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Craig represented East Down as a Unionist since He served in the South African War and was Q. General, 36th Ulster Division, from to Managing director of Reynolds's Newspaper. Chairman and managing director of the Fine Cotton Spinners and Doublers' Association Limitedand a director of other companies.

His services have always been freely placed at the disposal of the Board of Trade on matters connected with the cotton industry. Unionist MP for Monmouth Boroughs, A leading figure in the Lancashire cotton trade.

Has been a generous supporter of war efforts and last year gave a memorial hospital at Altrincham to the British Red Cross Society for the use of wounded Ofc. Deputy-chairman of Furness Withyand Co. As vice-chairman of the Newspaper Conference, Newspaper Proprietors' Association and Newspaper Society he has rendered important services in focusing correspondence between the Government and the Press.

1918 New Year Honours

His name already appeared in some works of reference as a baronet, and his inclusion in the present honours list is intended to regularize an informality in the previous title.

Also mentioned in dispatches during the present war. Contested East Fife twice in as a Unionist. Limited and of the Scottish Provident Institution. Member of the Royal Company of Archers. President of the South Wales District Committee for home supplies of coal and coke, and of the Committee for war supplies of coal to France. High Sheriff of Herefordshire in Strong supporter of the Unionist cause in North Derbyshire. Knight Bachelor[ edit ] Robert N. A leading mining engineer who has contributed largely to a knowledge of the dangers of coal dust in mines.

Joint author of a well-known book on explosions in coal mines. Member of the London County Council—10, and a past president of the Auctioneers' and Estate Agents' Institute Edmond Browne, standing counsel to a number of trade unions who has rendered important services in regard to the Insurance Acts. Member of the General Committee of the Church of Scotland. William Henry Clemmey, Mayor of Bootle. Author of pamphlets on fiscal question. John Galsworthynovelist and playwright of much distinction.

Since the war, he has written in the public service on behalf of various patriotic and humanitarian objects. Archibald Garland, Mayor of Chichester Charles Henry Gibbs, Mayor of Lambeth in and Leader of the Unionist Party in Lambeth since Glover, worked at the Ministry of Shipping since its formation, having previously been a member of the Admiralty Transport Advisory Committee.

Member of the Council of the Royal College of Music. Up Next Today's the Day: Many of us will never forget the image of her make up smeared face as she stared emotionless at her reflection as lock after lock fell to the floor.

The moment was captured for the world to see by the tens of paparazzi that spied through the salon window. It soon became clear that this wasn't the usual pop star image overhaul but rather a massive cry for help. That Friday night marked the beginning of a year where Britney not only lost touch with the people closest to her, but also came thisclose to losing herself in the process.

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It seems incredible when you consider where Britney is today. At 35, she's the star of her own sell-out Las Vegas show, has lucrative music deals and spends much of her time raising her two sons at her sprawling L.

Her Instagram posts show a healthy and vibrant woman, someone who is fun-loving and confident and obviously smitten with her new fitness model boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

She's come a long way from that night at Esther's Hair Salon in Tarzana, when she was willing to do anything she could to shed the princess of pop skin she had occupied since her teens—a time which marked the beginning of a transition and forced many major news outlets to prepare her obituary just in case the unthinkable happened. The implosion of the marriage propelled the mom of two Sean Preston was a year old at the time, Jayden James just 2 months into a spiral, hell-bent on destruction.

Continues the source, "She really thought now they had found one another, that was it. When it ended, she didn't just lose a husband, in a way she lost her dream as well. The trio grabbed headlines everywhere they went, self-medicating on the attention every naked crotch shot earned them.

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Family and friends became increasingly concerned by Britney's nocturnal adventures as she retreated further and further into the dark recesses of the Hollywood club scene. Finally, just days before her shaved head incident, she was encouraged to check into an Antigua rehab facility but help didn't last long. Just 24 hours later, she discharged herself and hopped on a plane back to L.

She kind of lost it. She told the salon owner her extensions were too tight and she wanted to remove them. But when she was encouraged to reconsider such a dramatic solution, Britney grew impatient, grabbed the razor and started the job herself.

In the days that followed her impromptu haircut, it was widely speculated her decision was really motivated by a desire to avoid having her hair drug tested.

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But we now know, her reasoning was much simpler. As a source explains, "When she shaved her head, it was quite literally a way for her to try to rid herself of her past.

She felt like everything in her life was dictated by someone else. In her mind, people were always trying to tell her what to do, how to act…. They were constantly touching her, telling her what to wear, how to style her hair…She felt like a doll. Shaving her hair off was the ultimate rebellion.