Tobi and madara relationship

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tobi and madara relationship

Just because Guy and Obito don't share a relationship as intimate as Madara obviously recognised Tobi and (as far as we've seen) this is. Madara was the main antagonist in Naruto who provoked countless Tobirama, however, was against Madara being Hokage, so he . Sons Of Anarchy: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jax And Clay's Relationship. うちはオビト Uchiha ObitoTobi (トビ, Tobi)Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ. promotion to jōnin, though Obito had "forgotten", straining their already poor relationship.

tobi and madara relationship

Minato fought against Tobi who unless he was a kid who had a massive growth spurt was a fully grown man. It also means he went from Genin level to almost Hokage level in the space of two years. Both Kakashi and Guy would be massively thrown off their game and this fight would have been his for the taking. She figured out that Tobi can only use Kamui for a maximum of minutes at a time and went on to blow him to pieces or so we thought.

tobi and madara relationship

How did he survive? A little some called Izanagi.

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha – Can This Be True?

Tobi had two Sharingan eyes whilst Obito would only have had one after giving his other to Kakashi. So, like I said in my opening, unless a jutsu that can regenerate Sharingan eyes exists or we have a Danzo copycat who implants the Sharingan into his head, Tobi cannot be Obito.

Possible Explanations The Danzo Copycat is my best guess. The only people Madara would recognise are people from his time i.

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It appears these tubular objects are attached directly into the skin of his back. It makes me wonder just how much Zetsu reconstructive surgery Madara has needed since the battle with Hashirama… Obviously weary from standing and speaking, Old Man Madara slowly walks away towards a throne of sorts made of wood.

tobi and madara relationship

Or perhaps someone else under his direction…? I was beginning to suspect something like this the moment those Matrix tubes were revealed.

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So this appears to be the same location. And, oh yeah, the old man is Uchiha Madara… in case you missed that. D They do physically look a lot alike, IMO. Well, like I say, if anyone knows about this best it would be Madara. Alongside having to experience the physical pain that comes from existing within a literal winner-kills-and-eats-all environment. Escaped death perhaps, but at the expense of a certain quality of life.

tobi and madara relationship

And here we are shown where I assume Obito was hanging and his body was patched up by the Hashirama-Mazou tree. Madara comments that there are many things he has in mind for Obito to do to repay the cost of saving his life. But Obito could care less about talk of peace and love and perfect worlds and continues his slow progress across the ground.

tobi and madara relationship

Madara finally remarks that if Obito is so insistent on dying he will at least take his sharingan in the process, which confuses Obito as Madara clearly has sharingan already. Well, this seems to suggest that an Uchiha is weaker without a complete set of sharingan… Sensing that is this is the case, if he were to train his sharingan, Obito could surpass Kakashi and they could finally protect Rin equally together.

But a new passion burns in his eyes as his desperation to leave reaches a fevered pitch.