Thiago silva and david luiz relationship quizzes

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thiago silva and david luiz relationship quizzes

David Luiz and Thiago Silva are inseparable in the center of Brazil's defense, and there are two Brazilian kids who look just like them. I always had a wonderful relationship with the fans and I am looking forward Thiago Silva, Lucas et David Luiz célèbrent ce nouveau titre de. A photo surfaced during the last World Cup of two kids who looked remarkably like David Luiz and Thiago Silva and people loved it. Originally, many thought.

The Brazilian who fed his lover to dogs It has ever been thus for Luiz. He has long been compared unfavourably to Luiz, considered little more than a sidekick, a real-life 'Sideshow Bob'. Yet while he has been ridiculed for much of his career, he has always taken it admirably, been a good sport about it and arguably even played up to his persona.

However, what happened on that fateful night in Belo Horizonte changed him. He became more serious and increasingly avoided the glare of the football media. He has worked hard to stop making the mistakes that had tarnished his reputation.

Missing me Thiago? David Luiz having the last laugh at Chelsea |

He is going about everything in the right way to earn another call up for his country as he is now centre stage at Stamford Bridge, where he is almost certain to end up winning at least one major trophy this season. He is also at a club that loves him. Indeed, the Italian coach deserves enormous credit for the way in which he has got the best out of the Brazilian. Just as he did with Leonardo Bonucci at former club Juventus inConte realised that Luiz would benefit from playing in a back three, rather than a flat four, while at the same time assigning the former Benfica man and every other player a series of personal projects to improve the weaknesses in his game.

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Dunga took the captaincy away from him and transferred it to Neymar. It seemed a ludicrous decision at the time and hindsight supports that view.

Neymar was already an indulged talent shouldering the burden of expectation for a whole nation.

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Saddling him with the captaincy was an unnecessary additional responsibility for someone who was already close to a one man team. Brazil were heavily criticised for their emotional fragility during the tournament under the avuncular, indulgent tutelage of Felipe Scolari.

David Luiz and Thiago Silva get Brazil mascots who look EXACTLY like themselves

So perhaps his reputation as an emotionally incontinent captain took him by surprise. I have the impression that something that belonged to me has been taken away.

thiago silva and david luiz relationship quizzes

Losing the armband is painful. Dunga surprisingly picked him for the squad in Chile.

thiago silva and david luiz relationship quizzes

David Luiz confirmed his unreliability when he made a horrendous error in the opening minutes of the opening match against Peru. Dunga wobbled and dropped Luiz in favour of Silva.

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It looked like Thiago Silva had been ushered in from the cold, when in fact, he was just warming up for another spell of isolation. Paraguay equalised from the spot. The game eventually went to penalties and in the build-up to the shootout, this time Silva was not on his haunches in the semi-circle with his back turned. This time he was fending off an inquisition from his own teammates.