Wu chun and ella chen relationship goals

wu chun and ella chen relationship goals

Wu Chun Reveals How He Met His Wife Wu Chun's (吳尊) earlier wu chun & ella chen (HANA KIMI) I lied to the press in order to protect our relationship. Fahrenheit - Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun . Sakura Refresh Man, Relationships, Aaron Yan, Characters, Goals, Actors & Actresses Members of the pop group S.E celebrate the birthday of Ella (C) during the final rehearsal for . Angela is just a friend of Wu nickchinlund.info have no relationship. actually Wu chun's personal girlfriend is ella chen ji hua Are Wu zun and ella chen dating?.

She seems to be pretty tired from her work. I really hope that one dayif you have the chance to go and eat out with Ellayou'll really bring her to eat her fishball soup and wait for her patiently till she finishes her soup. Could you be a bit away from your baby? Did you see how Ella Baobei pouted in front of you?? You should have kissed her then and there! I wonder how could you have resisted that pout But I know, we all know, that if you kissed her in public that would be big news.

I've observed that you put your right hand on your lap. Are you afraid that you might put your arm around her shoulders and can't stop yourself from hugging her? Ella looks so beautiful and adorable that I won't be surprised if you go sneaking up in her room again. So go, go in there Chun.

wu chun and ella chen relationship goals

But be careful, JMM might be around the corner. I ca feel it because both of you exudes that feeling of unsurpassed happiness I can see it through the glow in your eyes and your wife I wonder why you're so so hyper and handsome in your latest MN CF considering that you're just donning a simple T-shirtcould it be the result whenever you're near with your wifey?

Please don't let it come to that. I know that at this time. How do you know your future wife will be pretty late for her to give birth to their babies?! Giving birth late is not good for your wife, baobai. So marry her soon!! Otherwise, these mischievous friends of yours will slip their tongues out and then you and Ella will be part of the main headline.

Do you remember what Calvin said? He stopped you from saying too much or else it might reach the headlines I know that you are a family-oriented man I'm so proud of your pronouncements and selfless concern 'coz it only shows that you will be a doting husband and father in the future I swear even if your married to Ella, my undying support to your tandem and your individual endeavors will not diminish I saw the previous page. Your hints are more and more obvious each time.

The banana to apple thingy, it's just too obvious that I don't know what to say. Are you going to propose your baobei on the day of your birthday? Even though it's been years and I think I've waited too long for you to move, don't worry. At least your hints didn't stop. I really really hope you'll attend your wife's concert tomorrow!! I also wanna dedicate that clip for you I know that you've also seen her performing this song before I really have that instinct.

I wish that one of my dream will come true. I don't know if I should believe or not only you can ever know the truth.

What is the relationship between Wu chun and ella chen

CE angels have been defending you through hell and the accusations are already hurting all of us and will hurt us more if the person we are defending from the bashers is really what they are accusing for. I believe you called her already to say jia you if you couldn't make it. Jia you on your new drama, Chun!! I'm now hoping, dreaming and believing you are with your wife I really hope you will celebrate Ella's birthday with her!

Even if you can't attend the concert today, but you can contact her or celebrate it with her on the day itself or any day you like! We,CE Angels are here suuporting you guys always! Jia you also to your new drama with Rainie and to your other upcoming projects! It was really, really touching!!

I know how much you love CE and CE angels are now in the turmoil of emotions because of the things that has been said about you and Ella. Inspite the fact that sometimes you have to some keep things in private because you still deserve your own personal life, you still assure us with your actions towards your "good friend", Ella and inspire us with all your words that you have shared to all of your fans.

I just wanna say that in the past you chose to stay in the e-circle to make your fans happy, but now that things can get by And I'm hoping that in the near future you would have a family of your own, and i'm wishing.

Hurry up before Hebe finds herself a boyfriend or, if she has a boyfriend already, Hebe's boyfriend would propose to her before you do to Ella! Don't tell me you're aiming to be the last in the race to the finish line?! Ella said she wants to have a similar proposal you know! We, CE Angels are waiting patiently for your special action! We are here supporting you guys always!

I'm sure that you've read all the previous messages by CE Angelsright?? We're tired of hearing babies crying already in our ears. That's why I probably need to go to the doctor to have my ears checked upon. Anything will do, just to let other people shut up for awhile. Jia you on your filming and be back soon after things have done. What she mean is that she wanted to have someone as courageous and sincere like Selina's boyfriend.

It's Ella's indirect way of saying that you have to be brave in announcing about your relationship in public. It's one way of knowing how sincere your love is for her. Ella knows you have been brought up conservatively so you don't want your proposal to be a public display. But you're a romantic at heart and Ella knows what you've done and what you will be doing for her in the future is more romantic and memorable. So go for it, Chun! CE Angels are all behind you!

Anyway, any not so obvious hints that you can give? Ella's birthday is soming soon and it's already next week! Any special plan for her? We know your busy with your new drama but be sure to call or do something for Ella on her birthday ok? It's a special day for her you know.

Ella's birthday coming soon! I wonder what you have prepared for her! Everyone of us know you are really busy with your shooting and might not have the time to celebrate with her. However, I will still expect that you can send her gifts or something? I don't know but I'm very sure the gift you'll be giving will be very special.

Perhaps we won't know what you will be giving her but we know that you'll definitely do something on that day!

wu chun and ella chen relationship goals

We know you can do it! Even a little gift means something especially to Ella! Ella's birthday is coming, what's the plan? Can you share it to us? Anyways, see the picture up there? Hmmm, you and Ella can add that shoes as one of your couple shoes collections,hehehe. We know, how busy you are, you will find time to be free on Ella's birthday. I'm really thankful with your hard effort to "give" us another meaningful and encouraging entry. Ella's birthday is coming soon!! I'm also happy knowing that you've gained a lot through this new drama filming Oh yes, it's already June!!!!

I don't know what to say anymore Chun cause you've make me go crazy that I'm out of words. I am happy that you brought us another super huge and meaningful hints and long post depsite how busy you are.

When I know you was the one suggested the title to change, I was like You always make my day so damn high and happy! And don't forget, as you have said JUNE 3 times in your post, I'm very positive that you remembered Ella's birthday and perhaps you might even planned something on hand to her?

If you can remember that you filmed in China for the 3 Junes, I believed you can never forget her birthday. Ella's birthday coming and I hope you really can give her something even if the gift is small! I can't believe you Chun! You just gave BIG hint! You forgot to add that JUNE is a special month you know! Ella's birthday is coming 5 days from now!

Hope you could plan something special for her. But hey, you know what? You did a good job in changing the title. By any chance, did you accept the role only because the storyline merely reminded you how you and Ella met and fell in love with one another? I'm pretty sure your co-star Rainie Yang will do her best on that masterpiece and you also too. Is that a birthday gift to Ella or a pre-wedding gift? And another thing, you are bad in lying again.

CE Angels caught you again and I'm very disappointed. Hopefully this drama is something that all of us will look forward to especially your wife too. I really think that's what your real drift is. Chunis Ella with you right now? Now, what's with the mushroom soup and crumpled bed and pillows? Care to tell us how much you're missing your baobei? I know, her birthday is coming, and these hints you have us are somewhat presents for us right?

So what would be her birthday present? You missed mushroom soup so badly? Why not just cook a pot of mushroom soup? And maybe you can save some for baobei and share it with her? I'm sure baobei also love to share mushroom soup with you. I don't know why perhaps why you posted this maybe because you know that you might not see baobei for awhile again? We know there's still many ways for you to contact her! And the pics, you really made us happy and guess you are teasing us once again.

Its gonna be Ella's bday soon. I hope you make her more happy. And i wish you had spent time with her before she went to the US for their concert. Hope you visit here often. You know she really deserves one sweet and special day for her to rest. Remember, we're counting on you lah!

Tomorrow is the big day, Chun! I'm so excited what would you give her! All these recent hints have made me go crazy!!! I hope your present would also make us, CE fans, go crazy as well! We all know that you're definitely give your baobei the most special birthday gift ever!!!

Or are you somehow with her sometime during the past few days she's been missing? Be sure to prepare something Ok? I'm so eager to know what you have given to our baobei!

I can't help but think you're also part of the reason other than Hebe and Selina who makes her so happy in that photo she had taken! Haha, whatever you had given, I'm sure Ella appreciated it, so as us! No matter what you've given her, we know that it must be something special and memorable! Time is getting nearer and nearer to the day where you had to make up a move to her!

I guess that you have been missing Ella so much! She posted lots of cute things. I bet perhaps you did or going to check it out when you have your free time I'm pretty sure that those pictures would also help to boost your spirit!! I've seen some of your recent pictures during the shooting of SA. Do you know how CutE you are? Trying to hide that pic huh? I know you've missed her so much after you posted the mushroom soup.

I know you are busy with your schedules and don't have time but don't worry. I also noticed your stressed looking face lately. Perhaps this is also the reason why you secretly put the pic in your bag so that IT can give you the strength and energy? I bet looking at that picture you'll have your smile again. I didn't know you always carry along the picture of both of you Just make sure the paparazzi's won't have bag check! Btw, have a good rest ok? Don't pressure yourself too much!

Was it your intention or not??? We have been waiting for a long time. Don't make us wait any longer. When you reveal, we CE Angels are right here behind your back!

You want happiness, right? Now go for it! Just follow the beat of your heart and you won't regret it! I want to say more of coursebut then. I think you should already understand what I wanna say. What on earth you're thinking you're doing?

Are you planning to spill those one by one before promotion for SA starts so that everything you want to say will be poured out?

Reporters are not asking you about Ella, but you brought her up. Admitting that Ella as one of your closest friends in e-circle really mean a lot. For an ordinary person, it shows that something is going well in a relationship. Chun, we are not bugging you to do it quick and fast, but at least you're doing it step by step.

Even the reporter notices your body language, the way how you look as Ella as your friend is one of a kind. You look so cute during the interview. How is your lovesickness? Is it still not cured that's why you're talking about Ella to the press? Don't forget to tell Ella "I love you"! What part of Okinawa and how long are you staying?

Wu Zun (吳吉尊) ❥ Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) .::PART 12::.

Hope you'll enjoy Jananese food a lot. BTW, what are you gonna buy for your wife as souvenir? I'll be willing to help you if you need some advice. BTW, love to hear and see your Japanese. You learned Oyasumi and sugoi. I also love to hear your wife's Japanese. I'm sure you also heard of it from her Aishiteru. Prove to us that Ella is only yours, please! I know you're having a hard time accessing the net but I'm sure you'll do something to care for your wife Jia Hua. In times like this, she needed you the most.

Ignore what people might say about you, just reassure her that everything will be alright. If you need to reveal your relationship, we're behind you no matter what. I hopw that one if this days you assure us that both of you are okay.

And i know that you and Baobei are keeping contact to each other. Hope both of you will pass through this. And somehow i'm deeply hoping that you are really for Ella and Ella is really the one for you.

Be sure to take care of her! We, CE ANgels, have faith on you guys! No matter what challenges may come on your way, Jia You!!! Actually, I suggested that song last week, and unexpectedly, there is a cruel rumor about your wife! Don't you know that the song fits to you both? And I swear, Michael sang it beautifully. I hope that you will take time to listen to the song and its lyrics.

I was LSS-ed with that song! I hope you won't let your wifey, Ella and CE Angels down As I expected, I knew you'll give a good answer to us!

Did you read about what we say about you in here? Cause the chances of you visiting our thread are getting higher and higher in a sense that you always give so many hints to us! We all know you are worried for baobei! I hope when you meet her, you'll do something to cheer up for her! I hope you'll do the next move: I hope you can comfort baobei as much as you can. She needs someone too, and I believe if you were to be there for her, she will be even more touched! Give her some hugs,concern and embrace!!!

You said that you will console her personally, right? I guess it's about time that you'd do that.

wu chun and ella chen relationship goals

Please tell Ella to stay strong. Ella's mood is not very well at the moment. However on his blog, he wrote about how great an actress she was and how working with her was so much fun. And whether she win or lose is not important. It is important that she made many happy on set.

Chun has yet to do this with any of his other costars. But with Ella, you can find her popping up on his album almost every update. Chun was being serious in all of them. This in itself says how important she is to him. Note that they were supposed to be promoting RP. Selina teased Ella by asking her to describe Chun, which Ella politely obliged.

Chun refused to congratulate Ella on her relationship with DJ. On the other hand, he was eager to congratulate she-who-Nat-dislike with her rumor boy toy.

Chun and Ella ;P | nasH26's Blog

In fact, Nat thinks he was downright happy to be dissociated with her. When fans during su pao event showed the photoshopped pix of him and ella kissing, chun looked inordinately pleased and happy with himself. He said that he told the director that when Ella starts to film her, he should have her actually run outside and have her running for a really long time! When the host said Ella was cute, Chun was quick to agree.

The host talk about S. E and how noisy they were. Chun said something along the line of they have lots of people of course they would be noisy.