It does not have to be big, by helping one person you already cause a ripple effect. Your mission also gives you your purpose here on the planet and that is very fulfilling and helps you to move forward and come into a much more balanced state of being.

Redirecting energies into something useful helps again to transmute energies to high frequencies of love and compassion. Move forward with your life as if reunion was not happening and you are happy and whole on your own, but know in your heart that your twin will join once all energy blockages between the two of you are cleared.

Insight Number 8— We are Transformers When we have learned to release emotions with gratitude, we have had our first lesson in lightworking. Because that is how transmutation of low frequencies into high frequencies works. Through gratitude and forgiveness instead of blame and judgement, we raise the vibration quickly. This requires to take a different perspective and see the benefit in every situation: What does it teach me, what do I recognize about myself and for my own growth?

Who did I meet that is important now to me that I would not have met? By learning the language of energy and that energy can never dissolve but only transform, we recognize that we always have the steering wheel and we can choose if we want to go down the road of fear or drive up the highway of love.

Once we have learned this transmutation on a micro level, we will be kicked into collective healing, transmuting on a large scale for humanity. That can be completely overwhelming in the beginning and our heart chakra, where we transmute the energy through can hurt like hell until we get used to it.

We have to understand, that we are part of a larger organism.

Starseeds: Understanding Your Mission & Roles On Earth | Spirit Science

All the high frequencies streaming in onto the planet need to be manifested on earth. We take those in and transmute them into a frequency that makes them suitable for humanity and the planet to take them in.

So, please be aware, when you feel low, desperate, lonely, sad etc. Be grateful for the releases to make sure to raise the frequency.

That is THE definition of lightwork. The battle between darkness and light is not an open war as we would imagine it to be. Choose wisely, choose love.

As already mentioned, many twins chose very dysfunctional families to incarnate into on purpose. Besides the experience of the misbalance between masculine and feminine energies, an important reason for that is to fully understand the 3D programming and to experience ourselves how it feels and how it works.

We had to understand that whole system in order to be able to hack it, infiltrate it and reprogram it with our light and love. Only that way, we are able to develop a compassion for those that are going through the same experience and to support them on their journey.

We were and are preparing ourselves for our mission we came here for.

starseeds and twin flames relationship

Insight Number 10 — Your old Life is supposed to be destroyed That is another tough one to understand. How often do we hear from twins: But is that really true? Why could someone then have such an impact on you? The twin flame journey is shaking you up for a purpose and challenges you to the deepest level.

It forces you to find back to your divine essence, to become your most authentic self. This leads you into dropping everything that is not authentic about you and is not resonating with your inner truth. So everything you only did to please other people or fulfil others expectations will show up painfully until you let it go. So instead of recognizing the repeating signs of the Universe with all of those unwanted emotions, constant synchronicities, instead of returning to your primordial essence, you keep wandering in the Paths of Ego.

Which they lead nowhere else than even deeper into illusion and self destructive patterns when you don't control and direct it. Lower mind you see. Nothing to do with the "Lightworker" scheme you are trying to reembody here into this reincarnation into this reality.

Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose and the Energetic Dynamics

And you constantly avoid your real duties and "must do's" and you know it actually! And if you didn't realize this yet I will explain it further. Supposedly you are a Warrior of Light, Lightworker, Starseed, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lemurian, or whatever else you baptized your self, after your feelings of uniqueness which come literally NOT because you are a special kind of extraterrestrial but because you are more connected to the Source in a way only because you came here for a mission A mission to raise the consciousness of this planet.

A final attempt to save this planet from all that damage which is done by the irresponsibility and the ignorance of the many, which few found a futile ground to plant their programming of mass consumption and even more programming to direct your awareness away from everything that is truly important.

starseeds and twin flames relationship

And here I am. Staring at all these "Lightworkers" and "Twin Flames" behind their mobile phone screens, being abused by Shadows and Dark Workers, while they seek and focus on some kind of Union of romance and pink unicorns. And others are using these vulnerabilities and put ever more fuel and hope to them spreading false teachings, while at the same time show off their highly arrogant and ignorant self. And others lead millions to "Light" and "Angelic" New Age philosophies and then decide that it wasn't their thing at all.

Are you a Warrior who came to change this world? Did you realize that the Shadow War of distracting everyone's attention while they rip apart the whole planet is working quite well?

And you seek circles of self abuse and disrespect? What is wrong with you?

starseeds and twin flames relationship

You are all day long behind your phone waiting for that special One to call, waiting for the One to return again and again, doing nothing but wasting your time, energy, and above all, your dignity. This is a game for you to realize the immensity of your inner powers and their responsibility. It is a higher game of controlling our thoughts, focus, and emotions and shows no mercy at all.