In older systems, when a device is first plugged in, the EHCI controller is in charge of the port and tests to see if the device is even capable of high-speed, and if it is the EHCI controller maintains control. Have you tried using a memory manager when loading DOS, i. Probably the most interesting module is the USB disk driver, provided as. It implements only read access, no write support yet. Still slow, driver is optimized for small size to get a bootmanager fitting in MBR area only and not optimized for speed with caching. Keep all of your DOS drivers, files, and utilities together in a location that’s easy to get to and outside of Windows.

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Do you already have an account? That would be impossible if the DOS files in use were in the folders being replaced. The integrated hub on the new computers really don’t work any different than regular USB 2. Unplugging the device may terminate a driver deadloop, or not. It 2. not only the mass storage driver but general low level driver for USB devices with various addons which support special devices like storage, printers, mouse, keyboard etc.


Radified Community Forums – A Better USB DOS Driver for Ghost + More!

This project is open source. The difference seems to be that P67 is pure USB 2. It’s been about 6 months since I read this board. If you press F8 during boot, you can select a step-by-step boot of each line of config.

Your steps and screen shots in reply are confusing and possibly misleading– The Ghost Boot Wizard does not create the [config. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Your name or email address: The drivers work in the background and are able to handle more than one USB device at the same time. Note that this was not really a ikmega one though.

Join the community here. Keep all of your DOS drivers, files, and utilities together in a location that’s easy to get to and outside of Windows.

Iomeha February 18, I made up the list so I could tell in the future if a “newer” version of one of those DOS USB drivers shows up, I have enough info at a glance to see if I indeed do have a “newer” version of a driver.

Does it create a ‘virtual A: Are there other DOS drivers that you are loading that are not necessary for this specific task? However, it comes with several limitations: MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue.


If it seems persistent, following reasons are possible: That seems to be the case. There is just one sentence in the ehci specs that allows to do that and it was also a surprise to me. I can very iomea remove them if they are completely worthless on my system, that’s no problem.

I don’t know 6. So I only put the drive I prefer to boot from in the path statement. I created the boot floppy as you instructed and it worked fine for me. Already have an account?

How To Install DOS USB Drivers ? – Page 2 – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

I was not doing a few things right when Ghost was installing Wikipedia does say “i7 k” is Skylake Turbo Boost-able from 4. This is a problem mostly occurring in Win XP. I don’t want to bother you more with it. SYS for it that way. So I think it would help me a lot in photoediting Iomegq Can be booted from floppy or CD.