Stephen curry and klay thompson relationship marketing

Klay Thompson Breaks NBA's 3-Point Record Held By Teammate Stephen Curry : NPR

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship marketing

Stephen Curry is the back to back league MVP. Steph I think Klay Thompson takes some of the most terrible shots of any player in the league. Several times in recent years, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have 21, , Witt — then a digital-marketing coordinator for Golden State “I think it's one of those relationships where, even though you may not do stuff. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson; unless you are a fan of the Golden State Warriors, you're probably sick and tired of hearing about the duo.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship marketing

They combined for 75 of the Warriors points in the win over the Heat in Miami on Wednesday night and once again showcased that they are one of the more lethal combination of players the league has ever seen. Klay Thompson entered the picture and became the starting two-guard on a franchise who has seen minimal success for the past few decades. Inthey played alongside each other consistently for the first time. Jarrett Jack provided the younger players with veteran help and health was a big key as well.

Thompson played in all 82 games, but struggled with his shot. He shot 42 percent from the field to average Young Steph Curry played in 78 games and really broke out onto the scene in the postseason. He torched the Denver Nuggets in the first round before falling to the San Antonio Spurs in the second. Golden State finished the season Inhe averaged 24 points per game and was considered one of the better players in the league.

Thompson took over as the second best player on the team over David Lee.

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He shot the ball better and took the next step defensively. Then head coach, Mark Jackson, called Curry and Thompson the best shooting backcourt of all-time. People on the national scene took that comment with a grain of salt, but Golden State fans knew there was something special brewing in the Bay Area. They made a run for their money by stretching a first round series with the Los Angeles Clippers to seven games, but ultimately fell short with the lack of a center in the post for the whole series.

Jackson was fired after the season, putting an end to isolation heavy offensive sets in Golden State, something to forget about for a long time.

Steve Kerr knew what he was working with when he joined the Warriors as head coach for the season. Curry was on the rapid rise to NBA superstardom and Thompson was establishing himself as a top five two-guard in the league.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship marketing

But on to the preview. Steph vs Kyrie- This is a massive advantage for the Warriors and even though Kryie seems to be more locked in on defense this year, he is still a liability and the kind of liability Steph seems to take advantage of. And even on ball screens, if he rushed back to Steph or fought hard through screens, he could stop a lot of the penetration which is what OKC did a great job of, but he isn't that type of player.

He is gonna have to be good offensively to make Steph work on the defensive end because I actually think they will start Steph on him and Klay on JR Smith. But he can't try and go bucket for bucket with Steph, he isn't as good of a scorer.

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He needs to take his opportunities but make sure he gets his teammates involved. JR Smith is the super poor-man's version, maybe homeless man's version of Klay Thompson. They do all the same things offensively except that Klay does them way better, and is an elite defender. Lebron vs Harrison Barnes- Obviously a massive advantage for Cleveland and where they need to expose the Warriors. Lebron usually plays facilitator early and hopes to get his teammates going.

I think he should get a couple hoops early, get the defense sucking into him, which will open up everyone else. Kevin Love vs Draymond Green- This match-up may decide the series.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship marketing

Kevin Love is a horrible defender and can be inconsistent on the offensive end. I can see the Warriors putting him in a lot of ball screens to make him guard small guys on the perimeter.

I also don't think he can stay in front of Draymond. I thought Dray was exposed by the Thunder. I think he is such an overrated player because all he does is play really really hard which is nice, but he is undersized and not a great shooter. So when he goes up against the Serge Ibaka's and Steven Adams' of the world, he gets exposed because he can't just out-hustle them and he doesn't have an advantage on them anywhere on the court. But its a different story against Love and I think he will be able to do whatever he wants and he will run around flexing like an idiot and hope people forget how average he looked in the last round.

Kevin Love will need to work hard on defense and make some shots on the offensive end to counteract what Green will do to him. Tristan Thompson vs Andrew Bogut- To me this is a wash but it will be interesting to see how they match up.

Bogut is definitely bigger and stronger but struggles to finish and is really just a passer in the offense. Thompson is much smaller but moves better and is really active on the glass.

Bogut is a good help defender which could open Thompson up for more offensive rebounding opportunities. Bench- Big advantage to the Warriors and this is the other point where I think they take control of the series.

They have guys like Igodala, Barbosa, Ezili, and Livingston coming off the bench who could easily start for other teams. These guys are not starting anywhere and are barely on rosters. Lebron is going to have to play heavy minutes with them to keep them from being crushed during second unit play.

Coaching- I give a definite coaching advantage to Warriors. Lue is trying to do what the Warriors do, and it has worked to some degree, but the Warriors just do it better. I don't think he does a great job making adjustments in game or from game to game, but he hasn't had to a whole lot so far. For the Warriors to win- Play their game and don't panic if they get behind.

I noticed several times in the OKC series where when they got behind in the 4th quarter they started taking terrible quick shots. Everyone put it on themselves to make the shot to bring them back and start the rally and they didn't go in and they didn't have guys to rebound.

And then the next possession the same thing, and the same thing. They play so free and loose that they haven't had to play any other way. So when things aren't going well, they take the same shots they would take in an open game. And those are the times they need to run offense and execute. And they need to expose the defensive weaknesses of the Cavs by putting them in pick and rolls every possession and letting their guards take advantage of the slow bigs on the Cavs.

For the Cavs to win- Obviously they are going to have to shoot the ball really well and Lebron is going to have to have a huge series. They also have to switch all screens and take their chances with their bigs on the guards and make sure they push out and contest the 3's.

Steven Adams did a great job when he switched onto Curry and blocked his shot several times. He basically decided he wasn't going to let Steph shoot in this face and pushed out hoping he wouldn't drive. And most of the time he didn't and Adams was right there. I don't think it will happen but I think the Cavs need to go small. This means moving Lebron to the 4 and not starting either Thompson or Love.

I would say Love but that is a hard sell that the third member of your big 3 comes off the bench. So you start Shumpart on Barnes, start Lebron on Draymond Green, and now you can switch much more easily, you completely take away Draymond's advantage over Love and make the game into small vs small. I really think this can be effective and then bring Love in to strengthen the bench.

Klay Thompson Breaks NBA's 3-Point Record Held By Teammate Stephen Curry

My Prediction- Warriors in 5 or 6. I really think 5 but I also think its stupid to underestimate what Lebron can do. Hell he won two games by himself last year. If the Cavs can win one of the first two in Golden State, then we got a series.

Because I think Cleveland can split at home and make it a 3 game series. But if Golden State wins the first two at home, I don't see Cleveland winning both at home and 4 of 5 to win it.