Supergirl and superman relationship

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supergirl and superman relationship

for many years. Over the years Clark began a steady romantic relationship with Lois Lane. . Supergirl and Superman flying together in National City. Over the. You might notice that neither of those two elements have any connection to Superman, so when that Supergirl ended up in an alternate reality. Supergirl and Superman in Space above Earth. Kara-Zor-El . Returning to Earth after her mission with Hal, Supergirl renewed her relationship with Power Boy.

The only really significant differences is that Supergirl's Earth-bound pod arrived much later than Superman's and she is technically older.

supergirl and superman relationship

However, there's more that separates Superman and Supergirl than most fans might realize. Though fans and creators tend to forget, Supergirl is much more than a blonde female Superman. Yet there are a whole host of hidden talents and abilities that Supergirl has or had that Superman has never come close to replicating. All of the powers on this list don't belong to the history of one character.

Every person focused on is Supergirl though, having held the mantle at one time or another. The toll of fighting constant battles and living with the memory of her dead planet, has consequences. Kara grew dark and moody. So she took the oath of the Red Lanterns who are defined by their hate and anger. This allowed Kara access to whole bevvy of powers that Superman has never been able to access. Although Superman has, periodically, got the powers of other Rings. This gross oral sludge can burn through most materials and has been described as having the force of napalm and acid mixed together.

At least in the comics. On the show Kara can be overcome by a strong telepath. At the point where other heroes can succumb or be weakened, Supergirl willoutlast. The bottom line though is that Supergirl is the Kryptonian who should be fighting a telepath, not Superman.

Supergirl (Matrix)

Through reimaginings and alternate universes, Superman has changed but for the most part he is Kal-El of Krypton, who came to Earth and was raised as human and became a hero. With Supergirl, several different women have claimed the mantle. One of which was Matrix. Matrix was an an artificial lifeform made flesh that was created in an alternate dimension. She came to Earth, was adopted by the Kents, and christened herself Supergirl. Having the a very different genetic make-up from a Kryptonian, Matrix had unique powers.

One such power was the ability to create telekinetic force fields around herself and others. Yet there is a relatively long history of a Supergirl having the power. The Kryptonian Supergirl, like Superman, can vibrate so quickly that she can appear invisible. Thanks to her kind-of-human-kind-of-not-human nature, Matrix was able to make herself completely invisible. It took a great deal of concentration but it could be achieved.

As the inhabitants of the colony were being slain by the green Kryptonite radiation released by meteorites shredding the lead barrier, the adolescent Kara was sent to Earth by her father Zor-El in a rocket, to be raised by her cousin Kal-El Superman. To ensure she would be recognized by Superman, Kara's parents provided her with a uniform which was closely based on the one Kal-El wears as the Man of Steel.

It later develops Zor-El and Alura survived the radiation poisoning that killed everyone else in Argo City by entering the Survival Zone, a parallel continuum akin to the Phantom Zone. They were eventually rescued by Supergirl and decided to live in the bottle city of Kandor. However, that reunion becomes bittersweet, as Reactron kills her father, and her mother dies when New Krypton is destroyed by a trap in Reactron left by Lex Luthor, her own cousin Superman's greatest enemy on Earth, and now her greatest enemy on Earth as well.

She conceals her blonde hair beneath a brunette wig and functions as Supergirl only in secret, at Superman's request, until she can gain, in his opinion, sufficient control of her powers - and the wisdom to properly use them. After she is adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers, Superman decides his cousin is ready to begin operating openly as Supergirl.

Her debut was delayed by her powers being stolen by a Kandorian villainess; during this period, the Danvers family adopted her. In later years, after graduating from Stanhope College, she changes careers several times, holding jobs in student counseling, news reporting, and acting in a TV soap opera titled Secret Hearts.

She also attends college in Chicago. She does, however, shun serious commitments, putting her super-career first. Supergirl's secret identity is a closely held secret known only to Superman, her foster parents, and the Legion of Super-Heroesof which she is as a member for a time.

Like all Kryptonians, Supergirl is vulnerable to Kryptonite. Streakyher orange cat, acquires temporary superpowers as a result of its exposure to "X-Kryptonite," a form of Kryptonite Supergirl accidentally created in an unsuccessful attempt to neutralize the effects of Green Kryptonite.

Comet the Superhorsea former centauris Supergirl's equine companion. One way DC demonstrated the epic nature of its issue limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths April — March was through the deaths of important characters. In issue 7 OctoberSupergirl sacrifices her life to save her cousin and the multiverse from destruction.

When the Superman continuity rebooted after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC editors felt that Superman should be the sole survivor of Krypton, resulting in Kara being removed.

After the events of Infinite Crisisthe sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, many historical events from the multiverse are now being remembered. Donna Troyafter her rebirth and inheritance of Harbinger 's Orb, recalls the original Kara Zor-El and her sacrifice.

Although her memories of her time with the Legion are erased before she returns to the present, the mental blocks break down upon encountering the pre-Crisis versions of Legionnaires Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl Una. Supergirl exhibits new powers, manifesting sunstone crystals from her body; so far she only does so while under great stress for example, when Cassandra Cain tries to kill her.

Supergirl's father implants the crystals within his daughter's body to protect her from malevolent beings from the Phantom Zone. Kara's father, believing that Kal-El is a lure to the Zone denizens, instructs Kara to destroy him.

More recent comics have cast this plotline as the result of Kryptonite poisoning from the Kryptonite asteroid in which she was trapped. A recently completed storyline focused on her promise to a little boy that she would save him. She tries to make good on her promise, following different avenues searching for a cure for his cancer. After he died, she tracks down a villain with the ability to jump through time, but decides not to use that solution, as she would just be doing the same thing as the villain.

She accepts that sometimes she cannot save everyone. As part of The New 52, Kara's origin was rebooted once again. An amnesiac Kara awakens after her lifepod crashes to Earth in the midst of a meteor shower. Upon emerging, she encounters humans and the extent of her powers for the first time. When encountered by Superman, she attacks him, believing him to be an impostor as her cousin was only a baby when she last saw him, and she believed it to only have been a few days since then.

  • Supergirl (Kara Kent)

After several battles with supervillains, including the Worldkillers, superweapons of Kryptonian design, she accepts Krypton's destruction, but continues to grapple with her grief. Her desire to restore Krypton results in her being manipulated into nearly destroying the Earth by another Kryptonian whom she falls in love with.

Upon realizing his manipulation, she kills him by driving Kryptonite through his heart, and succumbs to Kryptonite poisoning. Following her poisoning, Supergirl departs the Earth to die alone. While adrift in interstellar space, she encounters a planet under attack by monsters, and quickly intervenes to save them, unaware that the entire planet is a trap by Brainiac.

She is captured and restrained by Cyborg Supermanbut after a struggle, manages to escape both Brainiac and Cyborg Superman. Returning to Earth, she is sent into the past by the Oracle alongside Superman and Superboy, where she ensures that a resurrected H'el cannot save Krypton, and sacrifices the planet and her family in order to save the universe. Back on Earth, she is attacked by the assassin Loboand in the ensuing battle, kills him, while unleashing her rage.

A Red Lantern power ring finds her and attaches to her, transforming her into a Red Lantern. Driven insane by rage, Kara wanders space, attacking everyone in her way, until captured by several Green Lanterns and brought to Hal Jordan. Immediately recognizing a Kryptonian and unable to remove the power ring without killing her, he brings her to Guy Gardnerthe leader of one of the two Red Lantern factions, who manages to restore her sanity.

After some time under Guy's tutelage and protecting the galaxy as a Red Lantern, she is discharged from the Red Lantern Corps, as Guy did not want for her to die needlessly against Atrocitus ' splinter group. On her way back to Earth, Kara encounters the leader of the Worldkillers, who are revealed to be parasitic suits of armor. He attempts to assimilate Kara as his host, but she voluntarily subjects herself to Kryptonite poisoning in order to stop him, and eventually flies into the Sun and removes her power ring, killing her and removing him from her body.

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However, Kara is revealed to be immortal while in the Sun's core, and is restored to life without the power ring or any Kryptonite poisoning, immediately destroying the Worldkiller. She later helps Guy against Atrocitus and his Red Lantern splinter group. Eventually, the rule that Superman should be the only Kryptonian survivor was relaxed, allowing for a return of Kara Zor-El as his cousin.

Supergirl Matrix After the post-Crisis reboot in the late s, Supergirl's origin was completely rewritten. No longer was she Superman's cousin or even Kryptonian. In Superman v2, 16 Aprila new Supergirl debuted as a man-made lifeform made of synthetic protoplasm created by a heroic Lex Luthor of a " pocket continuum ".

Lex implants her with Lana Lang 's memories, and she can shapeshift to resemble Lana. Matrix even believes herself to be Lana for a time. She wears a miniskirted version of Superman's costume, but does not have Superman's exact powers.

The last makes her undetectable even to Superman. Matrix's Supergirl form resembles the pre-Crisis Supergirl.

supergirl and superman relationship

She lives in Smallville with the Kents, who treated "Mae" like their own daughter. She leaves him to find her own way in the world, serving for a time as a member of the Teen Titans and a hero in her own right. The Supergirl comic revamped the previous Matrix Supergirl by merging her with a human being, resulting in a new Supergirl.

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Many elements of the pre-Crisis Supergirl were incorporated in new ways. The woman that Matrix merges with has the same name as pre-Crisis Supergirl's secret identity, Linda Danvers. The series is set in the town of Leesburg, named after Danvers' pre-adoption surname.