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Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffmann, Uwe Sunde (). On the Relationship Between Cognitive Ability and Risk Preference. Journal of Economic. Sylvie Koval, Tom Weyland, Siegfried Moysich, Carl Fox, Dr. Bernard Resnick opening theme bears a distant relationship to the opening theme Rudolf Mauersberger () was born in the Rhenish town of Burscheid not far. In opening theme bears a distant relationship to the opening theme Pieces” . Thomas. which became the foundation for the teaching of music theory group of Italian composers determined to Rudolf Mauersberger () was theme but again well born in the Rhenish town of Burscheid not far written.

His thesis subject was on the enigmatic Fast Radio Bursts FRBsa relatively new field of study in radio astronomy on millisecond radio transients of extragalactic origin.

Her master project was on studying "Dynamics of Spacetime as an Emergent Phenomenon" under the supervision of Prof. In his MSc thesis work his previous supervisor Sascha Trippe and he investigated milli-arcsecond multi-frequency and linear polarization properties of parsec-scale bright radio jets in several active galaxies.

He mainly investigated brightness temperature distributions, spectral indices of the jet nuclear regions, and evolution of the linear polarizations driven by turbulence and shocks.

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The maser thesis was about water and methanol masers surveys toward ultracompact HII regions in the Milky Way. The main PhD project is studying diffuse HII regions with radio recombination lines which will be obtained from observation inner Galaxy plane with a new C-band receiver of Effelsberg telescope. Her work at University of Bonn included cosmic magnetism and polarization studies. In her Master degree She performed a small-sample radio continuum study of radio relics in galaxy clusters using the Effelsberg m radio telescope at 4.

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She investigate the polarization properties of unresolved ultra high polarized extragalactic radio sources. She will conduct a deep high resolution polarization survey of VLA data of these sources to understand their origin. She will furthermore work on high resolution wideband polarization VLA data of M51 to probing the magnetized disk-halo interaction region. Sui Ann Mao Expertise: He obtained his M. In particular, he investigated the magnetic field geometry of the Snail PWN. Decoding Divergence in Software Regulation: Paradigms, Power Structures, and Institutions in the U.

From consent to consultation: When the sum becomes less than its parts: Structural power and the biodiversity regime complex, in: Eimer — CV Other articles, book chapters, and working papers Within or beyond the law? Resource conflicts and the ero- sion of Adivasi self-governance in Jharkhand Indiain: Kamil Eltayeb Idris, in: Introduction to the special issue: When modern science meets traditional knowledge: A multi-level process of adap- tion and resistance.

Postindustrielle Verteilungskonflikte — Werte, Interessen und Institutionen, in: Die Debatte um geistiges Eigentum. Uwe Jun et al. Kleine Parteien im Aufwind. Globale Strukturen und deren Steuerung.

From consent to consultation? Defending the right to say no: Property systems and transnational political opportunity structures: Implementing international intellectual property norms in India and Brazil, confer- 4 Thomas R. A multi-level process of adaption and resistance. Software patents in the U. Combating piracy — undermining privacy? Introduction to a panel discussion of the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, April 25, Changes in World Politics: Towards a borderless world market?

Free trade in the international political economy Summer Processes of transnationali- zation in the international political economy with Matthias Kranke Undergraduate Course: Piracy and knowledge commons — conflicts in intellectual prop- erty regulations Undergraduate Course: Actors, agents or audience?

Nongovernmental organiza- tions in the international political economy Undergraduate Course: Good education or education as a good? School and uni- versity reforms in the international political economy with Christof Mauersberger Summer Cooperation and competition — regulatory policies in the shadow of globalization Graduate Course: Introduction to policy analysis. Talk shops, decision forums, or actors?