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Join Facebook to connect with May Anne Tamban Guevarra and others you may know. *fanz ng Vhong anne* *fanz ng showtime* *exo suho*. Favorite Quotes. After years of constantly being teased to one another in ABS-CBN's noontime variety show “It's Showtime,” actor-host Vhong Navarro finally. Explore Michelle Magwali's board "Ideas for the House" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vhong navarro, Pinoy and Celebrity pictures.

Benny reluctantly led Joaquin's men to Cardo's hideout but he was killed when he took the bullet aimed for Cardo by Greg Rino Marco.

With his escape, he joins Ramil "Manager" Taduran and Julian Valerio who work for the Cebu based drug syndicate of Romano "Chairman" Recio, an ally of Joaquin, to take the syndicate down. Unknown to Cardo, the syndicate who framed him up is the syndicate responsible for the deaths of his loved ones, including Ador. Joaquin is exposed as Ador's murderer.

Joaquin was later killed by Cardo after the former disrupts the latter's wedding with Alyana Yassi Pressman. Terrorism Arc — [ edit ] Season 3 [ edit ] Main article: Ang Probinsyano season 3 Although retired from the police force, Cardo decides to become a vigilante as the country deals with the threat of a rebel group, Pulang Araw lit. Red Sun led by Romulo Dumagit alias "Leon" lit.

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Vultureto raise his profile and parlay his exposure into a Senate career. Venomled by Homer Adlawan alias "Alakdan" lit. Scorpion Jhong Hilarioto orchestrate acts of terrorism. Cardo finds initial success in combatting former Pulang Araw members hired by Hipolito to raise havoc as well as capturing Pulang Araw's camp in Mt.

However, after being threatened exposure by Leon following the capture of the Mt. Arayat camp and death of his second wife Aurora Mercedes Cabralwho was fatally shot in the stomach during the operation, Hipolito compromises SAF's operation in Mt. Cardo is shot by Alakdan, but he survives long enough to shed off his SAF uniform and is subsequently rescued and cared for by Leon and his daughter, Lena Yam Concepcion. Cardo regains consciousnesses and realizes the opportunity he has to infiltrate Pulang Araw and assumes the name of Fernan.

As Fernan joins various missions of Pulang Araw, his perception about the rebel group quickly change, realizing that their image to the public are based on lies and carefully concocted smear campaign by Director Hipolito.

Back in Manila, the propaganda stories about Cardo and Pulang Araw confuses Cardo's family, negatively affecting their lives. Rumours spread about Cardo's survival and supposed defection into Pulang Araw, a story which Director Hipolito and Major Catindig capitalizes on to destroy Cardo's credibility, blow his cover and jeopardize his safety.

At the camp, Cardo also has to deal with comrade rivalries arising from Alakdan and a jealous Anton del Mundo alias "Tigre" lit. Tiger Mark Lapidboth intent on discrediting Cardo or exposing him as a fraud. After determining that Pulang Araw is not behind the acts of terrorism, he tries to win the trust of Alakdan to infiltrate Kamandag.

In the meantime, he discovers that dela Paz and Velasco are held captive and helps them escape from the hands of Pulang Araw.

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He tells them of his discovery that Kamandag is protected by an unknown government official who is twisting facts to demonize Pulang Araw. Velasco and dela Paz realizes that Kamandag's protector is also discrediting Cardo. They hold a press conference reporting Cardo's death while trying to escape from Pulang Araw with them to ensure his cover.

Cardo wins Alakdan's trust and sends him to Manila to eliminate Director Hipolito's fiercest rival in the senate race, Senator Mateo F. Cardo manages the disruption without detonating a bomb, and narrowly escapes de Silva and his men. The following day, Cardo assaults Kamandag to avenge the death of his son, sending a wounded Alakdan and the rest of Kamandag packing.

Cardo then informs Pulang Araw of the betrayal and acts of terrorism that Alakdan perpetrated. To boost his poll ratings, Director Hipolito resolves to wipe out Pulang Araw and orders a strike on their stronghold in Mt. Cardo and Leon resolve to join forces in order to take down Alakdan. Season 4 — [ edit ] Main article: Rata former Pulang Araw member and his family. At this point, Senator Mateo de Silva Joko Diaz is revealed as a drug dealer who drew funding from Don Emilio in exchange for securing the reversal of the latter's conviction and a stake in de Silva's drug empire.

De Silva subsequently joins the hunt for Pulang Araw to catch up to Hipolito in the ratings, both eyeing the top spot to secure the nomination for the Presidency of the Philippines. Bert is later killed by Sen. His family is rescued by Pulang Araw, and finally discovers Senator de Silva's involvement in the assault on Bert's family. After visiting his dead son's grave, Don Emilio and his henchmen kidnap and torture Cardo in an isolated island called Isla Muerte lit.

Ramil and some of Cardo's inmate friends learn of Cardo's predicament and devise a plan to rescue him. With the remnants of Cardo's allies from prison and the surviving members of Pulang Araw, Cardo forms the vigilante group Vendetta. Vendetta started their plan to annihilate Don Emilio's and Sen. They successfully ended the operations of two drug laboratories, leaving no one alive. However, Bruno was then captured by unknown men, and Vendetta were not successful in rescuing him, leading to his death.

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His mother, Dulce Irma Adlawanblames Vendetta for his death. Vendetta found a new enemy in Mayor Jethro Garrido Bernard Palancawho sells drugs to college students, some of which also selling drugs from him. Mayor Garrido set up a concert motivating students to stop taking drugs. Vendetta found about the planned concert, so Cardo orchestrated a plan for them to get in. They disguised as a band participating in the concert, named Vengaboys.

They won in the battle of the bands, and were congratulated by Mayor Garrido. Unbeknownst to him, they are a vigilante group who plan on taking him down. After handing them drugs, Cardo confronted Mayor Garrido, provoking a shootout.

Cardo later shot Mayor Garrido to death. However, after successfully taking down the drug operations, Cardo realized his shortcomings to his wife. He wasn't aware that Alyana was almost kidnapped in the concert.

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When Alyana was about to be kidnapped, her office boss, Marco Cabrera J. Santoscame just in time to save her from the kidnapper. Alyana then broke up with Cardo.

However, Cardo is still determined to fix his marriage with Alyana. Unbeknownst to her, Major Catindig found out about the plan but was not aware that it was Cardo. In the bridge, when Diana was looking for Cardo, Manolo and his men found her first and cornered her. They successfully shot Diana, but they were not aware that Cardo was in hiding. Cardo then saved Diana and brought her to Vendetta's hideout. As she came back to her house, Diana was ambushed by Cantindig's men.

Vendetta followed her beforehand and came to rescue Olegario. When they took her back to their base, she decided to join Vendetta, seeing an opportunity to get justice for her son Marco Gumabaowho was killed in the mall during the Alakdan bombings.

Vendetta finally puts a stop to Don Emilio and Sen. De Silva's operations and they set their sights next on Director Hipolito and Kamandag. Meanwhile, Alyana gives in to Marco's advances and starts a relationship with him, much to the chagrin of the latter's aunt, Menchu Versoza Matet De Leon. Political Arc —present [ edit ] Season 5 [ edit ] Main article: Marco's half-brother, then- Congressman Brandon Cabrera Mark Anthony Fernandez is supportive of the pair's relationship.

On the other hand, the Vice President of the PhilippinesLucas Cabrera Edu Manzanois concerned about how his son's relationship with Alyana will adversely affect his bid for the Presidency in the next election. Cardo continues to woo Alyana, but is finally rebuked when Alyana returns her wedding ring to Cardo. Catindig then informs Director Hipolito, who in turn, orders Alakdan to perform a hit on Vendetta. Vendetta survived the attack on their hideout but at the cost of both Kalabaw lit.

During the attack, Director Hipolito arrived to personally take down Romulo, seeing an opportunity to raise his profile again. However, Romulo survives his wounds and is immediately brought by the CIDG in a hospital where he laid in critical condition.

When Alyana decided to visit Lola Flora and her family, Marco is against her decisions thinking she was going to Cardo's family causing the two to have an argument which resulted Alyana to leave but is unaware of Marco's violent behavior. When Cardo poses as a doctor to rescue Romulo at the hospital due to being guarded by Hipolito's security, he meets Andrea "Andy" B. Collins Jessy Mendiola a nurse who also working at the hospital. Failing to rescue Romulo at their first rescue attempt, Andy's brother finally informs her about what happened to their mother much to her horrible shock.

Vendetta successfully rescued Andy's mother and other hostesses being involved in human trafficking headed by Mr. Gibson Andy Lunz at their yacht as Blossom Katya Santos one of the hostesses was raped by one of the foreigners for their enjoyment. In the meantime, Marco forces Alyana to marry him against her will despite his father and his older brother's disapprovement and threatens her he will commit suicide while showing his violent behavior towards her and leave.

Since Alyana didn't answer all of Marco's calls, his car accidentally crashed on the truck, nearly killing him. At the hospital, Romulo was visited by Oscar who wants to know some answers about Hipolito's corruption which Romulo tells him everything it happened and he begins to fed up his government rule much to his surprise.

When the doctors informs Lucas, Brandon and Catherine that Marco is fine after the car accident as they argue because of Marco wanted to have a wedding with Alyana despite she was not annulled. Lucas and Brandon wanted to stop Marco's wedding as Lucas finds another way to stop this madness by making a file from the director of internal relations to put his wife enter the convention. Andy and the others successfully informs Cardo and the others in how to rescue Romulo due to being heavily guarded by the security including the authorities as they make a strategy.

However Alakdan informs Hipolito about Catindig's personal mission to take down Romulo including Vendetta as he calls Alakdan and his group are mere troublemakers. As Alyana visits Marco at the hospital, he was happy and more focus to be with her. However, he angrily throws a fit when his doctor informed him that his therapy is over as Alyana witnesses his violent behavior.

When they are about to take their strategy to rescue Romulo, it was disrupted by Catindig and his men attacking every innocent lives including the authorities at the hospital to kill Romulo. Knowing that Andy is in danger, Vendetta is forced to attack Catindig's group to rescue them. Vendetta takes down most of Catindig's men as Cardo infiltrates to rescue Romulo and Andy from Catinding and his men who makes a total wipe out inside the hospital.

Hipolito tries to call Catindig, not knowing that he died. While Marco is recovering at the hospital, Alyana received the annulment papers sent by him as he called her in a happy manner.

Her mother was happy about Marco being with her daughter but Alyana is unsure to sign the annulment papers after knowing of his violent behavior. Therefore, his half-brother Brandon became involved in weapons smuggling in which he had found out that Alakdan remains in contact with Hipolito while he got paid for the smuggled firearms. Hipolito is forced to use Alakdan and his group since his right-hand man Catinding and his group were killed by Cardo and his vigilante group as Alakdan's group serve as his back-up.

When General Borja sent two of Cardo's former comrades to search about Vendetta's hideout, the neighbors became suspicious to their appearance only to warn Andy's mother about their real presence as policemen. She tells Cardo that she and the others will deal with them. After succeeding in distracting the two disguised policemen, Vendetta manages to take Andy to the hospital safety.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Brandon are secretly planning to take down Hipolito after exposing he was responsible for letting Catindig and his men makes a total wipe out at the hospital before being killed by Cardo and his vigilante group. After the battle between the two political campaigns of both Oscar and Lucas, he and Brandon personally meets Hipolito knowing he is one of Lucas' party members in his campaign. Despite his plan to expose Hipolito's corruption during their personal meeting, Hipolito finally explains his reasons why he became the member of Pulang Araw in his youth along with his rival Romulo whom he helps him in his severely wounded state.

He was later sent in Manila to study politics while Romulo became the leader of Pulang Araw and this is how he was in the present where he brings down the rebel group successfully as a Defense Secretary until he resigns to run for senator while continuing his plans to bring down his rival Romulo who is now leading the vigilante group Vendetta.

After hearing of Hipolito's story, Lucas decided to support Hipolito's ambition to become a senator since he and Brandon are responsible for selling smuggled weapons to them. At some point, Alyana compares between both Cardo and Marco when they started their relationship to her. You can test the compatibility between you and your partner though the calculator; and the following Chinese zodiac compatibility chart is designed to help people find their horoscope compatibilities or love compatibilities before starting a relationship.

So I tried several pairs, and these were the results: Not bad for a young pair. Wow, 90 out of Looks like we have a perfect couple in the making. I bet the AlDub nation will like this. Bad news, JaDine fans.

It seems like two Roosters are unlikely to be in one cage, for the most part. Does it mean, no chance for hubby and wifey? Unlike two Roosters, a pair born both in the year of Pig is a different story.

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Ooooh, looks like the funny man, Andre, is suited for Barbie too. Maybe his humor plays a big part. Everyone loves the funny one. Is it too soon to think that they will be a great couple in the future? Because I think they will be. Chinese believe it too. Having their six years age gap, they are said to be incompatible. The King and Queen is definitely a match-made in heaven.