The second PC is perfectly fine though. Joined Jan 11, Messages 9, 2. Did you try a restore point just for kicks? Is my LAN Port dead, or something else might be the issue? You must log in or register to reply here.

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Did you try a restore point just for kicks? We have seen plenty of people loose equipment like that during power outages.

LAN Port stopped working suddenly | TechPowerUp Forums

My other computers on the same circuit were unaffected. I haven’t tried a restore point yet, but I definitely could. At this point it gives me an error message and states that the Realtek Ethernet Controller could be in “Deep Sleep Mode”. Meant on old install, oh well Joined Jul 2, Messages 24, 5.

ASUS P6T – motherboard – ATX – LGA1366 Socket – X58 Series

I did that to not lose crunching time. I made a good choice on purchasing an ASUS.


Hopefully, it is corrupt or frozen register bits on the eeprom and they will clear or fall back to default. Joined Sep 13, Messages 1, 0. What would be the advantage of doing so? Joined Jan 11, Messages 9, 2. I work for a ISP. That more on the topic is annoying – Look ma nothing about the topic – just links to older stories that have nothing to do with the last 21 pages. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.

Joined Nov 27, Messages 28, 7. Foxconn Renaissance Page We also took issue with the bottom-rear-corner floppy and front-panel audio header placement, which complicates cable routing to middle and upper bays of tower cases. To connect the cable to get it going. When it goes it just goes.

Jstn Sep 6, Power, Heat, And Overclocking Page Anyone who can look past those few quirks will be pleased with the P6T’s other features. The pci-e option is cheap and more then likley fix the problem. Joined Etgernet 24, Messages 3, 1. Sorry, not much help. Biostar TPower X58 Page 7: Restart the computer after you have completed this.


Ive had some bad experiences with motherboards xD Next time I upgrade Im going straight for an Asus rampage or something incredibly expensive, its worth it. You might wanna be sure your Firewall is not blocking the access to the lan nics.

Couldn’t get it working so I disabled it and threw in an old PCI one and no problems since. I have the deluxe version of the p6t and it serves me well Audio And Video Encoding.

I made sure the onboard was disabled as well.

PhysX Works on Apple’s iPhone.