Waje and mi relationship goals

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waje and mi relationship goals

Waje Aituaje Iruobe (born September 1), known as WAJE (an acronym for "Words She participated in the remake of P-Square's "Omoge Mi" and featured as the which the goal of raising funds for allowing children to continue their studies in After the death of his mother, a strained relationship between him and his. It was the talk of the town when news filtered in that there is more to it than meets the eye in what transpires between the rising songstress, Waje, and. Waje used the song to encourage women who are in violent relationships to motivate themselves and work at reaching their goals in life.

Now all of a sudden, his name is in gossip blogs, newpapers and associated with stories that have little truth in them. In a weird way, the song showcases both sides of the coin. Crowd Mentality, lyrically, is a gem, and one that you probably wont get in Nigeria these days. As a package it probably wont be hot inbut rewind 10 years, and it was the hottest thing going.

If you want to see the beginning of MI Abaga, this is absolutely the place to start. For good reason too. From new boy to King. MI snapped, and gave us one of hardest verses ever. This song is strictly about the bars and punchlines, and MI completely excelled in that department. Everything about this song is dope. From the choice of using the Don Jazzy beats to the wordplay and flow.

Chant Down Babylon is one of MI deepest songs, and in it hits on having tough times, and knowing who to turn to in those times. In this case, God being the one to always turns to when you have a problem.

This was the kind of song that made his initial fans fall in love with him. Waje Nigerian hip-hop love song? This is because, after that song, I was nominated for Channel O award. I won a couple of international awards that year because of the song. I won Defa award in UK. But to me, if you ask me, I would say that everything has just been a gradual process.

Each track I drop opens a different door for me. Did you actually pose nude in your new song, I Wish?

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I know most people have not taken time to watch the song and they are criticizing it based on what others are saying. They cannot speak from their own angle. So, I have decided to express myself the way the script says I should. She was almost sad and at the same time, you could see the emotion on her face. It is about being able to express yourself and not lying about your feelings. Aside music and acting which you recently started, what else do you do? Tunnel was the first big movie I featured in.

You have one of the best casts you can think of. It was directed by ex-BBA winner, Katung. I also run a private school with my mother. What is your driving force? My driving force is my passion for what I do. Aside music being my passion, it is also like a hubby to me. I am also driven to make ends meet.

For me, it is now a business because the Bible says that anything we lay our hands on shall prosper. I intend to prosper in it. When I say prospering, it is not only about music but also being able to encourage young people. I want young people to know that if Waje can win a Grammy award, then, they can also do the same.

My relationship with M.I Abaga - Waje - Nigerian Entertainment Today

I want them to know that if I can conquer Africa then, they can do the same. I know how many people that have approached me and said that they are inspired by my music.

waje and mi relationship goals

Are you signed to Chocolate City? No, I am not signed to Chocolate City.

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I wonder why everybody is saying that I am signed to ChocolateCity. I am signed to Waje Music Entertainment.

waje and mi relationship goals

Are you telling us that you have a record label? When did you unveil the label? I have been running the label for a long time now. Artistes have been coming to me to sign them on but I keep telling them that we sign artistes on a partnership level.

So, it has always been there. You still liiok stunning without make up.

waje and mi relationship goals

The secret of my beauty is God. You can ask my hair stylist, Elijah. He has been making my hair for a very long time now. Sometimes, I wear bogus clothes to Shoprite. Mercy Aigbe revealed photos of her bruised face, no thanks to several beatings by her husband Lanre Gentry.

Tonto Dikeh as well alleged that Churchill Olakunle, now her ex husband- had abused her on several occasions. Domestic violence is a plague that has been inherent for ages especially in Nigeria. It borders on abuse in different ways on both the man and the woman which has led to broken families and at times resulted in the loss of lives.

The norm in this part of the world is to live through the pain just because of the shame that comes with what the public will say but with the advent of social media, we have seen more people coming out to tell their stories. A flip through our national dailies reveals different tales of abuse, rape and physical violence in many homes. Domestic violence in whatever form is something that should never be excused or rationalized as it is a cankerworm that eats into every section of the nation.

The rich, the poor, the regular families and even celebrities have had stories to tell and bruises to show with many still not bold enough to cry out.

Music and society have always been intertwined; it has always served as a tool for reflecting happenings within the society at various times. Perhaps this is why some regard music as the voice for the voiceless because it manages to capture images and raise topics that stimulates consciousness and public debate.