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thomas and friends calling all engines ending relationship

The Railway Series is a set of story books about a railway system located on the fictional Island The engine characters were almost all based upon real classes of books formed the basis of the children's television series Thomas & Friends. . Despite the tempestuous relationship with Awdry, Dalby is probably the best. Much more difficult has been the establishment of a harmonious relationship between the two Thomas & Friends . P.A. Problems (mentioned), Cranky at the End of the Line, New Crane on the Dock, Philip's Number, A Shed for and Emily Go? and Edward Helps Emily Up Gordon's Hill (mentioned); Calling All Engines!. End of dialog window. Thomas the Tank Engine launches gender-balanced, multicultural . “The engines are all very rude to each other most of the time,” wrote Thomas & Friends has also been accused of being sexist for its lack of and the classic “Roll Call” song will still be included in some musical.

With the popularity of the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series among children, merit Toys also produced some larger scale battery-powered engines with carriages and wagons in the s, which ran on red tracks. Complementary videos, DVDs, books, games, puzzles, stationery, clothing, in Januarya number of Thomas toys were recalled after test found lead content in the paint was up to 90 times the legally permitted level 4.

Toby, an engine with cowcatchers and sideplates, carries the North Western Railway running number seven. His cowcatchers and sideplates allow him to run on roadside tramways, J70s were used for light duties, such as branch line work and dock shunting.

Awdrys parish at Elsworth in Cambridgeshire in the same diocese. Awdry wrote about Toby the Tram Engine inthe Tramway ran from Wisbech, through Emneth — the next station on the line — then through Outwell and Upwell. This area and its line was known to Rev. Awdry who often visited Ely nearby. The Tramway was primarily used for the transportation of fruit and other produce to the main line at Wisbech.

The line closed to passengers inbut freight continued until lorries. Inthe tram engines were replaced by diesel Drewry Shunters. Inspiration for Toby came from the Awdrys watching a J70 — probablyone of three J70s built in — at Great Yarmouth in Further inspiration was drawn soon after when the Rev.

Teddy Boston, then curate at Wisbech, fascinated by the unusual engines, Awdry sought a way to incorporate them in the stories. The story includes a description of Tobys final journeys on the line, People come to see Toby, Toby had few trucks, and fewer passengers.

That day Henrietta had more passengers than she could manage. They rode in the trucks and crowded in the brake van and this was a common occurrence during the closing of real railway lines, demand decreased to an unprofitable amount, but services were often full for the last workings of steam. On Awdrys model railway, Toby was represented by a Y6, inAwdry wrote an article for Railway Modeller magazine on the construction of this locomotive.

W, Awdry served as parish priest in two parishes in Cambridgeshire, the county associated with Toby the Tram Engine. First, he was Rector of Elsworth with Knapwell from tothen he was Vicar of Emneth from until when he retired from full-time ministry and moved to Stroud, Toby is introduced in the seventh book in The Railway Series 5.

He became the most popular character in the series, and is the character in the accompanying television spin-off series. Thomas is an engine and has a number 1 painted on his side. All of the locomotives in The Railway Series were based on prototypical engines, Thomas first appeared in in the second book in the series, Thomas the Tank Engine, and was the focus of the four short stories contained within.

The program became a hit around the world, with a vast range of spin-off commercial products. When Awdry created Thomas, the engine existed only as a toy made for his son Christopher. This engine looked rather different from the character in the books and television series, Awdry claimed that this stood for No Where, as the Railway Series and its backstory developed, the railway Thomas and his friends worked on what became known as the North Western Railway.

Thomas wasnt originally based on a prototype, rather, the stories were an accompaniment to the toy made for Christopher.

Awdry selected a real locomotive for Payne to work from to create authenticity and this may have been chosen simply because Awdry had a photograph to hand. Thomas is one of half a dozen locomotives fitted with an extension to the front of the water tanks, while the language used and the behaviours exhibited often closely resemble those of real locomotives there are some significant and artistic differences.

For example, Thomass wheels are driven by internal cylinders typical of such tank engines, the cranks and connecting rods are therefore not externally visible. Awdry was unsatisfied with one detail of the fact that the front end of his footplate featured a downward slope. This was a mistake that was perpetuated in subsequent books. The accident, in Thomas Comes to Breakfast was partly devised as a means of correcting this, Thomas has always been shown with a curved front buffer beam in the television series.

It had often been assumed that C. Reginald Dalby created the character, as he was responsible for illustrating books 3—11, Thomas arrived on Sodor inwhen The Fat Controller bought the locomotive for a nominal sum to be a pilot engine at Vicarstown 6.

He is the smallest, youngest and probably cheekiest, of the steam engine characters. He carries the number 6 on his bunker, the Fat Controller brought him to Sodor when there was an engine strike due to a shortage of shunting engines. The bigger engines initially tried to bully him, but Percy soon showed that he was more capable of standing up for himself.

After a few years of shunting at the Big Station, the Fat Controller promoted him to traffic on Thomas branch line. When not pulling trucks, he can be seen pulling the post train or even taking Annie, Percys best friends are Thomas and Toby. He is also known to have a respect for Edward ever since his first appearance. He is reasonably experienced, but can occasionally be a little naive. In that sense, he is the foil for Thomas — who can be just as headstrong. Percys first appearance in The Railway Series was in book no,5, Troublesome Engines, originally published in He was given his own title with book no, like Henry the Green Engine, Percy was the source of much friction between Rev.

Reginald Dalby, the first illustrator of The Railway Series, Awdry complained that Percy did not look like a real locomotive, an issue that had caused contention between the two men on several occasions and concerning several characters. In the case of Percy, it was particularly infuriating, as Awdry had built a model of the engine in order that the artist could use it as a reference. All this came to a head when the book Percy the Small Engine, Awdry wrote to Dalby a letter requesting that he should make Percy look less like a green caterpillar with red stripes.

The sentence was this, I beg, pray, and exhort you not to make Percy look like a caterpillar with red stripes. Insulted by this, Dalby resigned from the Railway Series, subsequent illustrators modified the design to make Percy look more like a typical industrial locomotive 7.

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He could not tell which engine was which, and so decided to keep whichever one was the more useful, unfortunately, Douglas accidentally shunted Thomas Special Coach, full of Passengers, into a siding at Tidmouth, thus infuriating the Passengers. Things worsened when Donald managed to demolish a signal box, Douglas, meanwhile, made the decision harder by helping James up a hill, succeeding in spite of James losing steam, but destroying a spiteful brake van in the process.

However, the twins proved their worth to the railway in winter, the other engines appealed to the Fat Controller in The Deputation and he decided to keep both of them. In the Railway Series, they were painted blue shortly afterwards, the twins are almost identical, and some episodes of the television series have depicted them as being inseparable.

The reason for their both arriving on Sodor was that Donald was bought and saved from scrap, but Douglas was not and was due to be cut up. They could not bear the thought of one being saved and the not so they decided to go to Sodor together.

As their crews were also related, it was not difficult for both to stay on the island. To allow the engines to be apart, the Fat Controller ordered that numbers be painted on their tenders. Following an incident in which the engines swapped tenders, he decided that it would also be wise to give them nameplates on their boilers as well, Donald and Douglas are popular among the other engines, not only for their versatility but also their practical and friendly demeanour.

They enjoy a good joke, as exemplified when Ducks driver slipped a duck into Donalds tank and they put their all into any job, no matter how difficult. And, because of their own brush with scrapping, they have the utmost sympathy for engines escaping the scrapyard and it was this sympathy that made Douglas a hero, when he rescued Oliver and Toad from scrap and brought them to Sodor.

In the Railway Series, Toad became his brake van following this incident, the Twins are mainly used for goods work, but can be used for all sorts of jobs all over the railway. They are very much the odd job engines of the line and they carry out track repair, collect engines from the Works, rescue engines that have broken down or crashed and, of course, clear snow in the winter.

The railway would not be the same without them and they are, in the Fat Controllers words, Really Useful Engines. They first appeared in the book The Twin Engines, published in and their first appearance in the television series was in Season 2.

They also played a prominent role in Season 12s Saved You and they returned to the series in Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure, where they played a supporting lead role and were both voiced by Joe Mills in both the UK and US versions 8. It was founded as the distribution arm of Jim Henson Productions. Inthe Jim Henson Television company founded Henson International Television as a company for their childrens television.

Jim Henson Productions started negotiations with The Walt Disney Company regarding a purchase of the company in the late s. With the success of Barney, HiT began to develop its own programming for the pre-school market, byHiT was listed on the AIM to raise funding to develop these programs.

But he also wondered deeply about Millie. That evening, he visited the Earl's estate once more and found Millie looking at the ruins if the castle. But meeting you made me think about something…I have a friend at the Blue Mountain Quarry named Luke.

He's very friendly and hard-working. He's also very innocent and approachable. Like you, he's been here for many years. Whenever you have time, would you like to meet him? Meeting a new engine she hadn't heard of after idling in her shed for so long sounded like a fun idea, but she remembered she had to help the Earl. I'm sure you'll really like him," said Thomas. Maybe it might just work out," he thought to himself with a smile. One evening, at the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge, a certain silver streamlined engine came back to the island.

He pompously shot past Hiro on his way around the railway. Meanwhile at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas had just returned and was ready to sleep. He looked at the berths…James, Henry, an empty berth, Percy, Gordon, another empty berth…and a closed berth.

When he saw Spencer, he now knew there was only one berth left. Although Thomas loved Edward's kind, friendly approach, he had his mind on someone else. I love you," Thomas thought as Spencer backed into the berth beside Gordon. Even Thomas liked Gordon's jokes sometimes. That's why I pull the express! He was the fastest engine…on Sodor, but Spencer was one of the fastest engines in the world.

With that, he and the other engines fell asleep…except Thomas. He didn't like hearing brags or whistles so late at night. He was just about to tell Spencer off when he heard a slight creek just past Spencer.

He looked and saw the closed berth's doors slowly opening, followed by a yawn and a puffing sound…out came Emily. Thomas was very happy that she was there all the time, but she looked tired and slightly irritated. What's all the quarreling and whistling about?

Can't a queen be allowed to sleep? Blame it on Gordon and Spencer. They were quarreling about speed…again. I didn't know you were here all along. I'm so happy you're here…but where's Edward? Where will he sleep? He didn't want her to sleep beside the smuggest engine Sodor had ever seen, and he got an idea.

Emily blushed and smiled. Thomas slowly puffed out of his berth and waited for the turntable to turn to him. Then he turned to Percy's berth. He coupled to Percy and very gently pulled him out of his berth. He moved so slowly and carefully, Percy didn't wake up. Thomas waited for the table to turn back to his own berth and he backed Percy gently into the berth beside Henry. Then he turned round on the turntable to Spencer. Thomas came toward Spencer very quietly. Despite the hard work Thomas had to start moving, Spencer didn't wake up either.

He knew there wasn't enough room on the turntable for both him and Spencer, so he'd have to think ahead. At last, Thomas had Spencer placed on the turntable. Thomas watched the table turn Spencer to the empty berth beside Percy. But now Thomas had to switch tracks in order to shunt Spencer back into shed. He quietly reversed away from the sheds, back to the nearest signal box in the yards.

He whistled quickly and feebly, so as not to be too noisy. Luckily the signalman was still there and switched Thomas to the right track. Thomas winked back at the signalman to thank him and quietly came back to the sheds. When he arrived, everyone, except Emily was still asleep.

Emily, meanwhile was absolutely fascinated by Thomas' generosity and his strength. She wasn't sure but she felt like there were red and pink hearts floating around her as she stared at Thomas in a dreamy state. After Spencer was in his berth, Thomas turned round and backed into the berth beside Emily. You always want to make sure I'm comfortable and happy. This told Thomas she was ready to sleep. When the sun rose over Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas woke up first.

He saw that Gordon, Spencer and Percy were not home. Thank goodness they didn't stay and bother Emily," he thought as he looked over to her.

She was just waking up. As she opened her eyes, she smiled contently at the morning light, then turned her sweet look to Thomas. He felt a shiver rush through his boiler.

Emily looked back and remembered the quarrel she heard the previous night. Why must they race? I simply don't care who wins. Thomas loved her laughter. It sounded so cute and beautiful. At Knapford Station, Percy brought Gordon his coaches. I thought we were having a race. The express always leaves on time," said Gordon. But then… "Morning, Gordon! Shall we see who's the fastest then? No one said we were starting!

Gordon hurried after Spencer, but it was hard to build up speed with four heavy coaches behind him! Spencer switched across two lines. But Gordon kept going. Foot by foot, yard by yard he gained speed with his wheels pounding the rails.

He was just catching up when Spencer pulled off the main line towards the Earl's estate. I nearly caught up with you! Perhaps we can have proper race another day! Later that day, Percy was shunting trucks at Brendam Docks, when he noticed an engine hiding behind some crates.

He thought it was Thomas and wanted to have fun. The engine who jumped in shock…was Spencer. What was that for? I thought you were Thomas. What are you doing here, Spencer? Have you come to shunt trucks? I've brought the Earl here on important business with the Dock Manager," bragged Spencer. I thought they were making you a goods engine now so you could be really useful," teased Percy. Have you come to carry stone? I am on important business with the Earl," bragged Spencer, again. And Spencer, begrudgingly, backed up to a train of stone.

That is really useful," teased Thomas. He looked around until he found him in his own shed. An engine I never knew to work on this island…right now, the Earl is very busy with this engine…but when the time comes…I think you will meet this engine and you will be extremely happy.

I must go now. The Fat Controller has given me an important job to do. Meanwhile, Thomas was now back to being curious about the Earl's plans. The other engines were curious too. He must be laying a new railway line," said Percy at Knapford Station. Hardly anybody goes there," said Emily.

thomas and friends calling all engines ending relationship

Just then, Toby arrived with a very important message. That was fixed years ago. He's burst his safety valve, and the Fat Controller wants Percy to pull his heavy goods train to the Earl's estate," said Toby.

I'm going to the Earl's estate! I can find out what he's really building! After Toby left, Thomas came into the station. He was happy to see that Emily was there. His safety valve burst," said Emily.

The Fat Controller asked me to go to the docks for that goods train," said Thomas. Emily became rather puzzled. What is his plan?

Thomas and friends calling all engines part 12

He might explain everything," said Thomas. Emily watched him with a longing look and a sigh of admiration. She still couldn't get over how much he had given her over the years. She liked him a lot since first meeting him and she loved him even more after he brought back her kindness and joy. She wondered when they'd ever come together in true love.

As Thomas made his way to the docks, his mind began wondering about Emily again. So much time had passed since he saved her and he couldn't be happier for her…and he too wondered when they'd finally expressed their inner love.

Percy arrived at Brendam Docks. Poor Henry was stuck on a siding with his broken safety valve. Percy was very excited.

thomas and friends calling all engines ending relationship

He had never pulled a long, heavy goods train before. The Fat Controller has asked me to take this heavy goods train there. Since when does he tell other engines what to do? This train is much too heavy for any of you to pull alone. You'll have to work together. So Percy, Thomas and James were all coupled to the trucks and off they went to the Earl's estate.

As they went along, the trucks played their usual tricks but that didn't stop the engines. After working with trucks for so many years, they were not going to be stopped anytime soon. Dealing with the trucks' silly games seemed to become routine for most engines and no matter what, they always managed to get their trains delivered on time.

All Percy and James thought about was getting to the Earl's estate on time and that is what kept them going. As for Thomas, he kept thinking about Emily. Memories about her were fuel to his fire and he smiled to himself as they worked hard up Gordon's Hill. Soon they came to the top and sped down the other way. It looked a little scary to all three engines but they made their way down the side track safely and huffed on.

At last, they came to the hill leading up to the estate. The trucks thought this would be a good chance for more fun. The three engines felt the drag of the heavy train and struggled to keep them moving at a good pace.

They were almost about to give up, but Percy found the strength to keep puffing forward against the trucks. Thomas and James quickly found the same strength and followed Percy's example, something Percy had been hoping for. Wheel-turn by wheel-turn, the three engines struggled, panted and steamed up the hill until they finally reached the top. As the engines approached the Earl's estate, they saw new rails and wooden sleepers, stone and building material.

Then Thomas saw his old friend, Jack the front loader. What are you doing here? He's restoring Ulfstead Castle. There's still a lot of work to do," said Jack. The heavy goods train was split up. James and Percy took the building materials, while Thomas shunted the crates and containers onto a new siding.

He was just nearing the platform when the Earl stopped him. Hold on now," said the Earl. Can I take it? You can stay behind," peeped Percy cheekily as he joined Thomas. I want to go too! The three engines ended up going altogether with the special crate and the Earl.

As they went along he line, Thomas thought about Emily again. What is this thing in a crate that takes so many engines to deliver? The Earl told us," said Thomas. Kevin got such a shock, all the wheels on his hook slipped off and clattered on the floor of the Steamworks.

The crate was slowly lifted up and Thomas, James and Percy could see a very old, very interesting machine-like form slowly turning around. I haven't turned my wheels in years. Indeed, his boiler did look old, rusty and idle. Not to mention your paintwork," added James, looking at the bumpy, aged funnel and dusty appearance of the engine. We'll have you fixed up in no time. After Stephen was lifted away, Thomas turned his attention to the Earl.

Why are you building the castle? And laying new tracks? And what's inside all your crates? You'll find out soon enough. It's all part of my big surprise! Is he part of the big surprise too?

A very special job, but it's best not to say anything to him just yet, Thomas. There's a lot of work to do before he can start," answered the Earl. I won't say anything. After settling into their berths, Thomas, Percy and James told the other engines about Stephen.

Older than any engine I'd ever seen," remarked Thomas. So all the engines agreed to meet Stephen the next day. After most of them fell asleep, Thomas looked over to Emily. She didn't look tired yet. She looked anticipated and excited to meet Stephen…and he got an idea. She quietly moved out of her berth and Thomas came out too.

On this night, there were some clouds in the sky. As they slowly passed through the moonlight, they formed blackish-blue patterns against the starlight. It looked very intriguing to Thomas and Emily. Thomas looked over to Emily. She and Thomas continued to watch the night for a while longer. Eventually, Thomas and Emily could feel sleep tugging at their energy and they both started to yawn and flicker their eyes.

Sleep well," whispered Emily. Happy dreams," whispered Thomas as they both fell asleep, looking forward to the next morning. The next morning, Thomas woke up first, then looked to his left…and saw Emily smiling pleasantly at the morning. He knew she was excited to meet Stephen and he wondered what he would think of her. He smiled too as he watched the sun glisten on her emerald paint. Henry was still having trouble with his safety valve. Emily felt bad for Henry, but she also got an idea.

She wanted to help Henry again, like she did when his tubes were leaking. I'll shunt you to the Steamworks. Victor will have you fixed up in no time. Emily was very happy to take Henry to the Steamworks. She wanted to see the old-fashioned engine…but when she arrived, she couldn't see any engines at all. Up here," laughed a voice. Emily looked up and saw Stephen. And…and this is Henry," she said. Pleased to meet you. The rest of the Steam Team had followed to meet the ancient engine.

What brings you all here? Emily was the only one with a proper purpose for being there. I was coughing soot from my funnel the other day…" started Gordon. I've been around a long time, but I wasn't always this rusty either. I remember when most railways didn't have any engines, and the trains were pulled by horses.

We steam engines were the latest thing and people were worried about us. But we didn't always work right. We were brand new and experimental, but we soon proved we were stronger and faster than horses…and I was lightning-fast!

They called me the 'rocket.

People would line the track to watch. I went to work at the mines and later, at the docks. MY pistons were pumping! I could pull full wagons at one time! Oh, but engines have changed a little since then. You new engines are so fast and so strong…that's why I don't work anymore. I may be old but not that old. And before you ask, I never saw dinosaurs either.

Stephen could see that Percy looked in low spirits. Asking questions is always a good way to learn new things. After meeting Stephen for the first time, Emily was rather fascinated with the story he had told.

The history of the railways when horses would pull trains up until the first steam engines the railways had seen. And Percy's question about knights made her realize…she once thought she could be a queen…and since Thomas thought of her as so…he must be her own knight in shining armor. He had been so brave to help her that he could almost be her prince…if only she could hear him say he loved her. She loved him dearly but still wasn't brave enough to say the words she wanted to say for such a long time.

That night at Tidmouth Sheds, she and Thomas were talking quietly to each other. Between you and me…I think your history and mine are the most interesting. Our stories are long and capturing to the interest.

Both their stories were full of change, discovery, drama and joy. I'm not shining armor. You are very beautiful…more beautiful than a queen. As beautiful as an angel…just like your funnel's ring. If I'm an angel…all I'm missing is glistening white angel wings. You don't need wings to be an angel. Your emerald paint, large wheels, gold ring and your gentle, kind approach is what makes you an angel…and I really like that.

They wished each other goodnight and fell asleep. Sometime later, they began to dream… Emily was at Ulfstead Castle, under a bright full moon. She was decorated with jewels along her running boards, necklaces around her funnel, and lines of gold and silver paint on her emerald livery. Thomas was facing her, wearing a shield on the sides of both of his tanks, and a knight's helmet settled cutely on his funnel. Both engines were stunned and spellbound by each other's looks under the moonlight.

Then their lips slowly intertwined in a gentle kiss under the moon. As they kissed, they could hear an owl hoot in the sky and they felt a gentle breeze blow through the air.

It was truly magical and impossibly breathtaking. When their lips released, they looked at each other with unbreakable love. Thomas woke up to see Emily still asleep beside him at Tidmouth Sheds. Despite being another dream, Thomas remembered that dream from the Winter Party Special. Just give it time," he whispered as he fell back asleep. Emily woke up hearing slight whispers and saw Thomas.

When the sun rose, Thomas and Emily woke up together. But we do have work to do…we should keep the Fat Controller's railway running on time," said Emily. Thomas and his friends came by whenever they could.

They wanted to see how the work was progressing. Soon, Stephen was shiny and new. His funnel was straightened, his boiler had been fixed, and he'd been given his own tender, a whistle and a fresh coat of paint. You will be really useful indeed! Then the Fat Controller arrived. I have a railway to run, and you all have work to do," he said. The other engines obeyed and prepared to leave. Thomas felt bad that Emily had to leave, but he still gave her a smile.

She smiled back as she left with the other engines. Thomas was about to leave too when the Fat Controller spoke up again. Thomas and James too. The Earl of Sodor has asked me if you could help him with a special job…I don't know what he's up to, but he's an old friend. I want to help him in any way I can.

We'll do our best," said Thomas. Thomas and his friends were very excited, but Stephen looked a little sad. We should go," called James. Then an idea flew into Thomas' funnel.

Just to cheer him up. But I've seen people do all sorts of things that don't make any sense…or maybe he wants to make tea in my boiler! He has a proper job for you," beamed Thomas.

The Earl of Sodor is full of surprises. As she looked up the hill, she remembered visiting the other castle with Toby and Percy. I'd like to be a queen. Thomas even called her a queen and that made her happy. She decided to look at some of the estate for a change of scenery. When she reached the estate's platform, she decided to idle for some time and feel the atmosphere around her.

Just then, she heard a high whistle. She knew it wasn't Rosie. Coming along the line beside Emily was Millie. She was surprised indeed to see such a beautiful engine herself. I'm the Earl's engine and I work on his estate. Ever since he left the island, I've been kept in my shed until his return, and I'm much happier now," explained Millie. And you look just like a queen. There are many of us on the island who I'm sure would like to be your friends. It was lovely meeting you," Emily smiled.

I hope to see you again soon," said Millie. And Emily went back down the hill and on her way to work. As she left the bottom of the hill, she saw Thomas, James and Percy huffing behind the other. Thomas felt happy seeing Emily on his way. He just wished she could have worked with him. If she could, that would have been the best way to work for him. Percy, Thomas and James climbed up the steep track to the estate.

The castle looked very different now that it was being restored. The rails heading towards the castle were dual gauge, which allowed for standard and narrow gauge engines to travel on the same track. As they puffed towards the castle, the drawbridge lowered down, revealing the inside of the castle.

Once they entered the castle, they were spellbound by the incredible sight before their eyes. At the Steamworks, Henry's valve had finally been fixed.

He was ready to go back to his job. Stephen was eager to find out about his job too. I don't know anything about it," said Victor. Kevin didn't know either…not even Stephen's old job. He was feeling excited. I have to get up and go! Percy, Thomas and James had already found their new job: They were coupled to some flatbeds which held a tall platform that was being used to raise the roof beams.

The engines would have to move it to the right place for each beam. They never had a job like this before. They would all have to work together…but deep down inside, all Thomas could think about was Emily.

After catching a glimpse of her on his way up, he kept wishing she could be there helping him. But thinking about her also fueled his strength and will to get the job done with Percy and James. Gordon was pulling the express…when Spencer came up alongside him. But Gordon wasn't going to lose this chance. He pumped his pistons faster and faster so he could catch up to Spencer who was further ahead. Then there was trouble! There was something on the track ahead of Gordon.

Stephen was puffing slowly along on Gordon's line. Gordon had to apply his brakes very quickly in order to avoid a nasty collision. He managed to slow down just in time, which allowed Spencer to shoot past. I thought you were the rocket! I'm going as fast as I can. He had to go slowly. Back at the castle, Thomas and his friends were working together again. Percy was working harder than usual. A few tools fell and bumped off James. I didn't mean to wobble," peeped Percy. Thomas started moving forward too quickly and too suddenly, causing the platform to to shake and wobble uneasily.

All the vibrations made a roof beam come loose. It fell from the platform and kicked up a lot of dust. Luckily, no one was hurt. I need to go to the washdown! We need to carry on with our work, or the castle won't be ready in time," said Thomas. Meanwhile Stephen had come to Brendam Docks to look for his new job.

Paxton and Diesel were very surprised to see Stephen turn up. Shall I ask him? Out of the way, little steamie! We have work to do here. I'm looking for my new job. This is no place for an old engine like you.