Taeyeon and baekhyun relationship tips

Everything about Baekhyun-Taeyeon couple

Photos of EXO's Baekhyun and Girl's Generation's Taeyeon together are circulating The two have been reportedly dating for four months. SM Entertainment revealed in that Baekhyun is in relationship with that repeatedly said that both Baekhyun and Taeyeon are in relationship. In , after roughly 14 months of dating, they finally parted their ways. “They had a close junior and senior relationship and recently starting dating.” – Girls' Generation member Taeyeon (25) and EXO's Baekhyun.

taeyeon and baekhyun relationship tips

He is an EXO member from This confirmed the suspicions of the huge number of netizens that repeatedly said that both Baekhyun and Taeyeon are in relationship. The couple had known each other for roughly three years, since when Baekhyun first entered SM as a trainee.

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They first got close as colleagues and only after a long time their friendship developed into something more. The Korean magazine Dispatch published a detailed report that showed concrete evidence of their relationship.

taeyeon and baekhyun relationship tips

The two have been spotted in a car date, and their SNS activities have also been made public. Both the actors tried to make their relationship work many times and had dates to get closer to each other. However, according to mutual friends, their liason was an extremely damaging one, and they reportedly split up many times just to get back together after a little while. Very discussed was the episode in which Taeyeon unfollowed her boyfriend on the Social Network Instagram, while Baekhyun was still following her.

This raised suspicion among fans of the two.

Who is Byun Baek-hyun’s Girlfriend? Lovelife with Taeyeon

He would like to date a girl around cm tall, with white skin and straight long hair. Perhaps certain people believed that the two were purposely doing this, hence mocking their clueless fans, and others also felt hurt that the Instagram posts they once thought were addressed to fans may have been a secret coded message addressed to Baekhyun.

Some examples of the few of the posts in question are below: Although this post was looked upon as an innocent post confessing her love for the snack before the dating news, fans are now pointing out that Oreo refers to Baekhyun.

taeyeon and baekhyun relationship tips

The reasoning is that the cookie is made up of black and white portions, and 'baek' can mean 'white' while 'hyun' can refer to black. In addition Baekhyun also had Oreos on his birthday cake before that were laying on the cake in a similar manner as those in Taeyeon's post.

This post is another one that fans have been pointing out as her caption stated, "Taengkyoong-verying-mangching it's so cute tysone". The beginning part of the post was understood as a cute way of her saying "Thank you very much" initially and fans believed she was thanking SONEs with the post.

However, 'Dispatch' had mentioned in their dating report that the two call each other 'Taengkoong' as Taeyeon's nickname is 'Taengoo', and Baekhyun's nickname is 'Baekoong'.

Who is Byun Baek-hyun's Girlfriend? Lovelife with Taeyeon | MIJ Miner8

This lead fans to determine that this post, although disguised as if it was aimed towards her fans, it was actually addressed to Baekhyun. In addition, fans also pointed out that they also created this nickname to fondly address Taeyeon in the past, so they felt betrayed that the two would use nicknames fans made up to express their affection for their idol on each other.

This post was dated 4 months back, which is said to be the time that the two started to date.