Phil Ayres ayres-phil wrote on If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. I just wanted to “second” that Chris Bainbridge’s solution fixed the issue for me, as well: I would come back here if it was. I am experiencing a problem with serial monkey rt73 drivers.

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USB wireless Dongle

Sorry, i hit enter by accident when looking linx teams figuring out which to contact. Same here, “iwconfig wlan0 power off” solved the issue with the problematic APs. Communication too, but the connection is terminated because of Reason 3 whatever this means. Join Date Nov Posts RX AssocResp from You mentioned that you only have a problem with WPA-Enterprise.

It there anyway to clear all the devise details and start from scratch? Sorry for asking a stupid question, but I’m experiencing problems with the rtpci driver on an old PCI wifi card which, incidentally, worked flawlessly, fast and llinux on Feisty Fawn! Instead, it re-associates in the background” Ubuntu Lucid Thus, the only thing that has changed, aside from the greater frequency, is that Ubuntu now doesn’t report that it has dropped the connection, which seems deceptive from previous versions.


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The bn-sd54g would be concerned mainly via the register BBP which would not be managed the same way, I’m hardy kernel with a gusty, I also tested regularly intrepid, depending on the version of the kernel, I do not have the same sensitivity, all that linix link to register BBP, so most of the time it did not detect my wireless connections If you like, you could resolve the problem of sensitivity? Changed in wpasupplicant Ubuntu: I’ve run bytes pings for hours ping Thanks for the information here.

Sorry for the wasted time!! Machine has connected and stayed up for 24hrs.

I tried the linux-backports -modules- hardy package and my problems persisted. Dirk Eddelbuettel edd wrote on Those of you still experiencing connection drops should open new linud, probably based on the model of your wireless adapter. Tim Gardner timg-tpi on Is there legacy driver shipped with Gutsy and blacklisted? Update to my message.

For info, please visit http: Cesare Tirabassi norsetto wrote on What is going on here fellas. Alas, I spoke too soon, but did get good data bn-wd54f of it. I’ve tried kernel 2.


Just use the New Connection button of the applet to create a connection for your AP. Confirming Phil Ayers workaround of disabling ipv6 apparently stopping the deauthentication and all its consequences.

Finally I got my D-link dwl-g rev b rt chipset working with hardy using ndiswrapper. What wireless chipset are you having a problem with in Gutsy?

However I have a suspicion bn-ad54g the relevant config file needs to be edited to enable the wired option and again without telnet access to the radio you are stymied. Download full text 6. Email me about changes to this bug report. Leaving mDNS multicast group on interface eth1. See full activity log.