Vaan and penelo relationship memes

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vaan and penelo relationship memes

Final Fantasy Meme | Seven Relationships: Vaan + Penelo [3/7]. "In a relationship where the girl is older than the guy," Penelo wonders to the Summary: Penelo tells Larsa she's going to marry Vaan, and he doesn't take it. Everyone says that Vaan and Penelo were completely irrelevant to the story But they don't have a relationship to the events of the story and.

Loves the mentor-pupil relationship between Vaan-Balthier, or the royalty-peasant relationship between Ashe-Vaan, or Basch-Vaan relationship regarding Reks. In fact, Vaan actually helps those character became even better especially Balthier. Also do people really hates Vaan voice acting? Agreed on Penelo though, though her relationship with Vaan is adorable. Welcome to Gamefaqs, where opinions are facts, and you are a troll if you disagree with someone.

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HelloNewman HelloNewman 1 year ago 23 I don't mind his character. The voice actor himself did a good job at delivering lines and everything. I just don't care for the tone of Vaan's voice.

I don't mind him as much as I used to but I easily would've preferred to have had Reks in his spot. Though it actually makes sense in story for Ashe, Basch, Balthier, and Fran to lay low and send Vaan or Penelo out to run errands, especially in Rabanastre and Archadia.

Without their dreams men would have fallen upon and devoured one another long ago, and yet every dream is an illusion, and every illusion is a lie.

vaan and penelo relationship memes

Also Balthier asks Vaan directly why are you here, and Vaan doesn't know the answer. It all boils down to Vaan being an observer to the narrative, instead of a changer of the narrative.

I'm kidding about Balthier though, you could replace him with Ashe and it would make even more sense. Still the point is valid about Vaan being just an observer. You are the Universe experiencing itself. I don't mind his character. Also, yeah, while I don't mind Vaan, Reks would be much cooler as protagonist.

KingVi3 1 year ago 27 Fangfire posted When she hears intruders have been caught trespassing the palace grounds she rushes to the site, knowing it had been Vaan's plan.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age just kiss her already Vaan

She sees Vaan, together with the sky pirates he had met in the palace, being led away in chains. She tries to run to Vaan, but Balthierone of the sky pirates, assures her Vaan will be safe and gives Penelo his handkerchief.

Penelo is held hostage by Ba'Gamnan. Penelo's encounter with Balthier is spotted by the headhunter gang led by Ba'Gamnanwho mistakenly assumes Penelo knows Balthier.

The gang kidnaps her, leaving a note for Balthier to meet with them at the Lhusu Mines in Bhujerba if he wants to save her. Penelo is freed by her captors when Balthier shows up, him and Vaan having escaped from the Nalbina Dungeons with Basch fon Ronsenburg 's aid.

vaan and penelo relationship memes

Penelo wanders through the Lhusu Mines but is caught by Archadian soldiers, angry at having discovered her inside the mine, the place where Archadia is involved in a secret magicite mining operation. Penelo is brought to Judge Ghisbut Larsa Solidor, Vayne's younger brother, comes to her aid, and leads her away to Marquis Ondore 's mansion. The two befriend, but Penelo is initially reluctant to trust Larsa due to him being Vayne's brother and her fear of the Empire.

Larsa explains how the men of his family are taught to put the needs of others first, and having earned her trust, lends her a piece of manufacted nethicitea top secret item from the Draklor Laboratory.

Penelo, not realizing its value, keeps it as a good luck charm. Penelo and Vaan are reunited. She reunites with Vaan, whose party had been sent in by the Marquis to save Ashe, the Princess of Dalmasca who was being kept in captivity by Ghis.

The piece of nethicite Larsa had given her protects the party from Judge Ghis's magick. Penelo escapes with the band of sky pirates and asks that Vaan let her follow through their journey to defeat the Empire and restore Dalmasca. Along their quest, Penelo and Vaan exchange knowledge about Ivalice with the rest of the party.

They meet Larsa again who begs Princess Ashe to make a truce with the Empire to prevent an all-out war with the Marquis's Resistance and the Rozarrian Empire gaining power by the day.