Current last reception speed. The date set in the system settings of your computer must be correct. The second section deals with test tools that allow you to verify board configuration and to investigate connectivity problems, should they occur. Hides the “page info” i. In case your system becomes instable after the Diva TTY driver was loaded, you can follow the general rules described below. Image not available Photos not available for this variation. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.

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Force synchronous conversation RAS. AT-command response is sent immediately. Displays the current configuration, the last number that has been dialed last DIAL toand the calling party number of the last incoming call last RING from. In this mode, the Diva Support Wizard captures system information that allows the Dialogic Customer Support personnel to replicate your system environment.

When using the mantool, the following message shows you whether the board was loaded in user mode:. If you do not use this option, divalogd becomes a background process. Called Party Number any number can be used in back-to-back mode.


Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Number of calls refused because remote station rejected the call.

The “CallFilter” management interface directory allows for configuration of the call filters. Fax with MMR T.

In case of failure, connect in transparent mode. Refuse incoming polling requests. In exclusive mode, divactrl mantool will use the file lock to synchronize the access to the management interface fully transparent to the caller. Protocol used to process current last call. Read more about the eicom. Do not detach from the controlling terminal. A dial-in callback server allows you to gain access to your system using the callback procedure.

Dialogic Eicon Diva Server BRI-2M-PCI ISDN card | eBay

It is structured as follows:. Div of calls refused because of other reasons than the ones listed above. The current time and date should be set before each fax transmit session. You can use the call history viewer to decode the divalog file call time, duration, type, speed and view this information without downloading the call history file to your local machine. If the width specification starts with a zero and the escape sequence is expanded, the value eicoh be left-padded with zeroes.


The call filter allows for processing of the calls with a specific Calling Party Number with a preconfigured protocol, instead of using the protocol auto-detection procedure.

Dialogic Diva BRI (ISDN) Media Boards by Sangoma

Dial tone T or dial pulse P are ignored. Specifies the protocol stack used to transfer bearer data. The trace file browser allows for decoding, filtering, and browsing the trace file without downloading this file to your machine and without stopping the trace process.

See the example in D-channel trace mode. When the connection is established, the client starts to generate test frames and to transmit these frames to the test server. Number of incoming calls. You can invoke the support procedure in two modes: Upper limit of debug events to log. Force MNP error correction. CCBS call completion to busy subscriber. In this case, the Combined Board internally reroutes the call using the required resources.