Unfortunately there there is no info about processors nor memory can be found. At least it works but it’s very frustrating while working on it. I got a few ESXi freebies I need to do some updates on. Embed this content in your HTML. I’m more than happy to work with Dell Enterprise tech support in order to help resolve this issue because the latest 2.

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In my case, 1 of the servers is a file server, while the other 3 are virtualization hosts for an oVirt virtualization cluster. I updated OpenManage Server Administrator from 7.

The 4 servers are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. There used to be a spot to download a live DVD that hpai could run on a server for example a T that you would boot to and would then go through and update all the device firmware on the the machine. I’ve reapplied the BIOS and it makes no difference.

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Contact us about this article. I’m pretty sure in a few weeks, it will be back. I just got in a few new servers and have some strange issues with the iDrac 8 Virtual Console. Browsing All Ghe Articles. Everything seems to propagate just fine right now.


Over time, the iDRAC 7 becomes unresponsive. Unable to update firmware on xd via lifecycle controller. Are there any drivers that I need to install for the ubuntu server no GUI? Unfortunately, it does not completely resolve the issue. Articles on this Page showing articles to of There is a sticker on the side of the server, is that the one to use?

Any idea what I can try to fix this or at least find knstall is causing it? Since I’ve rebooted the hosts, I don’t have a host from which I can submit test data to Dell. We have several clients with T servers and VMware 5.

The iDRAC did reboot, but was still very very sluggish. I tested this on a sacrificial machine and it failed. At least it works but it’s very frustrating while working on it.

I have the issue as detailed in this fix.

However, when I try and and assign these disks to be spares, either globally or individually to each of the 2 virtual disks as dedicated spares, it fails with the CMC page throwing the following error:. Finally, I rebooted each of the 3 hosts, and the problem was gone. I’ve tried changing the performance settings and everything I can on the Java virtual console client but it makes no difference.


Ideas and insights on Systems Management. However, I’m pretty sure it will happen again, and it would be great if I had a direct contact for reporting the problem data. It will sometimes show a “Link Interrupted” on the bottom and then the screen will show “Reconnecting” for about 30 seconds but it will reconnect and work for a bit.

Do you think I should try this?

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Can I run a key extractor to get the key out of my server and put it back? What are my options from here? But both of these fail everytime I try! IDRAC 6 – enterprise.

I must not be searching very well because I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I have been able to get this to work properly on ESXi 5.

Are you the publisher?