Therefore the setting which selects the pitch of the condensed font is added. Is there paper dust around the exit roller? The controller utilizes a high speed bit RISC microprocessor and special hardware chips, which provides a very fast processing speed. Misprint occurred during duplex printing. FC Roller The number of the fuser cleaner replacement.

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Reconfirm the installation status of the transfer roller. NO Is EL error cleared? The RAM size installed into the printer is displayed. Lower cassette 2 x Install the applicable media cassette to the paper feeder indicated on the LCD.

KT K toner cartridge x The engine is idling. Refer to the list below. Automatic Emulation Selection The printer can automatically select the printer emulation mode depending on the print commands it receives from the computer software.

Otherwise it may cause the product to decline or fall down and result in the injuries. Replace the drum HP sensor.

Brother TN-02BK, Toner Cartridge Black, HL-3400CN, HL-3450CN- Original

Since the current model is compatible with HP LaserJet 4, the setting is added, which disables the compatibility with HP LaserJet 4 and makes the priority of the dpi bitmap font high. Drum encoder sensor Lower paper guide Paper size sensor Fig. The compact flash card has a problem.


Universal Media Cassette This printer loads paper automatically from the media cassette. If further engine settings are required, use the Engine Controller Mode.

I Banding Phenomenon Banding line appears borther the horizontal brothr as shown in print sample 12 of Page This is a very important caution to respect. YES Replace the charger unit or belt cartridge. The following sections describe the Video Controller Mode messages only and should be used when replacing parts that have reached their life.

Low-voltage power supply unit Fig. This proves that the fusing is insufficient.

To control the fixer heater so that the temperature of the fuser roller and back-up roller will be correct. However, an individual period of intermittent time under severe conditions should not be allowed to exceed 48 hours. Roller to feed sheets of paper one by one, preventing multi-feed. Make sure prior to starting the replacement work that the fusing unit and its surrounding area are well cooled down, otherwise you may get burned.

Replace the toner sensor PCB.


Printer: Brother HLCN | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

The number of pages over K is not stored. When re-assembling the cleaning roller sensor and paper exit sensor, be sure to connect the correct harness to either brothre as below; Brown x Cleaning roller sensor harness: Main Causes 1 Print paper other than the recommended paper is being used. At this time the positive high voltage THV is fed to the transfer roller. Duplex unit inside x Change media.

To make the transfer roller contact the transfer drum surface at the time of the second transfer. The following type of DIMM can be installed into each slot. Do not get the types of removed screws mixed up and check that the screw is the correct length. YES Is L1 error cleared?

YES Replace the toner cartridge. Developing is processed by this brofher contacting the OPC belt surface.