Depending on the required performance, either one single card or both cards simultaneously provide for the according power. The tag “CrystalBrite” refers to the reflective surface which is a usual for notebooks in this price category, though. The result with the deactivated Crossfire function turned out very interesting, as well: Acer also drew on the keyboard for the design of the notebook, for instance the shape of the space bar. The display of the G didn’t present a convincing performance in consideration of the stable viewing angle. The battery, with a capacity of 47 Wh, offers a runtime of merely 2 hours – not very much for planned mobile use. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series.

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The advantage is far smaller, in the best case approx. Practically, this will stay within a limit due to the fact that the notebook weighs a bit under 3 kilograms plus half a kilogram for the necessary power supply.

With an exception of the pressure sensitive bottom side, the case stability can be awarded with a good mark. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. The same applies to DVD playing. Review Acer Aspire G Notebook. Despite tingeling descriptions like “Dolby certified, It comes to obvious deformations under point pressure.

Loudspeakers If you follow the official statements from Acer, asipre Aspire G should almost be capable of replacing a hi-fi system: The well-known Acer Acer also drew on the keyboard for the design of the notebook, for instance the shape of the space bar. In order to even get the game 5530gg a playable area the minimum resolution of x pixels had to be chosen.


The notebook has to be described as unpleasantly loud in this condition. Fact is, there is no disadvantage when using the keyboard. This can be very helpful for office use of the device, especially if you are planning to often use the notebook mobile.

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Then it runs consistantly in the background. The notebook could fully convince in consideration of its port configuration. In the following review, you can read of which use the combination of two HD graphic cards are. The user has to decide if he likes this or not.

System Noise The notebook stays pleasantly quiet and only the running noise of the 55530g disk is audible after turning it on. The offered docking portwhich is very unusual for consumer notebooks in this price category, surprised us in a very positive way.

In practical use, for instance in computer gaming, the increase of performance turns out to be even less and provides only for a few more frames, not to mention a jump in performance in asipre of detail level or resolution.

Unusual for this aaspire category is the docking port on the left case edge. With this, it is in the center span of comparable models.

Acer Aspire G – External Reviews

The subwoofer only provided a mediocre service. Objections arising through a cable surge around the device can be countered with the offered docking port.


Acer Swift 5 SF The tag “CrystalBrite” refers to the reflective surface which is a usual for notebooks in this price category, though. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series. The fan 553g0 up after a short time, though, making the notebook very perceptible. The BatteryEater Classic certifies the G a battery life of only 43 minutes as the lowest runtime limit.

Acer Aspire 5530 Motherboards

The notebook design is impressive, even if we didn’t find the LED illumination of the base unit very agreeable. In regards to warranty, Acer offers a total of 24 months guarantee — which isn’t necessarily a matter of course in this price category.

The single ports are distributed almost completely around the whole device, whereas the majority is concentrated on the left side. It’s probably one of our main grouse that AMD has yet to catch up with Intel since the good ol’ days where they stood toe to toe aspirre its competitor. The attempt to establish the exciting Crossfire graphic solutions even in starter devices. The Aspire G has a