Watanuki and doumeki relationship advice

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watanuki and doumeki relationship advice

Hey Guys, I was just thinking about how Watanuki and Domeki used to relate to each other in the early books of Holic. While rereading, I remember one of the. ×××HOLiC is a story about Kimihiro Watanuki (四月一日君尋, Watanuki Kimihiro), a high No matter how close your blood relationship is no matter what your relationship But you ignore that and decide based on someone else's advice, because decency [to Doumeki]; Syaoran: [to Watanuki] So don't disappear. As Doumeki struggles with jealousy towards the relationship between Watanuki frowned down at his hands that were folded in his lap. . Occasionally, he would want to see his grandfather—for advice, for a familiar comfort.

But for the card to have had that message, and for him to have read it right then…it was as if the card was not a pre-printed message, but a rebuttal to his very thoughts! As he settled into the chair at his desk once more, a dark cloud seemed to have settled over him. The day had started out so well.

Well, aside from that thorny vine from an unkempt fencerow that almost tripped him up right as a car went by. He managed to keep his feet under him just long enough to avoid being hit, but he still had received a few scratches on his leg that burned his skin all the way to Watanuki's apartment. The pain had vanished shortly after that, though, and they were finally on a first name basis. If he could just avoid any more of those stupid cards, today could still be a marvelous start to his new relationship with Kimihiro.

But still, the message on the card bothered him 'He'll never 'mean it. Maybe wearing his old glasses wasn't such a good idea. The incorrect subscription was giving him a splitting headache. Every time he tried to shift focus from the page in front of him to the board across the room or vice versa, a pain shot through him like someone stabbing a steak knife right between his eyes.

Finally he took his glasses off and just covered his eyes, giving up on copying anything else down today. How much longer until lunch? Some aspirin and good food ought to help clear away his headache. He must have dozed off that way, for he woke with a start when the lunch bell rang.

Never happier to get out of class, he put his glasses back on and gathered his things. After a quick stop by the nurse's office, he raced outside to the usual spot where he and his two friends always ate lunch. Himawari was already arriving, her very presence as uplifting a sight as always. I would say the same, but you look rather pale.

Are you all right? I lost my glasses yesterday and my old pair is disagreeing with me. I'm hoping it will kick in by the time lunch is over. Where did you lose your glasses? Maybe I can help you look for them after school.

That won't be necessary, Himawari-chan, but thank you all the same! I actually meant that they're broken. I'll have to pick up some new ones. I thought he would be here with our drinks by now? Apparently he wasn't paying any attention today, even reading letters in class…that's just not like him.

I bet they were love letters from his fangirls, he thought grumpily, then jumped as Himawari's face suddenly appeared in front of his, her glowing smile graced with perhaps a touch of playfulness. I did no such thing! I don't know what you're talking about.

Thinking about this morning was making him remember yesterday, which was not something he wanted to think about right in front of Himawari-chan! His head pounded again, making him wince.

It just shows how close you two are! You sure are lucky to have such a strong bond! How do you always come to that conclusion? Sh—Doumeki and I are just…just…" "Just what? Startled, Watanuki looked up to see the object of their argument standing over them with a handful of drinks from the vending machine, looking decidedly pissed off.

Feeling a smidgen guilty, he stood and took the drinks from his hands. Without a word the latecomer spun around and began walking away. I'm not feeling well today. Sounds were growing less distinct, colors less vibrant, even the air felt like the life was being drained out of it.

Was it just because he was feeling bad about Doumeki leaving? No, something was really fading away, disappearing… Our contract is gone! Watanuki stared at the retreating figure in shock. Every contract was supposed to last for a day! How could it… break? Yuuko's words drifted forward from the bottom of his recollections of yesterday.

Almost all contracts can be nullified by an opposite act of equal force. Written contracts could be destroyed, handshakes could be…something. What was it for spoken contracts? Denied or renounced, something like that. He quickly reviewed his conversation with Himawari-chan, but he couldn't see how anything he had said could be taken as revoking his request for help. Denying the nature of their relationship, maybe, but nothing to do with the contract.

Why did it break? It didn't make sense! Collapsing onto the 'picnic' cloth, Watanuki's eyes sank to the drinks in his hands. There was a lemonade for Himawari, a fruit drink for him, and a green tea for Doumeki. Wrapped around the tea, oddly enough, was a white envelope, stuck by the condensation.

Curious, he peeled it off and read the address. Flipping it over, he stared at it in confusion. There was no message, yet it gave him a creepy feeling. Who would send Doumeki a blank card? Watanuki ate his lunch in morose silence while Himawari chatted half-heartedly about nothing in particular, watching him with sad eyes. How quickly his mood had changed, even though Doumeki had said so little. When at last lunchtime was over, they had barely eaten anything.

It just wasn't the same. The next thing Watanuki knew, classes were over and he was trudging past the school gates with the rest of the masses. The second half of the day had been a blur; he didn't remember a single thing the teachers had said. He just wanted it to be over, and yet he also dreaded it ending. With a heavy heart he turned to head to Yuuko's shop, the rest of the crowd falling away and leaving him in silence.

He walked right past Yuuko before he pulled his eyes away from his feet and spotted her. Surprised, he trotted over to her side where she was leaning against a wall, shielding herself from the sun with a parasol. Are we going out somewhere today? A stray showed up across the street with a request. It seems that even when you two are fighting, your guard dog won't let you walk home alone.

Guilt washed over him once more. Eyes dropping to the ground again, he shuffled after Yuuko, feeling the questions burn in his chest.

watanuki and doumeki relationship advice

What should he say? What did Yuuko know already? Why would that be? How was it formed? Isn't that a spoken contract? His forehead wrinkled as he tried to think of anything else, then suddenly he looked up and met her gaze in realization.

Your spoken contract was actually overridden by a stronger one: You formed one this morning with Doumeki, yet now…it is gone. She waited for the question. Resuming her walk, she continued in an almost cheerfully businesslike tone.

It's rather tragic, actually, because it means that an outside party can break a contract that does not involve them, simply by sowing the seeds of doubt. But on the other hand, a contract broken in such a manner can be repaired by the restoration of truth and a renewal of faith. Very little can repair a true betrayal. Hand me that card in your pocket. Handing it to the Space-Time Witch, he watched her with pleading eyes as she studied it carefully.

Her expression darkened as she announced her verdict. Maybe before it grew up and got used for paper…" "It was sowed upon Doumeki by a plant, most likely before you two formed your contract today, while he was more vulnerable.

It must have possessed a powerful force, to get past his natural defenses. Once planted, the seeds found fertile ground by inflaming his insecurities and aggravating his doubts.

The text that is missing from this card," she gestured with the offending white slip, "no doubt served as the medium for communication between them. Though blank to us, the words must have had great affect on him, to cause a contract so long in the making to break so easily.

These aren't 'seeds of doubt' in the sense that they started the problem. The only reason they could take root is because their food was already present. If you want to remove these parasites, you must make their host unsuitable for consumption. In other words, you must identify and sooth the worries that originally formed in Doumeki's heart.

Sooth Doumeki's hidden worries? The man was as unreadable as a brick, how was he supposed to divine the secrets locked behind those golden eyes? What did he even know about the man anyway? He lived with his parents in a temple, and his grandfather was a powerful priest. He did well in all his classes, excelled at archery, and was thought favorably upon by all his peers.

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He was knowledgeable about folk tales and history, open minded about the world beyond his perception, levelheaded, dependable…perfect. Watanuki was all too aware of the many virtues of Doumeki; they had once annoyed him to no end, after all.

Yet somehow, though he had at last allowed himself to admit that all those merits were, indeed, merits, he had not yet come to consider that the man was human just like himself.

That he was not as rock-solid as his stony expressions led him to believe, but in fact possessed a flesh-and-blood, easily wounded heart.

A heart so deceptively tender, in fact, that he kept it well guarded from showing upon his face. I'm…I'm a right rotten monster, Watanuki suddenly realized.

Like stones crashing upon his head, his actions the past few days flashed through his mind and weighed heavily upon his conscience. He had already stumbled upon the amazing discovery that Doumeki harbored desires for him that no man should have for another man, and even more amazingly, discovered that he himself was not exactly adverse to the idea.

And yet…he would never have treated Himawari-chan the way he was now treating his new 'boyfriend. They had advanced because Watanuki was full of pride, had found a weakness, and kept getting carried away by the heady rush of victory. What have I done? Is it any wonder he's full of doubts? He's practically handed his heart to me on a silver platter, and I've been spinning it on a stick for my own cheap after-dinner amusement!

Yuuko watched the emotions play out across the young man's face with resigned sadness. She could imagine what her dear employee was thinking and knew it was a bitter lesson to learn, but also a necessary one.

She waited until he had stewed it over long enough, then interrupted with an important observation. Emotional damage may seem bad enough, but the plant that will grow from these seeds will pose quite a danger to his health now that the contract is gone and his powers have decreased in strength. For the first time, he realized that Yuuko had been leading him along the route that ran closest to his place. She probably knew something was wrong with Doumeki the moment she saw him outside her shop's entrance.

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A little warmth seeped in through his panic as he realized that he would always have an ally in Yuuko even if her aid would always cost him. As they grew closer to their destination he began thinking about the task at hand, and once again the problem of contracts tugged at his mind.

Those seeds might never have touched him this morning if only he'd still been protected. Or maybe, are there contracts that can't be broken? There exists nothing in this world or any other that cannot be undone. A contract is merely an agreement between two or more parties. It is the sincerity and effort of those involved that give a contract its strength.

Your vow of friendship this morning was one of them, actually. Any upgrade in the nature of a relationship is a contract, which is why people often choose to commemorate them with a physical symbol of their bond.

An exchange of tokens is quite popular between friends and lovers. In some cultures the strongest of friendships are marked by the mingling of blood. Marriage is a multifold contract, consisting of anything and everything from spoken vows, written signatures, exchanging tokens and names, and the merging of bodies and souls.

That is why they leave so much damage behind when broken. Watanuki stared at the gate entrance with apprehension as it inevitably grew closer with every step.

He still felt woefully unprepared. Doumeki was the one who always rescued him, not the other way around. The problems were never Doumeki's fault, either. But no matter how much he wanted to curl up in a ball right now and drown in his own guilt, he knew it wouldn't solve anything.

More than hurt feelings were at stake right now; he had no time to hide from what needed to be done under the pretense of 'working up his nerve. At last, Watanuki felt his resolve harden into iron determination as he found his answer. Until we are together again. It was a sign of how much the boy had changed, she reflected, that he could finally say such a thing about the one person from whom he had tried so hard to stay apart.

Hundreds of small white slips of paper fluttered in the breeze on the tree branches that they had been tied around. The lower bows of the pine tree looked as though they had been covered by a heavy snow.

Once Watanuki realized that Doumeki was not inside the temple, it did not take long to find him, simply because the blaze of white was so out of place.

As he approached he spotted the object of his search, sitting against the base of the tree and surrounded by a snowdrift of more paper that had yet to be tied. He knew in his heart that those white cards were not merely omikuji with poor fortunes.

watanuki and doumeki relationship advice

Vines encircled his legs and arms, tying him to the ground. For a moment they stared at each other in silence, and Watanuki feared that Doumeki was going to decide to ignore him, until he finally responded. As Watanuki looked closer, he could see that the pieces of paper were not fluttering in the wind as he had first thought, but were in fact gently wriggling themselves free.

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The sight sent a cold shiver up his spine. Sitting down beside him, he picked one up and smoothed it out, wishing he could read it. The task set before him seemed enormous. The determination he had marched in with was withering away simply because he couldn't figure out how to begin.

Logic said he should start at the beginning, but what was that? The beginning of this day? The moment he realized that Doumeki was attracted to him? The start of their partnership for his safety? When they first met? Perhaps, he realized, he should start at the end instead. Doumeki merely stared at him with his glazed eyes, so he continued. It was supposed to be a turning point in how we treat each other, and yet at lunch I was running my mouth off and denying it, denying you, just like always.

Maybe old habits are hard to break, but that's no excuse for what I said. I know how much this means to you, and yet my resolve was only skin-deep. You…you have every right to be furious with me. The vines crept a little higher up his arms.

This wasn't the way his rival-turned-guardian should be acting! His steely eyes shouldn't be so vacant, his strong arms shouldn't be lying so limply at his sides. Doumeki was stronger than anyone; he should be sitting here looking so defeated! I'm a horrible bastard who's been yanking your chain and not taking you seriously and taking advantage of your feelings to make myself feel superior!

There, I said it! Doumeki was a very strong, very disciplined man. He had pride in his control and his ability to take care of himself. It was part of the reason Watanuki had hated him so much at first; he had the same pride, but not the ability to back it.

watanuki and doumeki relationship advice

This was the first time Doumeki had been defeated by one of the spirits he was supposed to be so powerful against. And now Watanuki realized that he'd walked into a battle that he could not win. Telling the truth would prove that the foul plant's whispers were right, and Doumeki would despair and be devoured. But disproving the notes would prove that Doumeki's doubts were unfounded; that he'd been full of weakness, and his broken pride would hold him in misery until he'd been devoured. Watanuki gritted his teeth.

How on earth could he save him? For once, he was the one whose help was needed, and he was still useless! Hell, I'm a walking, talking bundle of insecurities! Why do you think I tried to push you away for so long? Next to you, I'm the most pathetic waste of space in Japan. You're everything I'm not, and I hated you for it!

The fact that this monster was able to affect you so just proves that you're human! Feeling desperation choke his throat like the pain that comes from too much crying, he collapsed to his knees and started dashing the little white papers to the side.

Grabbing one of the encroaching vines, he snapped its stem and ripped it away. As he reached for the next one, however, it sprouted thorns like a rose, not touching its victim but daring the rescuer to continue.

Watanuki only hesitated for a moment. He may never be able to cook again if he didn't stop now, but it occurred to him that if he did he would have no one he wanted to cook for. They were every bit as painful as he thought they'd be. Tears quickly blurred his vision and his hands grew slick and red, but bit-by-bit he pried the parasitic plant away from Doumeki's unresisting form. Partly to distract himself from the pain, and partly to snap some life back into his friend, he began babbling in a cracking voice.

If you weren't you'd be just another one of those monsters that have plagued me all my life. These past few days have been showing me how human and vulnerable you really are.

And maybe I was taking advantage of that at first, but I really was happy. To think that someone like you could find something attractive about a nobody like me… it really…made me… happy…" He paused to try to clear the tears from his vision with the back of his hand, but only succeeded in smearing blood across his face and getting salt in his wounds. He hissed with pain and cursed his stupidity.

I'm sorry I took advantage of your feelings. I'm sorry I'm such a terrible friend! I'm sorry…that I gave you so much reason to doubt. I'm sorry that…the one time you need me…I can't do a damn thing…" His grief overwhelming him, his voice leaving him, Watanuki peered through his tears for any more straggling vines.

It is able to create "Foxfire" in the form of large fireballs, and it can detect evil spirits. Played by Ririka Kawashima in the drama series. Played by Tsumugi Hatakeyama in the drama series. Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic. Like the white Mokona, he has a single earring. It is a blue gem made by Clow Reed and has the ability to seal magical power, and it also holds Sakura 's memories of Syaoran and Watanuki's memory of his past. He has the ability to destroy evil spirits and cross into dreams, and often appears to Watanuki's dream, taking on the appearance of a teenager.

Reservoir Chronicle and List of Tsubasa: To free each other Syaoran has to travel across dimensions forever. As Sakura is about to die due to losing her soul, Syaoran goes on a search across dimension to save her. Her soul is later separated from her body and appears in the Dream World where she meets Watanuki. Reception[ edit ] The characters from xxxHolic have been well received by publications from manga and anime.

Although Watanuki's character was initially seen "a little bit weak to be the lead character", [51] his interactions with other characters and his development across the series has been praised. Reservoir Chronicle has also received positive comments as how in both series, an important connection between two characters from the two series is hinted. Retrieved October 19, Archived from the original on December 7, Retrieved April 21, Archived from the original on March 7,