Uganda and sudan relationship

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uganda and sudan relationship

For years relations between Uganda and Sudan were icy, undermined by mutual suspicions over supporting rebel groups on each other's. South Sudan: How should Uganda do business this time? . because that has an effect on relationship, including business, particularly when. Ugandans and South Sudanese have sought refuge in each other's expert Denis Otim calls a “symbiotic relationship” between refugees and.

The Sudanese government objected to the Government of Uganda singling out the issue, saying that they were using it to draw negative attention to Sudan. Over the first day or two, the government delegations exchanged documents listing their grievances and positions on re-establishing bilateral relations.

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Putting their positions on paper seemed to fix them and made the discussions very difficult. Before leaving London, both sides agreed on the need to meet again before a summit of the heads of state. Preparations for the summit As I prepared to return to Sudan and Uganda to meet the contact groups, Carter made calls to both presidents urging their cooperation and setting dates for the summit.

At the same time, they wanted reassurance that Garang would be there, which Carter could not give.

uganda and sudan relationship

By this time, early November, it seemed unlikely that Museveni could or would exert pressure on Garang to participate. While in Khartoum, the delegation again sought to meet Kony but succeeded only in meeting one of his deputies.

He assured us that Kony had received the invitation from President Carter, but it arrived too late for Kony to prepare adequately. We asked that Kony reconsider, and that if he could not participate, to designate a representative to attend. The facilitation team had drafted an agreement that each group read and commented on.

uganda and sudan relationship

During these first two days, aside from having some meals together, the parties did not meet face-to-face. Instead, the facilitation team met each group separately to discuss the points of the agreement. This was done at the insistence of the Executive Director of The Carter Center, who feared the contact groups might cancel the summit.

The facilitation team disagreed, understanding the desire of the contact groups to meet together before their presidents arrived to ensure that the text of the agreement was acceptable.

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By the afternoon of 7 December, the facilitators believed we had a text that both presidents could agree to. We continued to wait for word on whether the LRA might yet send someone to the talks, but were not very hopeful. Carter and Bashir arrived in Nairobi on 7 December, and Museveni sent word that he would arrive the next morning.

uganda and sudan relationship

He went through all the points of the agreement with Bashir and they agreed to a timetable for restoring relations with Uganda. The meeting ended after 10pm. We then went to meet the Ugandan contact group, without Museveni. The Ugandan team reiterated the need to release the Aboke girls and Carter assured them The Carter Center would help with efforts to get the children out of Sudan.

By the next morning, Carter had re-worked the text of the agreement so that he could present it to Museveni. Carter met with Museveni, talked about Garang and the Sudan peace process and then went through the point agreement point by point.

Museveni agreed to release Sudanese prisoners of war. He said he had the names of all the girls and would ensure their release.

Uganda and Sudan begin mediation talks in South Sudan's conflict

He offered to send his son Chip to guarantee this. Museveni asked that restoration of relations be contingent on implementation of the points of the agreement. By mid-afternoon on 8 December, earlier than any of us had thought possible, we had agreement.

Bashir and Museveni shook hands, and the Nairobi Agreement came into existence. But the presidents had asked Carter for more.

uganda and sudan relationship

Previous agreements between the two countries had collapsed as soon as the ink was dry because of lack of trust. They asked for The Carter Center to remain engaged and to oversee implementation. Additionally, host communities in Uganda see a clear benefit to welcoming newcomers. However, resources in northern Uganda are scarce — not nearly enough to sustain both an impoverished local community and a million newcomers without more international assistance.

Competition is fierce for food and water, healthcare, education, and business opportunity. When commodities in refugee settlements run dry, as they frequently do the United Nations World Food Programme, for example, recently had to slash rations in half at the Pagirinya settlementsome refugees venture into local communities.

There, they encounter resentment and discrimination from local Ugandans who, facing the threat of famine themselves, are frustrated by what seems like an endless flow of aid to refugee camps. Some locals have registered or disguised themselves as refugees to access supplies from organizations like the World Food Programme.

Others have demonstrated against aid groups and even blocked access to supply trucks. Aid experts say that such incidents are to be expected, and that Uganda is managing exceptionally well in the face of extreme circumstances. However, as resources rapidly deplete, social tension and the potential for insecurity grow.

Some districts have seen the rise of local violence between aid workers of different tribes. Sudan's relationship with South Sudan is extremely important. Not too long ago the two were one country.

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Sudan has been very engaged in South Sudan, and as we know --Sudan is very keen to revive operations within the Unity State oil fields and to get the oil moving through Sudan again, where currently those installations are being protected by joint border forces from both Sudan and South Sudan. And the two oil ministers are currently having negotiations to strike a deal. As we also know, Sudan is having economic problems at the moment and its economy is in crisis, so it's keen to sort them out.

uganda and sudan relationship

Sudan's relationship with the two actors both as a partner in government in Sudan and also having a close relationship with Riek Machar could help push a deal. I think that a deal with Riek Machar would also be necessary for the long-term viability of resuming oil production in Unity State. Uganda is also extremely important.

Sudan and Uganda announce direct flights between both countries

So having Museveni take part in the talks would also be something to assuage President Kiir. His support for President Kiir has remained strong during the civil war in South Sudan. No regional leader holds greater influence over Juba than Museveni and has been able to maintain that influence.